“Congratulations – you look fantastic”, DeGeneres said as the audience applauded Farrell, who turns 41 on May 31.

Farrell rose to the challenge and totally went there – if “there” is a place where you talk candidly about pubic hair. “It’s an inversion which is unfavourable”. His own son, James, attends the school which mixes children with special learning requirements into regular classes.

Colin Farrell confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that he once used a beard trimmer to groom his man parts in preparation for a sex scene. Before he went to shoot his scene he approached Schumacher in a bathrobe and flashes his “retro bush”. Now they’re just a walk in the park … not really.

“I went up to the director Joel Schumacher and I had on a dressing gown and nothing underneath”, he laughs.

Schumacher was understandably taken aback, so the Lobster star made a decision to manscape his pubic hair with some help from the film’s hair and makeup team – and a beard trimmer.

Asking the make-up team for a beard-trimmer, the actor made a decision to do a bit of manscaping before shooting the awkward scenes.

His solution? Colin popped over to the hair and make-up trailer, nabbed himself a beard trimmer and got to work. “So I didn’t get my full-frontal after all”, he added.

Colin Farrell and his mother Rita Farrell at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards, January 8, 2017.

The Beguiled is out on June 23.

He recalled taking his glamorous mother Rita to the Golden Globes in January, where the 40-year-old actor was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical prize for his role in The Lobster.

“Because I opened my dressing gown and I said ‘It’s a bit… is it a bit?'”.

“Those things are weird at the best of times”.

In exchange for Colin’s honest confession, Ellen rewarded him with with $10,000 for the Chime Institute based in California.