Spirit Airlines has placed the blame firmly at the door of the ALPA, citing “unlawful labour activity”. Neither do its pilots.

The issue is salary, and the two sides are wide apart. The Broward Sheriff’s Office said three NY residents were arrested.

The Florida brawl occurred as hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed over the past week.

In the latest incident of airline chaos, multiple videos were posted online showing altercations that had broken out between travelers and airline employees, with authorities doing their best to restore order.

The airline says it plans on filing a lawsuit against the group of protesting pilots.

ALPA denied the allegations, saying in a statement to CBS News that Spirit’s suit is “unwarranted and counterproductive legal action”. Their 6:45 p.m. Spirit flight back to O’Hare International Airport was canceled.

A woman first reached out to Four in your Corner early Tuesday morning, after she says passengers flying from Fort Myers to Atlantic City were left sitting on the plane for more than an hour before being told their flight was cancelled.

Lines at the Spirit Airlines counter were persisting Tuesday morning as passengers lined up to see if they could get booked.

The history of labor relations between Spirit and the union is bad.

Still, in recent months, Spirit pilots have voiced concern over the slow pace of contract negotiations and their dissatisfaction with current pay rates, retirement benefits and its lack of profit-sharing.

The airline says that by allegedly making concerted efforts to refuse last-minute shifts and “junior assignments”, members of the union are violating the Railway Labor Act, which set up a series of procedures created to prevent work stoppages from disrupting the US transportation system. “The airport tries to work with our airline partner to work with our passengers”, Meyer said.

“We expect the pilots to get a substantial increase and we expect to get an improvement in work rules that are necessary and are typical across the industry”, said CEO Robert Fornaro when speaking to investors in February.

The union did not respond to a PR Daily request for comment before our deadline landed with a thump on our editorial runway.

Spirit has been growing fast.

In an updated statement Tuesday, the pilots’ union vowed to help return operations to normal.