Police said they are no longer looking for a suspect as “there appears to be no continuing threat”, but responding officers will continue searching to ensure the area is secure.

A math tutor was just leaving work at North Lake College late Wednesday morning when she witnessed the shooting of a young woman in one of the school’s hallways.

Police on Thursday released the names of the gunman and victim in a deadly shooting Wednesday at North Lake College in Irving. He also heard police officers telling people to get down.

Irving police said a public information officer is staged at the North Lake College entrance off of Walnut Hill Road.

A message on the school’s Facebook page instructed students to proceed to the nearest room and barricade themselves inside.

Still Nanbakhsh said it’s harrowing to think about the stranger who just moments before she’d seen sitting quietly in a chair.

The college sent out an alert at 11:45 a.m. local time, saying that there was an ongoing “intruder lockdown” in place, according to The Dallas Morning News. “#SHOOK #northlakecollege” one student tweeted at about 11:50 a.m.

After witnessing this terrible scene, Nanbaksh hid in a room where she turned off all the lights and locked the door while she emailed her bosses about what had just happened.

The teacher then ran to her classroom and told her students to quietly lock the door and huddle at the back of the room.

After police said the shooter was dead, college officials announced the school would be closed for the rest of the day.

North Lake College – South Campus was opened with the primary objective of providing educational opportunities for those in need of basic academic skills, language acquisition, and job competencies in the under-served areas of South Irving. One student was killed in the incident while three people were injured.