Host Jimmy Fallon portrays Kushner, Mikey Day is the Grim Reaper, or Bannon, and Alec Baldwin returns as Trump in the latest SNL spoof of the the USA president’s team, an Apprentice skit, complete with “elimination night”.

A group of House Democrats have urged in a letter on Friday that the security clearance to Jared Kushner, a top adviser to United States president Donald Trump, be suspended pending a federal investigation into various Trump administration members’ possible contacts with Russian Federation that went undisclosed, reported The Hill. This being SNL, the sketch quickly turns into a reference to something on TV – in this case, it’s America’s Next Top Model / Presidential Adviser.

With his presidency still in its infancy, President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election efforts have raised tens of millions of dollars and directed funds to his companies, running up a $500,000 tab to Trump-owned hotels, golf clubs and restaurants.

And Jimmy Fallon tousled that guy’s hair. The comedienne made her comments against Barron Trump on Twitter, following them up with video “evidence” that Barron showed classic autism signs. However, there has also been much speculation that Melania won’t be completely vacating Trump Tower in New York City after the official move.

“Mrs Trump said on the campaign trail that she wanted to be a traditional first lady like Michelle Obama or Pat Nixon”, Andrew Och, a White House historian and author known as “The First Ladies” Man’, was quoted as saying.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has secretly allowed some White House officials to get away with violating the government ethics rules, according to a new report. “Och claims that her decision to keep the POTUS’ son in NY isn’t even unprecedented, just on the “unusual” side”.

The Trump administration said it would release information under far more limited circumstances: when Freedom of Information Act requests are filed for those visiting offices of the White House characterised under the law as separate agencies, such as the Office of Management and Budget.

A big reason for staying in the penthouse reportedly has been so Barron can finish out the school year.