After all, it was the iOS flagship tablet in 2014, powered by the Apple A8X chipset with 2GB of RAM inside.

The possibility to substitute iPad 4 units with Apple iPad Air 2 ones was announced through an internal Apple memo.

Apple’s memo also notes for staff to inform customers of the replacement unit’s color and capacity. Apple Insider has clarified that this is not a hard-line policy from Apple, rather store managers can decide if an in-stock iPad 4, iPad Air, or iPad Air 2 is used as a replacement for servicing. And more recently, Apple dropped its 16GB and 64GB SKUs, leaving just 32GB and 128GB models.

If you own a broke down iPad 4, things are looking up for you. Even though the Apple iPad Air 2 is now also an obsolete device, it still is an improvement if you compare it to the 2012 iPad 4. Talk about turning a frown upside down-this is nothing short of a win for 4th generation iPad owners in need of a fix. So while Apple has been supporting the tablet for the last five years, it’s likely that the company is simply running out of units to offer as replacements. Apple has already discontinued production of the device and as such it is now allowing users to receive a more capable iPad Air 2 as a substitute. In case it breaks, they now have the possibility to get an Apple iPad Air 2 instead.

Apple typically supports products for at least 5 years following discontinuation, meaning users of the 4th gen iPad can continue to get repairs and support from Apple stores and authorized service providers. Of course, if the replacement doesn’t come for free, turning your iPad 4 in for an iPad Air 2 is not a great idea anymore.