Seconds later, a train pulls into the station.

Jonathan Kulig, 29, was on his way to work Saturday night and had just gotten off the L train at 3rd Avenue when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

Con Edison said that Kulig actually jumped onto the tracks from the 8th Avenue-bound side and crossed all the tracks (hopping over two electrified third rails) just to get to the man, who was lying on the Brooklyn-bound side.

“Talk to me, what’s happening? You all right?” he asks the young man after getting him to safety.

“It was very scary”, said Parker Van de Graaf, 15, the Seattle teen who took the video. “We were freaking out and asking for help”.

Kulig and the woman escort the man onto the subway bench. That’s when the train enters the station.

Medics brought the man to Healthplex to be treated for trauma, the FDNY said.

He lifted the semi-conscious man off the watery space between the tracks and onto the platform, where an unidentified woman laid him down as other passengers stood and watched.

So he jumped to action – but not before making sure he knew where he could go if the train was approaching.

Kulig is an engineering supervisor at Con Edison. “I had my escape plan. I would do it again”, he said.

Last month Kulig participated in Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s track-safety training program, so he was prepared for the rescue.