Editor’s note: This post contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead! But the zombie-infested series reached a true high point of the last couple seasons with the February 19 episode, when two fan0favorite characters were finally brought back together after way too long. At first, it seemed as if Gabriel made off with everything and abandoned them, but Rick knows better. They’re simply in it for the supplies and then they get out. He saw a lot more people with weapons and his team is surrounded but still, he laughs and it is very confusing. But Rick wasn’t afraid; instead, he smiled.

If you heard some faint sobbing in the distance Sunday night, it might have been your friendly neighborhood Walking Dead fans, trying to recover from a attractive reunion: that of Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier. WAITASECOND. why did the Saviors take away all of Alexandria’s weapons, but let this hothead keep his piece THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE STOP THINKING STEVE. They’ll join the fight against Negan and his Saviors in exchange for guns – guns that Rick now has to go out and scavenge for, as Alexandria only has two of them – and one-third of the bounty once their war is presumably won. With only six episodes left of the season, it will be interesting to see how the world builds and in what ways the groups converge in their effort to defeat the Saviors. But Ezekiel puts a stop to it, having his people stand down, as usual.

Of course, for all the bickering throughout this week’s episode, it pales in comparison to the outright lying that Daryl does during his reunion with Carol. Once Daryl finds out that the woman in question is Carol, he will squash Richard’s plot pretty quickly. “I had to”, she says, teary eyed.

And now on to Rick and company – Michonne, Aaron, Rosita, and Tara. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re seeing Rick fight an armor-clad walker, gladiator-style, in a coliseum that doubles as a junkyard.

Ezekiel and his men then dropped off some cobbler to Carol, who did not want anyone near her. They always want more, enjoy intimidating people, and Richard is right – one day, they will not honor their part of the bargain.

After evaluating the pros and cons of taking the fight to the Saviors, Ezekiel decides not to get involved because he thinks it’s not worth the lives that he has worked so hard to protect. Now Rick and the gang just have to figure out where to acquire a bunch of guns without running afoul of the Saviors. Yet the scene was still tense due to the claustrophobic close-ups, the protruding spikes which added another level of danger, and the fact that Rick’s way out of the situation wasn’t immediately clear. An excerpt shows Eugene in any case disembarking, a scared look on his face and a Negan who seems rather delighted to welcome him in his ranks. He said: “Because she needs to hear that”. I’m going to be really annoyed if you end up eaten. The Alexandrians are planning war.

But let’s a get back to Father Gabriel and Rick chatting about Father G leaving. “Why’d you leave?” he asks, heartbroken.

But what did you make of Jadis? Rick won the battle, but not before getting viciously gored in the hand and leg. It would be great to know what motivates him, as he clearly sees the opposing group as more of a threat that his companions. He lead their tracks back to her place, which is a dick move even if Daryl didn’t happen to know her. The entire group reminds me of the socially awkward kids you might find at a high school cafeteria table. She says she didn’t want to kill anymore. “And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that”. She asks if the Saviors came, and if everyone back home is ok. When will King Ezekiel finally realize that they should probably start fighting now? After they have a meal, they hug, and Daryl takes off again, saying he plans to go back to the Hilltop.

In short, Carol doesn’t know that Glenn is dead, that Abraham is dead, or that Daryl was captured and tortured by the Saviors.

However, what happened this week between Daryl and Carol at The Kingdom was way less fun – and somehow, nearly made even less sense – than Rick’s sojourn with the Trash People. “Whatever it is you’re holding on to, it’s already gone”, Daryl tells Morgan.