Prince Harry brings girlfriend Meghan Markle to wedding fest

Mark's Church in Englefield, England , near where she and her sister, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, grew up. But the 35-year-old "Suits" actress still attended the reception in Bucklebury on Saturday night, according to "ET." The society nuptials of the year was witnessed by family, close friends and famous faces including tennis star Roger Federer and wife Mirka, celebrity Donna Air, Princess Eugenie, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, as well as Prince George and ...

North Korean missile reached altitude of about 560 km

The launch came just one week after the North fired a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range missile, which according to Pyongyang flew nearly 800 km and was capable of carrying a "heavy" nuclear warhead. Asked about Beijing and Moscow's support for the six previous rounds of United Nations sanctions, Kim said both countries are "close neighbors" who "understand our nuclear projection occurred through the US continued nuclear threat and its hostile policy" toward North Korea.

Former FBI Director Comey Will Testify Publicly Before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Pressure due to claims that Trump fired Comey to impede ongoing FBI investigation, forced the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel, Robert Mueller III, to conduct independent investigation. The May 14-18 opinion poll found that 38% of adults approved of Trump while 56% disapproved. The remaining 6 per cent had "mixed feelings". U.S. stocks immediately pared gains after the reports but still closed higher for a second straight day.

Trump pitches 'beautiful' USA military equipment during overseas trip

The speech during the initial stop of the president's first foreign trip was a stark contrast to his previous comments on Islam. Trump waved as he stood atop stairs that had been rolled to the side of the official presidential aircraft as it landed at Riyadh's airport.

Trump participates in traditional sword dance at Saudi Palace

Trump said Sunday he would accept an invitation made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sissi to visit Egypt. Trump said the visit would happen before long. Melania Trump was pictured sharing a high-five with a student when she visited a school in Saudi Arabia as part of her husband's first foreign trip as President.

Trump seeks 'coalition of nations' to 'stamp out extremism'

Trump often used anti-Islamic rhetoric during his presidential campaign and repeatedly stressed the need to say the words "radical Islamic terrorism". She and President Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia Saturday on the opening leg of his first global tour since taking office. Former presidents including Barack ObamaBarack ObamaTrump to cast battle against "Islamist extremism" as fight with "barbaric criminals" Why Trump should disrupt the scandalous US-Saudi relationship Five things to watch in ...

Young People in Iran Flock to Streets in Celebration of Rouhani Win

In Iran's presidential election on Friday, President Rouhani won 57% of the votes from a total of above 41 million ballots. Iran was pursuing "a path of engagement with the world", he said, rejecting the populist outlook or rival Raisi. "I'm happy and a bit relieved after a month of stress", said 27-year-old Afshin as he joined a large crowd gathered in Vali Asr Square of central Tehran.

Colorado's Gardner squares off with Kim Jong Un in war of words

It was reported that a fourth US citizen was detained a day earlier by Pyongyang on suspicion of hostile acts. US officials say they expect the sanctions will also make it harder for North Korea to do business with worldwide financial institutions.

Nigerian troops battle Boko Haram in Lake Chad area

Soldiers of the of 8 Task Force Battalion spent 72 hours clearing the location where the Boko Haram fighters were hiding, said battalion spokesman Col. The combats lasted for a least 9 hours and they are part of an offensive in 3 direction that was launched after receiving intelligence on the movements of the terrorists from their headquarters in the Sambisa forests to other remote areas in Taraba state in the northeast.

U.S. cancels festive King David dinner with Israelis

Can he bring the two sides together? However, a last minute upgrade to the schedule means that President Trump will now be greeted at Ben Gurion airport by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Rivlin, as well as a military band.

N.Korea launches 'projectile' north of Pyongyang

The launch came just one week after the North fired a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range missile, which according to Pyongyang flew nearly 800km and was capable of carrying a "heavy" nuclear warhead . The country has also conducted a slew of rocket launches as it continues to advance its arsenal of ballistic weapons, which also include midrange solid-fuel missiles that could be fired from land mobile launchers or submarines.

Trump aims to unite against terrorism in speech before Muslim leaders

Netanyahu is eager to make a good impression on Trump during the president's first trip overseas. Trump, who wants to accelerate the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, signaled Sunday that he understands he needs a more constructive relationship with Muslim countries if he hopes to succeed in his stated goal of destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Labour slash gap in the polls as Tories flounder on social care

There were loud cheers when shadow chancellor John McDonnell pointed out that Labour's manifesto is fully costed, unlike the Conservative document which was published without costings. I am genuinely alarmed by the idea that it could be handled in just 11 days after the election by Jeremy Corbyn. "It think it will be deeply damaging to the interests of this country".

Egypt refers militants to military trial over church attacks

The Palm Sunday bombings, which were claimed by the Islamic State militant group, were the deadliest attacks on Copts in the country's recent history. Christians, who have often been targeted by Islamist militants in Egypt, constitute around 10 percent of its population of 900 million. One day following April attacks, the interior ministry said that police had killed seven members of a terrorist cell connected to the bombings in a shootout in Upper Egypt's Assiut governorate.

Melania Trump hails 'empowerment of women' at Saudi company visit

Saudi Arabia's leaders soured on Obama, and King Salman did not greet him at the airport during his final visit to the kingdom. White House officials have said they consider Trump's visit, and his keynote address, a counterweight to President Barack Obama's debut speech to the Muslim world in 2009 in Cairo.

Palestinians injured during rallies for prisoners

A 21-year-old demonstrator sustained grave injuries to his leg after Israeli forces hurled an explosive device at the crowd. Overall, some 20 Palestinians have been detained in the fracas across the West Bank, according to the IDF, as cited by Haaretz.

PM in Saudi Arabia to attend US-Arab-Islamic Summit

In December 2015, Trump told a campaign rally he was calling for a "total shutdown" of Muslims entering the United States "until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on". Still, Trump has been welcomed warmly in Saudi Arabia, where he and first lady Melania Trump were given an extravagant reception by King Salman and the rest of the Saudi royal family.

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile test

The missile launch at around 5:27 a.m. on Sunday was detected by South Korean Navy's Aegis destroyer, Yulgok Yi I, two minutes later. Trump warned in an interview with Reuters this month that a "major, major conflict" with North Korea was possible.

Nicola Sturgeon sets out agenda for Scotland's future

She said Scotland's NHS budget was at "record levels" and that 12,000 more people were working for the health service than when the party came to power. "To simply say a separate Scotland would blithely use the pound until something better came along is flimsy, insincere and further damages the SNP's reputation on the economy".

English wedding: Pippa Middleton marries as royals look on

The couple then walked along hand in hand to the tune of wedding bells, while onlookers watched in delight. The page boys and tiny bridesmaids gathered on a garden path while Kate stood alongside her sister and new brother-in-law. Both were wearing special outfits when they arrived with their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa's sister. George and his younger sister Princess Charlotte, 2, had roles in the ceremony as pageboy and bridesmaid respectively.

Trump and Tillerson to join Saudi defense signing ceremony

With help from some other Gulf Arab states, Bahrain crushed a 2011 uprising inspired by the "Arab Spring" led by its Shi'ite majority, which demanded more rights and representation. White House officials traveling in Saudi Arabia with President Donald Trump say the system, which was last tested in February, has a shorter range than the missiles launched in North Korea's most recent tests.

Saudis greet Trump with more than US$50b in deals

In 2015, President Trump blasted then-First Lady Michelle Obama for not wearing a headscarf during a Saudi visit. Trump's comments came after he ticked down a list of major terrorist attacks in the U.S. According to close advisors, Trump is expected to give a "blunt" but "uplifting" message as he called for Arab leaders to do more against fundamentalism.

Trump to address 'crisis of Islamist extremism'

President Donald Trump is stepping off Air Force One in Saudi Arabia to begin his first global trip since taking office. Trump praised United States relations with Egypt, describing the talks with Sisi as "very very important". Saudi King Salman presents President Donald Trump with The Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal at the Royal Court Palace on Saturday in Riyadh . White House officials traveling in Saudi Arabia with President Donald Trump say the system, which was last tested in ...

The Upcoming Meeting Between Trump And Erdo an Will Probably Be Tense

Too little cooperation with the Kurds risks squandering a battlefield ally with proven effectiveness against extremist threats and who has staunchly supported Washington. Trump also has much at stake. That puts added pressure on him to get results. "Trump has prioritized protecting USA national security interests over lecturing allies on democratic values or human rights", said James Phillips, a senior research fellow for Middle Eastern affairs at the Heritage Foundation.

MoU to curb terror financing signed during Gulf-US summit

US President Donald Trump along with other male White House officials participated in a ceremonial sword dance in Saudi Arabia outside the Murabba Palace, the media reported. He's also praising the U.S.'s relationship with Kuwait and, in particular, the wealthy nation's frequent purchases of American military equipment. Trump and the GCC leaders watched as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and U.S.

North Korea fires ballistic missile in latest test: Seoul

Earlier this month, North Korea launched a medium long-range ballistic missile called the Hwasong-12, which it said was capable of carrying a heavy nuclear warhead. China had no immediate comment while both South Korea and Japan called emergency meetings of top officials. Pyongyang has long had missiles that can reach targets across the South and Japan.

Trump heads for Israeli-Palestinian talks

President Trump will stay in a hotel suite built to withstand virtually any threat, including a building collapse, during his upcoming visit to Jerusalem . Meanwhile, 10,000 police officers will be deployed to oversee security during Trump's visit to the Holy City. Trump has also ruffled feathers by planning a relatively short stop at Israel's Holocaust memorial, a ritual for every American official on their first official visit to the country, former USA peace negotiator Martin Indyk noted ...

Brazil's leader lambastes bribe accusations made by meat titans

That could halt congressional passage of measures needed to pull Brazil from its worst-ever recession, including moves to ease labor regulations and raise the pension age. JBS said in a statement the trades were part of its dollar hedging strategy. After the Globo report on Temer, Brazil's highest court opened an investigation into the accusation late Thursday and lifted the seal on the almost 39-minute recording, which is scratchy and often inaudible.

Korea test fires another missile: S. Korea

He said the missile went very high and came down, but he would not characterize it as demonstrating the controlled re-entry of a missile. North Korea has launched at least 10 missile on seven occasions since President Donald Trump took office in January.

Rouhani sweeps to 2nd term as Iran's leader

In his first speech carried live on television after winning re-election, Mr Rouhani said the vote showed that Iranians have rejected calls by his hardline opponents to stop reforms. "Our people have declared to neighbouring countries and the whole region that the path to ensuring security is the reinforcement of democracy and not relying on foreign powers", Mr Rouhani said.

Rivlin thanks French victor Macron for stance against anti-Semitism

The notion that a new movement under Le Pen could lead to political alliances and entice new voters poses a challenge to Macron, who said during his victory speech that the anger and despair of far-right voters must be acknowledged. In interviews Monday, her campaign director, David Rachline, said the party founded by her father would get a new name as bait to pull in a broader spectrum of supporters in France.

Poll lead falls, but May to stick with elderly-care cuts

Mr Corbyn has accused Mrs May of attempting to set young against old, creating a "war between the generations". The Conservatives have framed their election campaign as a personality battle between May and Corbyn by asking voters who they trust more to get a good Brexit deal, banking on May's image as a tough negotiator to sway wavering voters.

Sen. Hirono Questions Trump Administration Ties to Russia

Flynn discussed with the Russian ambassador to the U.S the possibility of relaxing U.S sanctions, according to leaked media reports of intelligence intercepts, but there is no official version of what transpired in those conversations. Ms Yates was appointed by the Obama administration and was sacked by Mr Trump on January 30 for refusing to defend his travel ban. The discussion between President Obama and President-elect Trump was revealed on Monday by NBC, citing three Obama ...

Anifah: Talks on South China Sea heading in positive direction

During a speech at the 33 National Convention of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) on Friday, Duterte recalled his conversation with Xi. "China can say, 'Look we have already reached agreements, are behaving ourselves, so no need for you Americans or others to come in and get in our business, '" Huang said in a telephone interview.

Erdogan says Turkey will act if Syrian Kurdish militia attacks

USA officials told Ankara that the YPG would not constitute a threat for Turkey and that arms supplied by Washington would be used in Raqa and in the south, not against Turkey, Cavusoglu said. Differences over Syria policy have caused friction with Washington, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally of Turkey's. The PYD is the YPG's political arm.

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