Royal welcome for Trump in Saudi Arabia as troubles mount at home

Dogged by controversy at home, Donald Trump opened his first presidential foreign trip in Saudi Arabia on Saturday and won a warm reception as he looked to shift attention from a political firestorm over his firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Child-killer dies after refusing to reveal where last victim is buried

Before his death, Brady had been a patient at Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside where he was reportedly receiving palliative care. However, Terry Kilbride, brother of John, told The Sun: "Nothing will change". Brady had spent years campaigning to be moved to an ordinary prison because at Ashworth, a psychiatric hospital, he was force fed during periods when he was on hunger strike .

Macron's French 'revolution' faces first test

French President Francois Hollande said on Wednesday the government had tendered its resignation following France's presidential election and that he had asked it to handle day-to-day business until it is replaced. But that is far from guaranteed. Macron can't count on their loyalty. There were brief clashes with police and several arrests. May also discussed Brexit with Macron, saying "the United Kingdom wants a strong partnership with a secure and prosperous European Union once we leave", ...

Donald Trump participates in Saudi Arabian sword dance

Saudi King Salman presents President Donald Trump with The Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal at the Royal Court Palace, Saturday, May 20, 2017 , in Riyadh . "$110 billion in weapons will exacerbate, not ameliorate, those imperfections". Video of the dance from Host TV shows Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross dancing with swords perched on their shoulders as part of a line of men in traditional Saudi garb.

Obamacare a Win-Win for Poorer Adults

A report Wednesday in Health Affairs , a health policy journal, examined four years of medical outcomes in Texas, Arkansas and Kentucky and found that health measurements in the latter two states, both of which expanded Medicaid, dramatically improved in almost all categories .

Modi congratulates Hassan Rouhani for victory in Iran's presidential polls

Millions of Iranians voted late. But Rouhani's election means that some of the deal's loopholes could be filled. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday congratulated Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on his victory in the 12th Presidential polls.

Tehran mayor withdraws from Iran's presidential race

On April 21, out of 1636 registered candidates, six were qualified, including three principalists, or conservatives as they are commonly referred to, two centrists and one reformist, to comepete for a four-year term as the president. Iranian president and presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani attends a campaign rally in the capital Tehran on May 13, 2017. Most Iranians have yet to see the benefits of the nuclear deal.

Comey's dismissal not discussed at meeting with Trump - Lavrov

Trump has been narrowing a short list and interviewing candidates to replace FBI Director James Comey who he fired May 9. On May 19, the New York Times reported that Trump told Russian envoys at the White House the day after Comey's firing that he thought Comey was a "nut job".

Conservatives' lead over Labour halves to 9 points ahead of election-YouGov

Sixty percent said they would like to see Labour merge with the Liberal Democrats if both are defeated by the Conservatives, as polls predict will happen at the June 8 election. "Their manifesto is a typical nasty party attempt to set generations against each other", he stated. "We're quadrupling the assets that will be protected".

A Group Linked to Leaking NSA Spying Tools Is Making Another Threat

The government has not publicly acknowledged that the NSA developed the tool. The group responsible for the release of the National Security Agency ( NSA ) code used in the WannaCry ransomware attack has said it will open a member's club for those wanting access to similar tools.

Trump Reportedly Told Russians That Comey Is 'A Real Nut Job'

Investigators into Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential elections are now also probing whether White House officials have engaged in a cover-up, according to members of Congress who were briefed Friday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Of Julian Assange

Britain and the United States have an extradition treaty , so if Assange leaves the Ecuadorian Embassy where he's claimed asylum, the British could arrest him and send him to the US. "The claim by the United Kingdom that it has a right to arrest me for seeking asylum in a case where there have been no charges is simply untenable", he added.

Melania and Ivanka Trump arrive in Saudi Arabia sans headscarves

Trump was scheduled to meet with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and participate in signing ceremonies for several agreements that "further solidify U.S. Trump, who has expressed a desire for friendlier relations with Moscow, drew a storm of criticism this week when it emerged that he had shared sensitive national security information with Russia's foreign minister during a meeting last week in the White House.

Trump sways to the beat of Saudi sword dance

The president, first lady Melania Trump and top White House aides touched down Saturday morning in Riyadh . United States defense company Raytheon will also establish a branch in Saudi Arabia and General Dynamics agreed "to localize design, engineering, manufacturing, and support of armored combat vehicles", the government announced in a press release.

Trump seeks to move past U.S. troubles on first trip overseas

Trump was joined on the trip by the CEOs of several major USA companies, which announced their own agreements with the Saudis. Separately, US media say Saudi Arabia will commit to buying about $100bn of US-made arms. Saudi's ruling family grew deeply frustrated with Obama's detente with Iran and his restrained approach on Syria. Videos show Obama bending at the waist toward the king.

Trump says, speaking for himself, there was no collusion with Russian Federation

President Donald Trump on Thursday said the appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between his presidential campaign on Russian Federation was dividing the country, and he repeated his contention there was no such collusion.

GST Council fixes rates of 1211 items

Even coal will attract tax at 5%, along with a levy of Rs 400 per tonne. Jaitley said the key feature of today's rate decision has been that "tax rate under GST will not go up for any of the commodities". Hair oil, soap, tooth paste will attract 18 per cent tax under GST, while sugar, tea, coffee and edible oil will attract a five per cent tax as would be coal which now attracts a tax of 11.69 per cent.

At least 22 dead in clashes over Central African Republic town

Concerns are mounting that sectarian violence is again spiraling out of control in the country, even in places that previously were spared during the conflict that began in late 2013. "The persistence of insecurity shows us local realities are not being taken seriously", the commission said in a statement, published May 18 in the capital, Bangui.

Afghanistan's vice president departs for Turkey amid torture allegations

He said "I have remained with my people in hard circumstances, and I am concerned about the security situation in the country", and added further "After completing the medical checkups, I will return to the country in a short while". The case has been widely seen as a test of whether the Western-backed Ghani administration can bring the rule of law to Afghanistan and end the impunity of powerful ethnic leaders like Dostum.

Fighters loot aid compounds in Central African Republic

At least 115 people were killed in violence last weekend in the southeastern town of Bangassou . He told The Associated Press that fighting was focused on the Bria airport Friday morning between rebel groups. Control of resources in the area - which is rich in diamonds, gold, coffee and cattle trading - may have played a role in fighting, she added. A resident said Seleka members tried to disarm anti-Balaka members in the center of town but other Christian rebels started shooting.

White House overtaken by Russian minarets on new Time cover

Have confirmed this with four people. Yesterday, it was announced that the Department of Justice had appointed Robert Mueller as a special counsel to take charge of the probe into alleged links between the Trump campaign and Moscow. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reportedly did not dispute the account. Another challenged journalists to ask Trump about the illustration.

Comey to testify on role in FBI's Russian Federation inquiry

Also on Friday, Comey agreed to testify before the Senate intelligence committee after Memorial Day. But GOP lawmakers have grown increasingly anxious since Trump fired Comey, who had been leading the bureau's probe - and after Comey associates said he had notes from a meeting in which Trump asked him to shut down the investigation into the Russian Federation ties of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Investigation into Russian Federation scandal reaches inside the White House

Mr Comey had been running an inquiry into possible collusion between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's election campaign. The intelligence had come from Israel, which had not agreed for it to be shared. If that's the case, it's only a matter of time before subpoenas are issued and the entire administration adopts a bunker mentality. That, it turns out, was wishful thinking in the extreme.

Trump Inks $350 Billion Arms Deal with Saudis

The White House did not deny the report, but said "the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified conversations". The Trumps will join the Saudi royal family for an official dinner on Saturday night. In a joint press appearance on Saturday with the Saudi foreign minister, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson praised the pact as a "historic moment in U.S.

USA places Venezuela Supreme Court justices on sanctions list

In March, the Venezuelan Supreme Court temporarily dissolved the National Assembly and assumed the powers of the legislature . Earlier Thursday, the USA leader expressed dismay about Venezuela's troubles, asking aloud how a nation holding the world's largest oil reserves could be stricken by so much poverty and turmoil.

Trump signs $110M defense deal after arrival in Saudi Arabia

Facts and figures confirm that no American president has ever visited the holy sites of Islam, Judaism and Christianity in a single trip. But uproar in Washington threatened to cast a long shadow over the trip. Mr Trump has agreed to a defence cooperation deal with the Saudis, pledging 110 billion United States dollars effective immediately and up to 350 billion USA dollars over 10 years.

Merriam-Webster: 'Nut job' lookups spike after Trump rips Comey

The President told Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that pressure had been "taken off" because he fired FBI Director James Comey, the New York Times reported Friday . The announcement late Friday from committee Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Vice Chairman Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat, came hours after the Washington Post reported that the FBI's Russian Federation investigation had identified a senior White House adviser close to the ...

Survation poll finds Conservatives' lead narrows after policy launch

Jeremy Corbyn has accused Conservatives of risking a "war between generations" with a manifesto that pitches young against old. The polls for the Sunday newspapers put Labour between 35 per cent and 33 per cent, up significantly on the scores as low as 26 per cent it was recording early in the campaign.

China's Xi Jinping Wants Relations With South Korea Back To Normal

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ) anti-ballistic missile system positioned by the USA in South Korea has become a bone of contention between the two Asian countries. Washington later invoiced Seoul for the defense shield - a step strongly opposed by the South Korean authorities. South Korea has complained that some of its companies doing business in China have faced discrimination in retaliation for the THAAD deployment .

In Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump opts to keep her head bare

Building on a munitions deal begun during the Obama administration, the weapons package was officially finalized in a signing ceremony just hours after Air Force One touched down in Riyadh - where the president was greeted with a thundering display of flying jets, blasting cannons and trumpets.

North Korea says linking cyber attacks to Pyongyang is 'ridiculous'

President Donald Trump and his administration want to make progress in adopting a new policy toward Pyongyang that it should "go for replacement of the Armistice Agreement between the DPRK and the U.S. In a unanimously agreed statement, the 15-member UN Security Council said it was of vital importance that North Korea show "sincere commitment to denuclearization through concrete action and stressed the importance of working to reduce tensions".

President Trump Receives Royal Welcome in Saudi Arabia

Tremendous investments in the United States and our military community is very happy and we want to thank you and Saudi Arabia, about hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs. In a separate transaction, American companies signed deals with Saudi leaders, a step the White House said will help with Saudi Arabia's economic reform plans.

Comey to testify before Senate as Russian Federation flames get closer to Trump

Comey's highly anticipated testimony, which will be slated after the Memorial Day congressional recess, comes after he was sacked by Trump May 9 amid a mounting investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election and possible ties between Trump campaign associates and that country.

Survation poll finds UK Conservatives' lead narrows after policy launch

The Labour leader has made it clear he does not intend to stand down as leader should they lose the election, despite 57 per cent of Labour voters who think he should quit if this is the outcome. Labour received a further boost this week as four new polls showed Jeremy Corbyn's party eating into the Conservative lead ahead of the General Election.

US, Saudi Arabia sign historic weapons deal worth almost $110 billion

Mr Trump was largely kept away from reporters during a busy day of meetings and ceremonies in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. Two years ago, Donald Trump criticized First Lady Michelle Obama for failing to cover her head while visiting the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia.