US, Saudi Arabia sign historic weapons deal worth almost $110 billion

Mr Trump was largely kept away from reporters during a busy day of meetings and ceremonies in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. Two years ago, Donald Trump criticized First Lady Michelle Obama for failing to cover her head while visiting the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia.

Danny DeVito urges UK to vote Jeremy Corbyn in the General Election

However, Dr Wollaston said that by removing the cap, it would leave people unable to get insurance to cover their future care costs as it would be impossible to know what the final bill might be. If the Labour vote share increases in 2017, how much must that increase be before it can be judged a success; and it is a really interesting question - how do you measure success in defeat? Labour has hit its highest poll rating since the General Election was called after launching its radical ...

Comey to testify in public Senate intelligence hearing

CNN reported on Saturday that, according to a source, Comey believes that Trump tried to sway his judgment regarding the Russian Federation probe, however, even if this assertion came through in his testimony, it's not clear whether such influence would amount to obstruction of justice, as the burden of proof is quite high.

Erdogan watched his bodyguards beat up protesters in Washington

The U.S. State Department said the episode was "deeply disturbing" and promised that an investigation would hold those responsible to account. The Turkish foreign minister is calling for the removal of the USA envoy, claiming he is sympathetic to Kurdish Syrians as the top congressional Republican demands swift action after the Turkish president's security detail violently broke up a protest in Washington, DC.

Trump Boasted About Firing 'Nut Job' Comey to Russian Officials

It said the paper was based on notes taken during the meeting inside the Oval Office. It emerged earlier this week that at the same Oval Office meeting Mr Trump shared with the Russian diplomats classified intelligence relating to a plot by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

North Korea vows to strengthen nuclear program as USA increases pressure

Two U.S. defense officials confirmed that a reentry vehicle of a new ballistic missile North Korea launched last Sunday successfully reentered the Earth's atmosphere, NBC News reported on Friday. The North also probably has a way to go before it can miniaturize a nuclear warhead to mount on such a missile. The rising tension between North Korea and the United States started earlier this year when North Korea conducted multiple missile launch tests while vowing to target the United ...

Trump calls his first day in Saudi Arabia 'tremendous'

Melania Trump embarked on Marine One at the White House on Friday in a high-waisted midi pencil skirt in orange leather with a front split, a cream crewneck sweater with bows at the cuffs and a pair of sky-high nude Manolos. Later, he said that " the Russia thing " was a factor in his decision, referring to the FBI's ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russian officials and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Trump signs $110 billion arms deal in Saudi Arabia

This is the president's first global trip, but Ivanka Trump made a brief trip to Germany in April to appear on a panel at a conference dedicated to helping women in business. The worldwide trip is Trump's first since taking office in January. The two leaders signed a joint vision agreement Saturday at the Saudi Royal Court and sealed it with a handshake.

Trump warns sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey against leaking to media

Trump's tweets concerning possible recorded conversations between him and Comey didn't help, either. He's simply stated a fact. Trump fired Comey this past week. "To date, there has been no evidence of collusion", Burr said in a statement. He is the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who also worked as an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent based in Chicago in the 1990s.

Korean envoy rejects allegations of Pyongyang's involvement in global cyberattack

But the United States will not have any dialogue with the North for the sake of dialogue and the use of pressure was the premise in the approach to Pyongyang, Hong quoted Trump as saying, according to Yonhap. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has already reassured the Kim Jong-un regime of its security by announcing that Washington will not pursue four options; regime change, destroying the regime, acceleration of unification of the Korean Peninsula and the marching of troops across the ...

Robert Mueller flawless choice for special counsel

Rosenstein met with all USA senators in one of the most protected rooms on Capitol Hill, "the SCIF", or a sensitive compartmented information facility. "And Comey has long arms so Comey said he preemptively reached out for a handshake and grabbed the president's hand", Wittes was quoted as saying. According to a person close to the White House, Rosenstein was upset about the narrative that emerged from the White House the evening of May 9.

Chaffetz resigns at career pinnacle after years in spotlight

House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz's decision to resign from Congress in the coming weeks has opened up a key role in one of the powerful House committees investigating potential ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign - and it looks like Republicans are ready to pick another hardline partisan to take his place.

Rescued Chibok girls: Pleasant second anniversary gift to Nigerians

Nigerians take part in a protest demanding for the release of secondary school girls abducted from the remote village of Chibok, in Asokoro, Abuja , on May 13, 2014. It was not immediately clear whether the newest girls freed Saturday would join them. This is the largest release since Boko Haram seized 276 schoolgirls from Chibok three years ago.

4 children rescued after drifting from shore in Virginia

Once on scene, crews found the missing swimmer on top of the rocks. Dog rescued from very hot vehicle in San RafaelThe San Francisco Fire Department was called in for assistance and to provide jet skis to help get closer access to the beach if needed.

Steps to Protect Critical Business Data from WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Then there's the US government, whose Windows hacking tools were leaked to the internet and got into the hands of cybercriminals. "An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the US military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen", attorney Brad Smith wrote on Microsoft's blog.

Eddie Izzard reveals political vision as he backs Jeremy Corbyn

He said: "Labour's proposals will ask the top 5% of earners and the big corporations to pay a bit more, to help address these problems". "They can get better again if we make June the end of May". Mrs May, whose party is ahead in the polls, took aim at her Labour opponent in the Mail, saying Mr Corbyn was "simply not up to the job of leading Britain through the critical years ahead".

Minority likely as NDP, Liberals at 42 seats each, three Greens

The final tally has yet to be determined with a count of the absentee ballots and recounts in certain electoral districts. In the meantime, Clark remains premier and she promised Wednesday to listen to voters and do a better job of working with the other parties.

Dem senators grilled Rosenstein on Russian Federation probe, Comey firing

Rosenstein's appearance before the House comes one day after privately briefing the entire Senate. President Donald Trump may regret his criticism of the naming of a special counsel to take over the Russian Federation probe, former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker told CNBC on Friday.

Polls show UK's Conservatives losing ground as policies set out

In other areas, the Prime Minister has promised measures aimed at regulating the internet. The Tory manifesto pledged: "We will be the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet". In a lengthy Facebook post Saturday, May warned that a lot is "at stake" in the election and said the United Kingdom has "great challenges", including the need to provide "security for older people while being fair to the young".

Rosenstein knew before he wrote memo that Comey would be fired

The Justice Department on Friday released the text of Rosenstein's opening remarks for the briefings on Capitol Hill. Since Comey's firing on May 9, the calls for Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel have intensified, especially from Democratic lawmakers who believe he can longer be impartial in the Russian Federation investigation, given his role in the firing.

US Senate intel panel invites James Comey to testify in Public

Comey's firing was one in a series of jarring developments that culminated on Wednesday in the Justice Department's appointment of a special counsel to probe possible ties between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. In a Thursday letter joined by 16 other Senators, Leahy pressed the Trump Organization for more information on his foreign business ties. His advice to the president: "Stay disciplined, stay focused and deliver on the world stage".

Trump in Saudi Arabia: US President makes First Foreign Trip

The agreement is said to bolster security "in the face of Iranian threats". President Trump was lavished with extravagant royal pomp Saturday, an elaborate start to a trip meant to bolster global partnerships but which aides now hope can reset a scandal-pocked narrative back home.

Donald Trump signs $110bn arms deal hours after landing in Saudi Arabia

The journey also comes as Trump faces mounting questions about his firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating the Trump campaign's links to the Russian government. She thought Melania Trump's oversized gold belt was a bit much - "somebody else might not have pulled it off" - but appreciated the former model's modest hemline (she recalled Michelle Obama's colorful dress was shorter) and choice of black.

Ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain

In Australia, Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan warned that there will always be threats of cyber attacks despite measures to intensify the country's cyber security. The WannaCry ransomware was first seen in the UK's National Health Service, but it has since spread to networks globally, hitting Europe, Russia and China especially hard.

Under fire at home, Trump wins warm welcome in Saudi (GE, LMT)

Accompanying her husband on his first worldwide trip, U.S. first lady Melania Trump on Saturday stepped off of Air Force One conservatively dressed in long sleeves and trousers but without a headscarf, potentially creating a stir in the conservative Islamic country.

Arms deal worth $350 billion signed

Trump rewarded his hosts with a $ 110 billion arms package aimed at bolstering Saudi security and a slew of business agreements. He said, "It was a tremendous day, I just want to thank everybody". In March, Saudi Arabia's King Salman toured Asia and his delegation signed similar agreements worth tens of billions of dollars there, including deals worth as much as $65 billion in China.

Comey was taken aback by Trump request for loyalty pledge

Trump himself admitted to Holt that was not true. WikiLeaks made its offer on its Twitter site Friday after Trump warned in a tweet that Comey had "better hope" that the president didn't have tapes of their dinner meeting. Some House Republicans, who technically have no role in the pick, have spoken out about the need for non-partisanship and independence. Trump has threatened to ban all future White House press briefing.

President Trump Finds Solace in Saudi Arabia, Strikes Deals with the Kingdom

Trump was due to spend much of Saturday in meetings with King Salman and his government, including the powerful Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Kingdom responded by heaping honors on Trump. The President's visit comes as Iran's President Hassan Rouhani handily won re-election in what amounts to a victory for the Shiite nation's reformist camp.

Trump gets warm welcome in Saudi Arabia during first foreign trip

Trump departed Washington as controversies swirled, all centering on the alleged ties between his campaign and Russian Federation. Saturday's capstone was the signing of a $110 billion arms deal between the two countries, an agreement brokered primarily by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

2 booked in naval cadet's death case

He later died of two cardiac arrests at a government medical college. His family alleged that he was forced to cheat in his exams since he could not prepare as a result of harassment by seniors. "We have recovered the suicide note and are in the process of verifying the handwriting". The case of the death of an Indian Navy cadet in Kerala took a turn for murkier waters recently after a note from him surfaced, claiming he was being harassed by seniors.

French troops will remain in Sahel until militants eradicated - Macron

However, Mr Macron went on to speak of the importance of economic development, saying "terrorists thrive on misery". He is also asking Germany to provide more support to French-led efforts to eradicate them. As he landed in Gao, Macron was met by Keita with whom he will hold talks on the fight against terrorism and the west African country's rocky path since a 2015 peace deal.

Sports ministry to launch talent search portal

He also said that he will talk to the union sports minister Vijay Goel over the phone on Monday. Kerala government would once again write to the centre in this regard, he said. However, he could not attend office owing to his playing commitments with I-league team Bengaluru FC and the Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League.

Top Philippine judge calls for fresh arbitration case over China 'threat'

Cayetano said. "Or will we agree to a code of conduct that will be enforced only by the community of nations who signed it?" he said. He said the USA chose to remain on the sidelines despite having in its possession satellite images of Chinese activities in disputed waters.

'Now He's Really Crazy': James Comey's Father Takes Aim at Trump

The former Allendale councilman unleashed on Trump after The New York Times reported on a leaked White House memo describing an Oval Office meeting with Russian officials following the younger Comey's ouster. Comey's father said his son never told him he had been fired by the President. While Comey was reportedly uncomfortable with the president's improper boundaries and conduct before he was sacked, sources say Comey hadn't come to any conclusions about the president's intent until he ...

President's 2018 budget to include family leave plan

The program is expected to cost about $25 billion a year and will benefit about 1.3 million people, the White House officials said. There is no proposed income limit, but high earners would have their benefits capped. Trump's six-week proposal would be an improvement over the U.S.'s current policy that gives new parents no paid time off-mothers can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave-but his plan doesn't do much to move the needle on providing new moms with more support compared to maternity ...

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