De-escalation of tensions with US Iran's priority: Zarif

Comprehensive Plan of Action reached between Iran and G5+1 (the U.S., the UK, Russia, France and China plus Germany). Zarif said that the Iranian Foreign Ministry is committed to defend Iran interests enshrined in the nuclear deal , adding that the U.S.

Asamblea Constituyente toma juramento a nuevo fiscal general de Venezuela

Ruiz asume un organismo rebajado a categoría "B" por Naciones Unidas en 2016 por estar cercano a los intereses del Ejecutivo. Con sorna, algunos lo llaman "defensor del puesto". "Seguir luchando al frente de la conquista de los derechos humanos, lograr el respeto a la libertad porque en este país se perdió la libertad ". "En Venezuela hay un Estado de derecho".

President Trump warns North Korea of 'fire and fury'

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday over its continued missile tests. It stems from the brutality of the Korean War. The statement says the move is in response to a recent U.S. ICBM test. For North Korea, having a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike America would be the ultimate guarantee against invasion by its superpower adversary.

North Korea has nuclear warhead small enough for ICBMs

Trump's warning followed a Washington Post report that quoted a Defense Intelligence Agency analysis as saying officials think North Korea now has "nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery"-including in its intercontinental ballistic missiles".

Israeli Soldier Azaria Begins Prison Sentence

His lawyer, Yoram Sheftel , said it was "a sad day for the IDF and a majority of Israel". The March 2016 shooting in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron was caught on video by a human rights group and spread widely online. The prosecutors added that postponing a sentence would be an exceptional move. "The immediacy of punishment is based on the discipline on which the military establishment rests".

Attorney General to Indict Benjamin Netanyahu's Wife, Sara

An Israeli court recently said that the two cases involved " suspicion of the commission of the felonies of bribery, fraud and breach of trust", but did not specify who might be charged for the crimes. The New York Times reported Netanyahu has been under investigation in cases involving illicit gifts and backroom dealings with a newspaper magnate in an attempt to win favorable coverage.

John McCain Criticizes Trump's Hawkish Line on North Korea

Security Council voted unanimously Friday to set harsher punishment after North Korea launched two intercontinental missiles in July. We will fight to see this resolution and others implemented to the fullest. We've passed sanctions that cut deep - but only if they are enforced. "The greatest North Korean threat we face is not from a nuclear-tipped missile hitting the USA mainland but from Washington stumbling into an inadvertent nuclear war on the Korean peninsula", Siegfried Hecker, a ...

Trump has exchanged private messages with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

So he sends "messages of appreciation" to Mueller, and when Mueller does not reciprocate by saying something like, "That Trump's not so bad, he probably didn't do anything wrong, let's not even bother looking", Trump will lash out and call the investigation the greatest witch hunt since 17th-century Salem, or whatever.

'Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai' Only Way Forward: Dalai Lama Amid Doklam Standoff

The Dalai Lama, who had fled a Chinese State crackdown in Lhasa and took shelter in India in 1959, said occassionally the two neighbours use "harsh words", and added as a reminder that the Chinese forces eventually withdrew though they had reached Bomdilla in 1962.

Guam residents fear attack after N.Korean threat

Defence officials on Guam say there is no imminent threat to people there or in the Northern Mariana Islands after North Korea said it was examining its plans for attacking the US-held Pacific island. "I would have South Korea , Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and other countries out there form a bulwark, not only against North Korean expansion but at Chinese expansion".

RS polls: Congress MLAs return to Gujarat from Bengaluru amid high security

For the Congress, snatching the Ahmed Patel win from a BJP determined to prevent it is the biggest boost it has had in a long time. "BJP leaders tried their best to tamper with the democratic system but our state has proved that this kind of attitude will not work in Gujarat", Solanki said.

'Rahul Gandhi missing' posters come up in Amethi, Congress blames BJP, RSS

Posters declaring Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as "missing" have appeared in his Lok Sabha constituency in Amethi, with the party terming it as a "handiwork" of the BJP and the RSS. Rahul had last visited his Lok Sabha constituency on February 19 to address an election rally in Jagdishpur. "The common man feels betrayed and insulted".

ASEAN foreign ministers voice 'grave concerns' over North Korea's tension escalation

But the latest text calls for avoidance of "unilateral actions in disputed features" instead. This document will help ASEAN and China move forward to negotiating an effective COC, he added. The framework has not been made public but a leaked two-page blueprint seen by Reuters is broad and leaves wide scope for disagreement. The framework papers over the big differences between Asean nations and China, said Patrick Cronin of the Center for a New American Security.

David Letterman Returning to the Screen with Netflix Series

Here's what I have learned, if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first. "Thanks for watching, drive safely". "We'll have to see if he keeps the beard", Sarandos teased. Letterman has been out of the public eye since his show in CBS ended in 2015. He is the the longest-running late-night broadcaster in American history.

Gist of PM Abe's speech in Nagasaki on 72nd A-bomb anniversary

The two Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missiles North Korea test-fired in July appear to have major USA cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago within their range. Hopes that the USA and Japan might support the nuclear weapons ban rose during former President Barack Obama's 2016 visit to Hiroshima. It was referring to North Korea's official diplomatic title: the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Concern at decline in number of pupils entered for exams

It said the figure included a 13% increase in placed applicants from Scotland's most deprived communities. Some 482 fewer pupils were entered for national 4 exams as they took more challenging national 5 ones instead. "We expect to see small variations in pass rates year on year, which demonstrate the high standards, strength and integrity of our national qualifications".

California hikers record encounter with mountain lion

They were so shaken up by the encounter, they filmed goodbye videos for loved ones just in case they had a second run in with the mountain lion . Just ahead, a fully grown mountain lion can be seen slinking around a hillside and out of sight.

McCain questions Trump's threat to North Korea

President Donald Trump threatened the DPRK with "fire and fury like the world has never seen" if, he said, the DPRK does not stop making threats with nuclear and missile weapons. "It is true the situation on the Korean Peninsula is becoming very serious due to North Korea's repeated provocations though many believe they are rather strategic provocations".

Two global crime syndicates destroyed in AFP-led raids

As well as being charged for their involvement in facilitating the drugs' transportation, some of those arrested also face charges of possessing firearms, dealing in proceeds of crime and money worth $1 million or more, and possession of imported tobacco products with the intention to illegally sell them.

President Trump gets twice-daily 'propaganda document' of biased news

The documents are exclusively composed of positive news coverage. No, the best part is that VICE also reports that before he was sacked, Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus-and Press Secretary Sean Spicer , who's on his way out-both wanted the privilege of delivering the folder to Trump.

Kenneth Noye to be transferred to open prison

It could also choose to leave him in an open prison or transfer him back to closed conditions. Justice Secretary David Lidington has approved a Parole Board recommendation from last month. He argued "the Secretary of State has failed to give proper or adequate weight to the recommendation of the Parole Board and is therefore unreasonable and contrary to law".

President Donald Trump Prepares to 'Phase Out' Transgendered Military Members

White House guidance on the ban is said to now be in the hands of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. On Friday, a White House plan to implement the president's ban on transgender troops cleared the White House counsel's office and is now expected to be delivered to Mattis.

BMW ploughs into anti-terror soldiers in 'deliberate act' in Paris

The two seriously injured soldiers were taken to the Percy military hospital at Clamart, near the French capital. The mayor of Levallois-Perret, Patrick Balkany has described the incident as "without doubt a deliberate act" while police have said it is an "apparently deliberate act".

Ahead of RS polls, Gujarat Congress MLAs return home from Bengaluru

None of them, including Vaghela, have formally resigned from the party, but declared they've quit.Vaghela on Monday told a channel that he spoke to Ahmed Patel on Sunday and would speak to him again on Tuesday. Stating that it is confident of victory, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday asserted that it will fight tooth and nail in the upcoming Assembly poll under the aegis of the Election Commission of India.

Queensland One Nation Senator could face the boot following another citizenship scandal

The High Court will sit in judgement over a government senator and two former Greens members over their eligibility to sit in parliament due to citizenship issues. Senator Roberts today added to the confusion over his citizenship and eligibility for parliament. But Buzzfeed has obtained an immigration department document signed by Senator Roberts and dated May 8, 1974, on which the then 19-year-old notes he is a "British UK and Cols (Colonies)" citizen.

Canadian officials back in North Korea to discuss imprisoned pastor

A spokesperson for Trudeau would only confirm that a Canadian delegation is present in the internationally isolated capital. "As this is an active case, we will not provide any further comment", he added. In December the same year, the North's highest court sentenced Lim to life in prison, citing his "subversive plots" against the Pyongyang regime. He was arrested in 2015 and charged with harming the dignity of the supreme leadership and trying to use religion to destroy the North Korean ...

Trump touts his base as 'getting stronger,' though polls show a weakening

U.S. President Donald Trump should be careful what he tweets. Trump's enthusiasm also plunged where almost half of the polls voted strongly against the way Trump ran the government, 47%. It's presumed the NYT jabs are related to the newspaper's report Veep Mike Pence is working to prepare a 2020 run if Trump does/can not run for re-election.

LDS General Authority Excommunicated From Church

Hamula was one of about 100 General Authority leaders who minister full-time for the church, leaving behind careers to oversee millions of members worldwide. In recent years, Mr Hamula served in important roles as assistant executive director of church history and executive director of a department that reviews all documents published by the church.

Arkansas roots of a Pro Football Hall of Famer — Jerry Jones

When Jerry and Gene walked out of the villa in which they were staying for the drive to the Hall of Fame , the entire family cheered as if a wedding couple had just been announced to the crowd. Let's be honest, DPD is stagnant. Now some consider him the de facto commissioner. I wanted someone that could get it done to be our coach. We will break this up into three sections: the locks, the possible and the long shots.

Manhunt for escaped jail inmate ongoing

A reward of $2,000 had been offered for anyone who had information about his whereabouts. Powell would be located at his parents house at approximately 6 pm on Friday in the residence's basement crawl space. According to Landers, Powell was chained and handcuffed while riding in back of the van, but managed to put Deputy Miller in a chokehold and caused the vehicle to crash into a ditch on County Road 133, south of OH 111.

UK, UofL, IU rank in Top 10 of NCAA basketball attendance

Over the course of 16 home games, an average of 1,900 fans came out to support the women's basketball team, with the total attendance reaching almost 30,500 fans. Virginia was fifth in the conference and ranked 17th nationally, giving the ACC five schools in the top 20. The season marked the sixth straight year the Wildcats have surpassed 100,000 in total attendance.

Trump Administration Reviews Report Linking Climate Change to Human Activity

Scientists are pushing back on the The New York Times for a story claiming the Trump Administration could suppress a climate change report. The findings sharply contrast with statements by President Trump and some members of his Cabinet, who have sought to downplay the changing climate.

Federal climate findings counter Trump's stance on climate change

According to the report, average temperatures in the US have risen dramatically since the 1980s, and the past few decades have been the warmest of the last 1,500 years. Furthermore, the report says that "climate models are more likely to underestimate than to overestimate the amount of long-term future change", so there is a greater chance things will be worse than the report lays out than they will be better.

Sct'd Storms Tonight, Drying Out for Tuesday

Expect a few gusts during the late afternoon and early evening. Temperatures will drop into the upper 60s. Saturday will be in the mid-80s, it is partly sunny, and there is a chance for afternoon showers. Monday's low in Madison was 57 at 11:59 p.m., 3 degrees below the normal low and 15 degrees above the record low of 42 for August 7, set in 1976.

China says dialogue vital to tackle Korean peninsula crisis

The statement came after a meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his North Korea counterpart Ri Yong Ho over the sanctions. ASEAN failed to issue its customary statement on Saturday because of what diplomats said was disagreement about whether to make oblique references to China's rapid expansion of its defence capabilities on artificial islands in disputed waters.

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