Banco Santander-Chile (NASDAQ:BSAC) Downgraded by Zacks Investment Research to "Hold"

Banco Santander-Chile now has a consensus rating of Hold and a consensus target price of $25.25. Banco Santander, S.A. ( SAN ) reported earning per shares for the quarter ending Jul 28 BMO, whereas, 1 number of analysts estimated the mean EPS at 0.47.

Tillerson urges Thailand to take more action on N. Korea

In 2014 the two countries shared trade worth $126 million, according to Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a near three-fold increase since 2009. Thailand does not grant official status to refugees. The one-day drop-in comes as Washington reboots its relationship with Thailand under President Donald Trump , whose administration has enraged rights groups by cosying up to strongmen around the globe.

Palestinian, Jordanian leaders want Trump to support 1967 borders

Jordan has prevented the return of the Israeli diplomatic staff to the Israeli Embassy in Amman following the shooting incident involving an embassy security agent that left two Jordanians dead. Sheikh Salim said the al-Aqsa Mosque belongs to Muslims only and the Islamic endowment department is the only authority that has the right to manage the affairs of the holy site.

Kellyanne Conway confirms Trump's 2020 plans

Conway on Sunday also said that Trump's approval rating was "down slightly" and "needs to go up". But she said the message from Trump's supporters is for the president to push ahead on his agenda. regarding the now infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives. CONWAY: We are complying and cooperating with - he has not even discussed not firing - he has not discussed firing Bob Mueller.

Iranian drone buzzes US Navy jet in Persian Gulf

An F/A-18 Super Hornet was forced to maneuver away after being buzzed by an Iranian drone during a carrier landing attempt in the Central Arabian Gulf, Navy officials said Tuesday. Three days before the January 29 incident a U.S. Navy patrol ship fired warning shots at an Iranian ship that U.S. officials say got dangerously close.

Tokyo Wants US Osprey Aircraft Grounded in Japan Pending Australian Crash Investigation

Marine Corps officials in Okinawa announced Sunday it had suspended rescue efforts for the three Marines still missing from the crash. After the discovery, a diving team was sent to the area and landed on the Melville; Minister for Defense Marise Payne said the divers would "conduct remotely operated underwater vehicle operations".

Maryland City to Consider Letting Illegals Vote

The resolution calls for a supplemental voter registration list that includes noncitizens, including illegal immigrants . "Quite frankly, I am shocked by all the media attention that is being given to College Park's discussion about whether to extend voting rights to another group of city residents", said Councilmember Christine C.

Little Boy Found Dead In Van Outside Day Care: Cops

Monday. A 3-year-old boy was found dead in a van outside of a Florida daycare on Monday night, a spokesman for the Orlando Police Department said. Sgt. Eduardo Bernal says they don't yet know how long the child had been in the van. Records from the Florida Department of Children and Families show that last month the day care was found to be in violation of transportation rules, WESH reported.

Man with knife arrested at Eiffel Tower

The man was arrested on Saturday night and is being held for questioning, police say. An anonymous French security source told the agency that the assailant claimed he was encouraged to try and attack a soldier by an Isis member he had recently been in contact with.

United Nations condemns brutality of Yemen war after air strikes on civilians

The latest attacks exemplified the "brutality" of the conflict, McGoldrick said in the statement in which he expressed deep concern. The spokesman added further that the joint forces command of the coalition is looking into its available means, as well as coordinating with the legitimate government of Yemen , its worldwide partners and friends to share information on this unfortunate incident.

Strict enforcement of N. Korea sanctions needed to pressure Kim regime

He believes the North Korean leader is more likely a rational character, saying it's feasible that Kim Jong-un has amped up his country's nuclear threat based on the US' track record of toppling regimes. The KCNA report came as diplomats in Asia stepped up efforts to get North Korea to resume dialogue during a regional security meeting in the Philippines.

Turkey grants German lawmakers access to soldiers as part of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation trip

Tensions between Ankara and Berlin over parliamentary visits to military bases increased in recent months, as German opposition parties increased their pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government ahead of general elections in September.

Dean Heller Now Has A Republican Challenger For His Seat In 2018

Tarkanian said. "Even after President Trump has been elected, Dean Heller has obstructed his agenda". Tarkanian, who has been defeated five times for a seat in Congress, appeared Tuesday on "Fox & Friends", where he said Congress needed senators who supported Trump and his agenda, according to the Hill .

United States considers airstrikes on Isis in the Philippines

The strikes, possibly launched by drones, would be an expansion of the existing United States efforts to help Philippine forces in their fight against militants who claim an affiliation to Isis. Filipino government forces have tried to recapture the city using ground troops and airstrikes, but their efforts have been unsuccessful. There is a small US military presence on the ground supporting the counter-ISIS fight, called Joint Special Operations Task Force Trident.

Kellyanne Conway spotted having another beach day down the Jersey Shore

She then brought up the September 2012 attacks on US government buildings in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the death of US Ambassador J Christopher Stevens. "You're going back to President Obama and Hillary Clinton ". If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. "Even though he just hired his 16th person - many of them are Democratic donors, but we'll continue to cooperate and comply", Conway said Sunday on ABC's "This Week".

USA military warns it can down drones flying over United States bases

First to report the news, the Military Times says the policy was sent out to United States armed services in July. Unclassified guidance has been sent out to all branches of the armed forces on how they can communicate this message with local communities.

Trump says world must be 'tough & decisive' when dealing with North Korea

The council passed the US-drafted resolution on North Korea on Saturday. But earlier this morning, Mr. Trump retweeted the article from the "Fox & Friends" twitter feed. Trump once again attacked The New York Times and questioned as how much long will the newspaper's remain in business with its "big losses and massive unfunded liability".

USA says South China Sea talks will be a key test

A separate ASEAN document, dated May and seen by Reuters , shows that Vietnam pushed for stronger, more specific text in the framework, wanting mention of a dispute resolution mechanism and respecting "sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction".

Bride, Husband of One Day Killed in Kansas Crash

The adorable couple met while they were both on a Christian missionary in South Africa this year and spent most of their time facetiming with each other. "(Rebekah Bouma) is with the Lord that she loved to deeply and so joyfully and she is with her husband of just one day, Austin Wesson, whom she loved with all her heart", Rachel wrote.

Saudi Aramco plans fix work at Abqaiq oilfield in Sept

After promising to cut production by 486,000 barrels per day last November, after a review meeting in Russia's St. Petersburg, Saudi Arabia made an additional pledge to reduce exports by nearly a million barrels per day. WTI light sweet crude oil was up 3 cents to $49.40 a barrel. Total supply from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, including Saudi Arabia, hit a 2017 high in July.

Sharad Pawar's NCP to Back Congress in Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election

Political circles in Delhi also feel BJP's all-out bid to trip Patel is meant to set the atmospherics for the December assembly polls in Gujarat with the BJP facing resentment of the Patel community. There are other MLAs who can vote. So numbers will not be a problem. Speaking to the media, NCP leader Praful Patel said that the party was still in the process of deciding who to vote and will come to a conclusion after Core committee meeting.

Conway, ABC host tangle over Trump's involvement in son's statement

Later in the interview, Stephanopoulos, visibly frustrated, cut straight to the point: "Bottom line, Kellyanne, does the president commit to not firing Robert Mueller? ". Conway on Sunday also said that Trump's approval rating was "down slightly" and "needs to go up". Back in February Mika Brzezinski even announced she banned Conway from the show because she doesn't "believe in fake news or information that is not true".

China urges North Korea to halt nuclear tests

For its part, China took a stronger line on its neighbor publicly, with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warning, "Do not violate the U.N.'s decision or provoke the global society's goodwill by conducting missile launches or nuclear tests".

Poll shows Trump's approval rating sinks to lowest level

The last time CNN presented that question to Republican respondents in a poll, 73 percent strongly approved of Trump's handling of the presidency. Those figures come as Trump struggles to enact some key planks of his campaign platform and fumes over the investigation into Russian efforts to influence the election.

John Oliver trashes 'revolting' Stephen Miller: 'Vitamin D-deficient Minion'

He went on to examine the " incredible exchange " between Miller and CNN's Jim Acosta in which the 31-year-old right wing ideologue called Acosta ignorant while simultaneously accusing him of having a " cosmopolitan bias" in an argument about the Statue of Liberty.

Indian police dismisses couple who faked Mount Everest ascent past year

The couple had been issued a show-cause notice in May this year and they were asked why they should not be dismissed from the services, he added. On June 5, 2016, the Rathods, both aged 30, had jubilantly announced their achievement at a press conference where they touted that they were the first Indian couple and the first security personnel couple to conquer the Everest on May 23, 2016, thereby setting a record of sorts.

Republican youths riot over seizure of bonfire material in Belfast

The trouble in the Divis area of the Lower Falls Road centred on the Ross Road area. Shortly afterwards, eyewitnesses reported an attempt by around five people to hijack a Metro bus, with the driver narrowly managing to escape. "Both commuters and residents have been affected", she said. "Over the weekend there were a series of incidents of vandalism in the Market area".

Plea on making yoga compulsory in schools rejected by Supreme Court

The bench was headed by Justice MB Lokur. The court stated that it can not decide what is to be taught in schools and it is for the government to take a decision on such issue. The Human Resource Development Ministry recently filed an affidavit informing the SC that the RTE Act did not specifically mention a yoga curriculum and so it could not be considered an enforceable fundamental right of students.

Centre's U-turn on Jamia Milia Islamia's status

According to government sources, the ministry is now planning to file a fresh affidavit in the high court, stating that its support to the February 22, 2011 order of NCMEI declaring JMI a religious minority institution was an error in the government's understanding about its legal position.

Vote here: Should Pakistan boycott India in ICC tournaments?

Khan completed his three-year tenure as PCB chief on August 4 but will continue ceremonially till the handing over of charge to the next chairman on August 9. His predecessor proved incapable of taming the ICC Big Three beast and Pakistan had nearly no options left on the table as the "bigger and even the smaller nations" had negotiated prudent deals with India, Australia and England leaving the PCB in a dark corner.

Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XIV Has Surpassed 10 Million Players Worldwide

The community now has over 10 million players worldwide, which isn't too shabby at all, and is apparently greater than the combined population of Scotland and Wales - although, per an extremely restrained asterisk in the press release, this does include people who registered for the free trial .

Burning Stock on the move: Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. (NOG)

More interesting news about Northern Oil & Gas, Inc. For now, NOG is the toast of Wall Street as its ABR stands at 3.30 with 0 out of 7 analysts rating the stock a buy. The stock inclined 2.93% last month and is down -0.8100% this year. To make a proper assessment, investors seek a sound estimate of this year's and next year's earnings per share (EPS), as well as a strong sense of how much the company will earn even farther down the road.

Jordan's King Abdullah II to visit West Bank after Jerusalem shrine crisis

The rare visit is seen as a closing of ranks on a key issue - the fate of a contested Jerusalem shrine at the center of recent Israeli-Jordanian and Israeli-Palestinian tensions. The King also noted the need to preserve the historical and legal status quo in Jerusalem, warning that any acts that threaten the situation in the holy city would have grave consequences for the region as a whole.

Major powers condemn China's militarisation of South China Sea

Kim Jong-un has long held the ambition to develop a nuclear weapon capable of ranging the mainland United States , and the most recent ICBM test shows he now has a missile capable of doing so. " I believe that with a sensible approach from all the players, including the US, South Korea, Japan, we will be able to find a solution that would work for all parties ", Sergey Lavrov said on the sidelines of the ASEAN forum on Tuesday, as cited by TASS.

Kansas City loses another child to gunfire

Sunday. The child was rushed to a hospital but he was sadly pronounced dead by doctors after suffering a gunshot wound to the face, according to the Mirror . His name has not yet been released. The homicides are under investigation by the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division, which is encouraging anyone with information to call the TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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