Senators: Deputy AG knew of Comey firing before writing memo

The next day Rosenstein issued the memo to Trump, and Comey was swiftly dismissed. The press conference comes one day after Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel into the investigation of possible Russian Federation collusion with the Trump campaign, and one day before Trump will take his first foreign trip as President of the United States.

Comey friend: Trump repeatedly tried to compromise him

Comey was standing in the room during the event and tried to camouflage himself, Wittes said, so that Mr. Trump wouldn't notice him. The NY Times published a piece Thursday afternoon stating that FBI Director Comey wrote "detailed memos" about all of his interactions with the President and the White House.

Ex-FBI Director Mueller draws praise as special counsel on Russian Federation probe

Moscow has denied USA intelligence agencies' conclusion it meddled in the campaign. But what is a special counsel, and how will his investigation work? That raised questions about whether the president improperly attempted to interfere with a federal investigation.

Russia probe reaches current White House official, sources say

He maintained that Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe was "wrong and unfair". This can't mean that Rosenstein believes that his memo really was the reason that Trump dismissed Director Comey, because Trump has already admitted otherwise.

The mechanics of the Trump-Russia special counsel

White House messaging laid the controversial Comey firing at Rosenstein's feet. The President wasn't happy being asked if he'd put pressure on the then FBI Director to close an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Senate Russia investigators invite Comey to testify, seek documents

The committee also asked the White House to "provide records of interactions with former Director Comey, including any audio recordings", an apparent reference to Trump's suggestion that tapes might exist of his conversations with Comey. Comey wrote the memo documenting the conversation with Trump because he was uneasy about the president's request, even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation director didn't consider it a direct threat, said the person who received a copy.

Donald Trump blasts 'biggest witch hunt of a politician' in United States history

The president did not provide any details about those allegations. The move was welcomed by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. "Believe me, there's no collusion", the president continued. Shortly thereafter Burr reversed himself in a statement saying Flynn's attorneys "have not yet indicated their intentions regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena", and he would welcome "their willingness to cooperate".

EVMs used by EC are tamper-proof, parliamentary panel told

Sources told India TV that the Election Commission will only allow those parties to take part in the exercise who have challenged the credibility and transparency of the EVMs. Once the dates are finalised, a team of experts from each political party will be asked to visit the EC. The Election Commission will on Saturday hold a demonstration on the working of EVMs and VVPATs to allay fears that these can be tampered with in favour of a particular candidate/party.

US to announce $110 billion Saudi arms sale as Trump visits

He appeared to be referring to the mainly Sunni kingdom's regional rival, Shiite-dominated Iran. "This is as much a sign of Saudi regional leadership" as of USA assertiveness, and aims to show the extent to which the kingdom can gather key Muslim leaders, said Adam Baron, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Sweden drops case but WikiLeaks' Assange is not in the clear

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has suggested that the arrest of Assange could be an American priority, saying last month the USA was "stepping up our efforts on all leaks". Elisabeth Massi Fritz says her client is shocked by the Swedish decision but added that "she can't change her view that Assange has exposed her to a rape".

Indonesian men in Aceh sentenced to 85 lashes each for gay sex

According to Human Rights Watch , a total of 339 people were caned in Aceh in 2016 on charges of moral indecency. Handing down the verdict at the Banda Aceh court, presiding judge Khairil Jamal said that the men had been "proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing gay sex, the defendants are sentenced to 85 strokes of the cane in public".

Buhari vows support for freed Chibok girls

Neither the government nor Boko Haram, which has links to the Islamic State group, gave details about the exchange. The commendation came in a statement signed by the Convener of the group and former minister, Oby Ezekwesili on Sunday in Abuja , the nation's capital.

Viktor Orban Hungary PM slams EU sanctions threat

The EPP has been divided over how to deal with Hungary, ruled by one of the group's member parties, Fidesz, which is led by prime minister Vitkor Orban. The parliament's resolution calls on Hungary to repeal the measures on higher education, on strict asylum laws, and to withdraw the proposed NGO bill.

Kushner Kin's China Sales Pitch 'Corruption, Pure and Simple'

It began a quarter-century ago as a well-intentioned plan to attract worldwide capital to the United States by awarding permanent residency to 10,000 foreigners per year who agreed to invest at least $500,000 into a USA business, creating at least 10 jobs directly or indirectly.

Trump says he fired Comey because of Clinton investigation

President Donald Trump is assailing the naming of a special counsel as "the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" "I respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hunt", Trump said . "There was no collusion", he said. "Even my enemies have said, 'There is no collusion'". President Donald Trump was fuming on Twitter this morning about Deputy Attorney General Rod J.

Comey Testimony Before Lawmakers in Doubt After Special Counsel Named

By several senators' accounts, he contradicted Trump's statements that Rosenstein's written criticism of FBI Director James Comey had been a factor in Comey's recent firing by the president. Trump fired Comey. Mr Rosenstein, the No 2 Justice Department official, named Mr Mueller amid mounting pressure in Congress for an independent investigation beyond existing FBI and congressional probes into the Russian Federation issue.

Turkish ties hit rough patch after rough Erdogan visit

The US state department said Turkish security guards had been involved in the clash but Turkey blamed the protesters for the disturbance. Four or five Middle Eastern men in dark suits from the second group assaulted the peaceful protesters, and about eight people told officers they were attacked, thrown on the ground and stomped, the document said.

Trump repeatedly tried to compromise Comey, friend says

Mr. Comey publicly confirmed the existence of the investigation in March, telling Congress that his agents were investigating Russian efforts to influence the outcome of the presidential election and whether anyone in the Trump campaign had been involved.

Amid tumult, Trump leaves on first presidential foreign trip

But the political turmoil in Washington over Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey and the simultaneous developments involving allegations of forcing Comey to stop investigating former security adviser Michael Flynn and the appointment of a special counsel to look into the allegations of Russia's interference in the 2016 elections and his presidential campaign's ties to Russian Federation, threatens to overshadow his first overseas trip as President.

Haryana girls outshine boys in Class 12 boards

Firstly, visit the official Website or Click on Above Links. OneIndia wishes HBSE 10th students all the best. . An official had earlier confirmed to NDTV that the class 10 results will be released by the board two days after the release of Class 12 results.

US Complains To Turkey Over Embassy Violence

A State Department official said the Turkish security that was involved appears to be a mix of Turkish embassy and Erdogan security staff. Turkey considers the People's Protection Units, or YPG, a terror organization and an extension of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has waged a three-decade-long insurgency against the country.

Ivanka Trump to Take Part in Presidential Trip

Goldenberg, who just returned from the Gulf. Catchphrases aside, many questions remain unanswered. Finally, the president's trip will wrap up in Europe where his shifting pronouncements on Brexit, Nato and the future of the European Union have sown confusion among longstanding allies.

USA accuses Syria of mass executions, cremating bodies

The accusing the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad of killing thousands between 2011 and 2015 and using a crematorium to dispose of their bodies. "Yesterday the USA administration pulled out a new Hollywood screenplay disconnected from reality, accusing the Syrian government of having, according to the administration, built a crematorium at the Saydnaya prison".

Trump willing to use engagement on North Korea crisis - South Korea envoy

Pyongyang defends its weapons programmes as necessary to counter USA hostility and regularly threatens to destroy the United States. North Korea launched Sunday what appeared to be its longest-range ballistic missile yet, saying it was capable of carrying a "heavy nuclear warhead" in a test aimed at bringing the USA mainland within reach.

Why 'Twin Peaks' Was the Least Likely Phenomenon in Television History

It is a rare program that enjoys the popularity of Twin Peaks . A big thing. Looking back 27 years, on the eve of David Lynch's revival of the series for Showtime , it's hard to believe what a big thing it was. The new " Twin Peaks " boom arguably started in 2011 when " Twin Peaks " began streaming on Netflix. And this came along and just kind of like shattered what people knew of television.

European Union divided on Britain's election announcement

She obviously thinks she can get away with it: even if swing voters have doubts about her, they are not about to bolt to the deeply unpopular hard-left Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn . While many specific policy positions have yet to be filled out, both Mrs May and her finance minister, Philip Hammond, gave the first indications on how the party's spending plans on key voter issues such as foreign aid, pensions and tax will look.

Unbowed Le Pen looks ahead to parliamentary elections

Even Bill English, who a year ago would never have thought he'd be leading this country now, has reflected on the French election saying we approached the uncertainty around the world with naive kiwi optimism, that the world wasn't going to turn inward and protectionist, or xenophobic.

North Korea links nuclear advances to hostile U.S. policy

The continued advances in ballistic missile development and the insistence on enhancing its nuclear weapons capabilities has made North Korea a threat to its nearest northern neighbors, China and Russian Federation, not to mention the entire world, insists one U.S.

"Single Greatest Witch Hunt in History" - President Trump

House members and senators said Rosenstein steered clear of specifics in answering questions about his appointment of former FBI director as special counsel but made clear that Mueller has wide latitude to pursue the investigation wherever it leads, potentially including criminal charges.

Trump Rails Against 'Witch Hunt' Amid Special Counsel Appointment

The next day Rosenstein issued the memo to Trump, and Comey was swiftly dismissed. The action was a concession by the Trump administration to Democratic demands for the investigation to be run independently of the Justice Department. If Rosenstein had appointed, say, Rudy Giuliani, no one would be wondering if Trump would try to fire him. The Justice Department on Friday issued a transcript of Rosenstein's remarks.

The Queen Enjoys Her First Night Out In Over A Year

The archduchess and her family hired out the exclusive London venue on Thursday to celebrate her birthday. The Queen , who is rarely seen at restaurants, was wrapped elegantly in a gray paisley shawl over a silver dress. But this wasn't just any basic Birkin Bag-her majesty was seen with a clutch that had what appears to be an image of her sister Princess Margaret (along with her children Lady Sarah Chatto and Earl of Snowdon David Armstrong Jones) on it.

Ex-US Rep. Anthony Weiner to plead guilty in sexting case

Weiner's brother was the only family in court to watch the former congressman say he "hit bottom" and began therapy. Wearing his wedding ring and a dark blue suit with a maroon tie, Weiner read from a prepared statement after U.S. That inquiry was brief. Many Democrats, including Clinton , have said the timing of the announcement that the investigation had been renewed contributed to her November loss.

Trump says special counsel appointment "hurts our country terribly"

In a rational world, it wouldn't matter because with that much fire elsewhere it would then eliminate any benefit of the doubt that Trump might be given with regard to the intent of his request to Comey to "Let it Go". If Comey does not testify in public anytime soon, then Mueller's appointment is automatically a net win for Trump, regardless of what the eventual outcome here is.

Krauthammer on DNC Slamming Trump Intel Reveal: Hillary Did Much Worse

Smith launched his program by reporting that Trump had revealed classified information to the Russian ambassador and Russian foreign minister during a closed-door meeting at the White House last week. WATCH: H.R. McMaster says he stands by his comments that a Washington Post story about president Trump leaking classified information was false. "Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russian Federation to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism".

Newt Gingrich criticizes the media for creating the chaos engulfing Trump

The White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) on Friday pushed back on Trump's threat to cancel future White House briefings, noting that "White House briefings and press conferences provide substantive and symbolic opportunities for journalists to pose questions to officials at the highest levels of the United States government".