U.S. releases 2 Turkish bodyguards after violence

In its protest against Trump's decision, Turkey's foreign minister demanded Thursday that Trump dismiss the US envoy in charge of the anti-IS coalition, Brett McGurk. He went on to call for a diplomatic response from the USA and said the government should press charges against Turkish officials involved in the brawl.

Anti-government protests claim another life in Venezuela

The opposition has accused the government of violently repressing protests by Venezuelans demanding early elections to remove Maduro from power. That action, which was later reversed in the face of global criticism and street protests , was one of a half-dozen rulings by the court that USA officials say "interfere with or limit the National Assembly's authority".

Man and young girl missing in Quebec flooding

Heavy rains and melting snowpack across Quebec have so far flooded 2,429 residences in the province, forcing the evacuation of 1,520 people in nearly 150 municipalities. Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard walks through the floodwaters after a visit to city hall in Oka, Que. on Tuesday. Provincial authorities say water levels should peak across the province by midweek and begin receding.

Rangers: Gers boss made a mistake - Ferguson

Here are three worrying signs that the new Rangers boss might not be up to the task... "We are not anxious about second position, we are anxious about being the first ones, and that's what we are working on. "At this stage of the season you always get asked about players and speculation", said McInnes. Right-back James Tavernier admits the players expect major changes this summer.

1 firefighter killed, 2 seriously hurt in San Antonio fire

One was a priority one transport, while the other was a priority two. "But we're gonna continue to do the good job we always do", he said. But the fire required responders to evacuate. Firefighters later stood by saluting an ambulance. A procession was held at the scene for Deem, a 6-year veteran of the department. So far, officials have not said what led to Deem's death.

Trump denies asking Comey to stop Flynn probe

Trump, of course, was none too happy, and he said in a statement that Muller would only "confirm what we already know - there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity". 'Because you look at all of the people on the Democratic side, not only the Republican side that were saying such bad things about Director Comey, ' Trump said.

NAFTA renegotiation opportunity to improve trade deal for Ontario: Wynne

The time line to get a deal done is narrow too. The U.S. has run a surplus in farm trade with Mexico for 20 of the 23 years since NAFTA took effect. Thursday's letter said the deal needs "modernisation". USA congressional leaders promise to work closely with the Trump administration to renegotiate NAFTA.

ISIS chief in Afghanistan killed in April raid, U.S. military says

Hasib is believed to have been behind March's attack on a military hospital in Kabul, killing at least 50 people. Hasib switched his allegiance to the Islamic State in Afghanistan, taking over from his predecessor, Hafiz Saeed Khan, who was killed nine months ago in a US airstrike.

US, Turkey spar over Erdogan visit violence, Kurdish support

The Turkish security officials were briefly detained at the site of the protest by USA law enforcement for their role in the altercation. Police said they were checking reports that some of the attackers worked as bodyguards for the Turkish president.

US detained, released 2 Turkish security officers involved in massive fight

On Thursday, Voice of America's Turkish Service released video showing Erdogan observing from the back seat of a vehicle while his security team pursued and attacked the protesters. He added that "this kind of thing can not go unresponded diplomatically". There are several reasons that's probably not going to happen, but the most persuasive is video that shows Erdogan pulling up outside the Turkish embassy in a Mercedes Benz sedan, moments before the brawl occurred.

Key moments of Trump-Comey clash and what's come after

Comey later writes a memo saying Trump asked him to shut down the FBI investigation into Flynn and his Russian Federation ties. In February, a day after ousting Flynn, reportedly for misleading the vice president about previous contacts with the Russian ambassador, Trump asked Comey to go easy on Flynn, according to news reports citing a Comey memo on the meeting.

Japanese government clears way for Akihito to abdicate

The bill will be submitted to the Diet (Japan's parliament) later on Friday, with the government expecting it to come into effect by the end of the current Diet session in mid-June. It may become hard for me to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state with my whole body and soul as I have done so far". The emperor avoided using the word "abdication" in his address.

U.S. laptop and tablet ban could extend to United Kingdom and Europe

The US Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday it was close to a decision on extending to Europe an existing ban imposed on eight countries , as the busy summer transatlantic travel season looms. Ironically, the ban itself is meant to mitigate the threat of terrorists smuggling explosive devices on board in electronic devices. The proposed expanded ban is based on growing concern about an explosive getting past airport scanners.

Fractious House panel at center of latest Trump probes

Rosenstein on Thursday tapped former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead a probe of alleged Russian election interference. Later, though, Trump told NBC News that he would have fired Comey "regardless" and was thinking of the "Russia thing" when he did so.

President Trump to embark on first foreign trip as president

In fact, for some senior officials who have lost the President's confidence, the tour may be a final chance to save their jobs. "The mood music is going to be very different than during the Obama presidency", said the Heritage Foundation's Gardiner.

China Wants Ties With South Korea Back on 'Normal Track'

Chinese President Xi Jinping said China was ready to work with South Korea to get bilateral ties back on track, Xinhua news agency reported Friday. "China highly regards relations with South Korea as does South Korea", Xi was quoted as saying.

State Dept. summons Turkish ambassador over DC brawl

New footage has emerged showing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan looking on as his armed guards violently clash with a group of protesters outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in Washington D.C. "President Trump's embrace of Erdogan is another in the line of similarly warm embrace of autocrats around the globe", Schiff wrote on Facebook. The man then turns and rushes quickly in the direction of the protests.

Chinese media warn India over Belt and Road project

Britain, France and Germany were represented by finance or trade officials. President Donald Trump was scathing about China's trade policies on the campaign trail, but relations have warmed in recent weeks as the US leader softens his stance.

Polls Open in First Iran Presidential Vote Since Atomic Deal

That hasn't stopped those at Rowhani rallies from shouting for house arrested leaders of the 2009's Green Movement. This time , she says, Rouhani has one serious opponent: the conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi. The other two candidates - Mostafa Hashemi-Taba, a reformer who had previously served as vice president under president Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005); and Mostafa Mirsalim, who served as culture minister between 1994 and 1997, but afterwards turned his back on politics - are not viewed ...

Israel arrests 2 after deadly West Bank clash

They also detained a second Palestinian and seized the ambulance and a bus used to transport some of the protesters, military officials said. Following the fatal shooting, the Israeli assailants' auto struck an ambulance, and rammed three Palestinians, causing mild wounds.

Sheriff Clarke says he's headed to DC

Most recently, corrections officers were blamed for the dehydration death of Terrill Thomas . "I have almost 1,000 inmates". Clarke responded , "No, I wouldn't agree with that at all". Although the agencies are given "considerable discretion" on how the forfeited assets are used, guidelines are outlined in the DOJ's Guide to Equitable Sharing for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Trump denies telling Comey to back off Flynn investigation

Trump is leaving Friday for his first foreign trip, to the Mideast and beyond, and aides had hoped the disarray at home would have been calmed if not resolved by take-off time . "It's special", he said. In addition to contradicting Comey's account of the encounter, Trump's comments also put him into stark opposition with Deputy Attorney General Rod J.

Trump reportedly asked Comey to consider imprisoning members of the press

Charles Grassley of Iowa and Democratic Sen. Russia has repeatedly said that anti-Russian politicians in the United States are using groundless fears of closer ties with Moscow to sabotage any rapprochement and damage Trump in the process.

US sanctions Iran officials, Chinese network over missile program

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration is extending sanctions relief for Iran that was granted under the 2015 nuclear agreement, while imposing new economic penalties over Iranian ballistic-missile activity. Mr Rouhani has vowed to work towards the removal of remaining sanctions and called for more time to allow the benefits of the deal to reach ordinary Iranians.

President Trump: I Didn't Ask Comey to Drop The Flynn Investigation

Trump faces fierce criticism over his sharing of sensitive national security information with Russian officials and his firing last week of Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey. The resistance has demanded an independent investigation into Trump and Russian Federation, and has been unrelenting in doing so. The White House has refused to comment on whether such recordings were made.

Manning released from USA military prison

Manning's release to Wikileaks put the anti-secrecy group in the public consciousness. Get Breaking News alerts from the Gwinnett Daily Post delivered to your email. While Graham was upset by Manning's release, he campaigned for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini from an Iranian prison. Chase Strangio , staff attorney with the ACLU, had the following reaction: "It is incredible to witness Chelsea Manning's freedom after having seen and worked with her behind bars for four years".

'Single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history,' Trump claims

Mueller is going to proceed forward with the idea that this as criminal investigation instead of a counter intelligence investigation". USA president Donald Trump has claimed he is the victim of an unprecedented "witch hunt" that "hurts our country terribly" in the wake of an independent probe into claims of Russian Federation links.

White House goes blue to honor nation's police officers

The monument honors over 20,000 law enforcement officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty throughout history. "We wanted to let the police officers who work out of these headquarters know that they're appreciated and very supported by this community", said Police Lieutenant Charles Warner.

Republicans starting to turn as committee asks to see Comey documents

Free webinar: Register now to learn about data center optimization strategies at the Justice and State departments. Trump also doubled down on his claim that investigations into his team's possible collusion with Russian Federation were a "witch hunt", while walking back some earlier criticism of Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to appoint a special counsel to oversee the FBI's investigation.

Trump denies Comey allegations, collusion with Russian Federation

But asked about the justice department decision to appoint a special counsel, Robert Mueller, to investigate contacts between his campaign and Russia, Trump appeared to shift his position from previous blanket denials. As the White House received the news Wednesday evening that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had chosen a special counsel, they issued a statement attributed to the president.

Brazilian President Says He Won't Resign Over Hush Money Allegations

The scandal comes at a crucial time for Brazil , which is mired in its worst recession in decades, the economy having shrunk almost 8 percent in the last two years with more than 14 million people unemployed. Late Wednesday, Globo newspaper reported that Neves was recorded asking JBS meat-packing company executive Joesley Batista for $700,000 to pay for his "Car Wash" defense.

Suspect in deadly Times Square mayhem charged with murder

According to the Associated Press, the suspect initially tested negative for alcohol, but other tests would be run to determine if he was high. Richard Rojas, 26, was arrested after his maroon sedan jumped the curb and hit 23 individuals in Times Square, killing Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old tourist from MI.

Lib Dems pledge pension tax relief review; commit to triple lock

The deadline to be registered to vote in the June 8 general election is on May 22. SNP candidate John Nicolson, who is facing a Lib Dem challenge in his East Dunbartonshire constituency, said voters couldn't trust the party to keep its word.

Mumbai, Satara celebrate ICJ verdict on Jadhav

Zakaria said, "After India stood exposed on state-sponsored terrorism and financing terrorism, it tried to divert attention by presenting the Kulbushan Jadhav case with a humanitarian angle". "We do not accept the jurisdiction of the ICJ in matters related to the national security of the country", he was quoted as saying by a television channel.

Naming Special Counsel Is 'Very, Very Negative Thing' For National Unity

In a second tweet a few hours later, the president addressed the appointment of a special counsel to look into Russia's connection to the 2016 Trump election campaign. United States intelligence agencies believe Moscow tried to tip the election in favour of Mr Trump. And President Richard Nixon resigned after a damning investigation by a select committee, before he could be impeached.