Russia threatens to treat US aircraft as targets in Syria

Russian Federation condemned the USA action and in retaliation suspended a hotline meant to prevent such incidents. "We oppose Assad , but our main enemy is ISIS , which also opposes Assad". "The escalation of hostilities doesn't help anybody and the Syrian regime and others in the regime need to understand that we will keep the right to self defense ".

North Korea Defends Otto Warmbier's Treatment

North Korea claimed Friday that it doesn't know why American college student Otto Warmbier's health was so poor that after months of imprisonment he ended up dying - and said it even revived him after his "heart was almost stopped". It rebuffed "groundless public opinion now circulating in the USA that he died of torture and beating during his reform through labor". A negotiator involved in Warmbier's release said his Jewishness was hidden as a tactic because he was accused by Pyongyang ...

Korea denies torturing U.S. student Warmbier

The spokesman said it was a " mystery " as to why Warmbier died days after returning home, but compared his death to the case of another American detainee, Evan Hunziker. The North's unnamed ministry spokesman said that such accusations were part of a smear campaign to slander the country that had given "medical treatments and care with all sincerity" to a person who was " clearly a criminal".

Other Opinion: Republican's health care hypocrisy is on full display

But Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president at the consulting firm Avalere Health , says the bill bases its tax credits on lower-quality insurance."If you're paying a similar percentage of income, you're getting a less generous product under this new plan", she says.

MPA Majeed Achakzai arrested in hit-and run-case from Quetta

The sub-inspector was critically injured. However, initially, the police had registered a criminal case at the Civil Lines Police Station against "unidentified persons", allegedly under pressure to "hush up" the issue. He was taken to Trauma centre but succumbed to injuries soon. The incident had come to light when footage of the legislator's vehicle ramming into the traffic officer began circulating on social media on Friday.

Rand Paul would prefer a Senate health bill that repeals Obamacare

It also scraps a 0.9 percent Medicare surtax on wages above those thresholds after 2022. "The chaos the Republican Party is wrecking across our health care system won't just be felt in our insurance markets but in doctor's offices, ER's and clinics across the state of in", says Myers.

Will Qatar Help American Airlines Stock Fly Higher?

The surprise investment push by Qatar Airways was disclosed by American Airlines in a securities filing Thursday saying the Qatari company planned to buy at least $808 million in American shares. airspace. "For every long-haul route lost or foregone as a result of subsidized Gulf carrier competition, more than 1,500 American jobs are lost", the letter in February said.

Global Smart Parking System market : Amano, Thales, Xerox, Cubic

With the help of supply and consumption data, the gap between these two is also explained. "This report offers calculated". What Is the Market Competition considering Manufacturers, Types and Application? For comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, the global Website Monitoring Software market is analyzed across key geographies namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and Middle East.

Bogota mall blast: French woman dead, several hurt

Rescue personnel and an ambulance are seen after an explosive device detonated in a restroom in the Andino shopping center in Bogota , Colombia. A woman has been killed, while 11 have sustained injuries. The statement said one woman remains in critical condition. French ambassador to Colombia Gautier Mignot confirmed the death of the 23-year-old and told a Bogota radio station that "the young woman was apparently in the company of her mother".

Trump visit to Britain left out of Queen's speech

She told parliament that the government's priority is to secure the best possible deal as the country leaves the European Union and listed a series of domestic priorities. A Downing Street spokesperson told CNN there was "no change" in their position on the state visit. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, who managed to win many seats for his party in the election against all odds, took the opportunity on Wednesday to attack May and pitch himself as her replacement.

EC to continue hearing office of profit case against AAP MLAs

The Election Commission concluded that the 21 AAP legislators were appointed Parliamentary Secretaries, hence become accused in the "office of profit" case. "The Commission is, thus, of the considered opinion that the respondents did hold de facto the office of Parliamentary Secretaries from 13th March 2015 to 08th September 2016 and the interpretation as sought to be put by them on the order dated 08th September 2016 of the Hon'ble Delhi High Court that they did not hold any office is not ...

Four Arab countries give Qatar 10 days to close Al Jazeera

The four countries say Qatar must shut down its Doha-based news network Al-Jazeera and its affiliates, sever ties with "terrorist organizations" such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah , and immediately close Turkey's military base outside the Qatari capital.

Trump Plans to Limit Travel and Investment Into Cuba, Say Officials

According to the Miami Herald , back in September, while at a campaign event in Miami, Trump told a crowd - which the Herald reports was heavily populated with Cuban exiles - that former President Barrack Obama's decision to ease trade and travel restrictions on Cuba hadn't benefitted the Cuban people and was misguided.

Israel ignores United Nations, begins construction on new West Bank settlement

According to the Israeli army, the Palestinian approached an IDF outpost near the village of a-Ram, not far from Qalandiyah, south of Jerusalem, managing to cross its outer fence. U.N. Middle East envoy Nickolay Mladenov made the assessment in his second quarterly report to the 15-member council on the implementation of a December 23 resolution adopted with 14 votes in favour and a US abstention.

What The Man Who Ran Obamacare Thinks About the Republican Health Plan

Cruz was among four conservative Republicans who announced on Thursday their opposition to the Senate bill repealing ObamaCare . They also say the draft legislation does not do enough to lower health care premiums. Senate bids. "We have to act", McConnell said on the Senate floor Thursday, "because Obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class, and American families deserve better than its failing status quo".

Dennis Rodman takes credit for Otto Warmbier's release from North Korea

He added: "I addressed ..." North Korea kept Warmbier detained for more than a year for the " hostile act " of allegedly stealing a poster before it sent him back home last week in a coma. Warmbier's former soccer coach, Steve Thomas, said the Jewish student came from a religious family and was involved in mission trips and a birthright trip to Israel.

(240617) N. Korean taekwondo demonstration team arrives in Seoul

A North Korean Taekwondo demonstration team visiting South Korea could present a way forward to reduce tensions by using sports to reestablish a channel of dialogue and cooperation. "While this is taking place through an worldwide event with the World Taekwondo Championships, it's also meaningful as the first example of inter-Korean interchange under the Moon Jae-in administration", the official added.

Taliban infiltrate Afghan army to target foreign troops

Seven American troops were wounded Saturday in an insider attack by an Afghan soldier at a military base, as the USA appears set to boost its troop presence in the country. But while the Taliban praised today's attack, it did not take responsibility for it. The cargo, worth about $11 million dollars, was the first in what officials from the two countries hope will be many flights allowing Afghan and Indian companies to bypass Pakistan, which strictly limits the shipment of goods by land ...

Australia Halts Syria Air Strikes After Russia Warning

An implicit agreement to live and let live has been replaced with a race by all the actors to pick off the remainders of ISIS and position themselves for the aftermath. Jeff Davis, said he could not discuss the matter beyond saying the USA stands ready to use the hotline. In Syria, we have a common foe, ISIS. Subsequent U.S.

Diplomat in student's release to attend funeral

With pressure mounting for a tough US response, the Trump administration is reportedly weighing up the option of signing an executive order to ban travel to North Korea. The North Korean foreign ministry said that Warmbier was a "victim.of strategic patience ", the policy followed by Barack Obama's White House, which sought to avoid ramping up tensions with the Communist state.

Key moments after the police shooting of Philando Castile

A Minnesota police officer was cleared Friday in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile , a blac. But Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, who filed charges against the officer, declared such fear unreasonable. "We've got to think bigger than that", she said. He said they spent a lot of time dissecting the "culpable negligence" requirement for conviction, and the two holdouts eventually agreed Friday on acquittal.

At least 25 killed, 70 injured in twin blasts in Parachinar

Most casualties happened in Parachinar - 41 dead and about 100 wounded - because a second bomb was detonated when people gathered at the place where the first explosion had occurred to carry out the rescue work. He said two police officers were wounded in the gunbattle. In January, at least 25 people were killed and over 65 injured early in the morning when a powerful explosion ripped through a crowded marketplace in Parachinar, officials said.

Trump Slams Obama for Not Stopping Russia From Meddling With Election

At a forum hosted by the House Homeland Security Committee on Thursday, Johnson responded to Trump's tweets but did not say whether he felt the president had twisted his words, adding that he would "leave that to the journalists". Dean confirmed Oklahoma election officials met past year with Homeland Security, which offered an array of cybersecurity options. Priestap added that Russian Federation has been conducting campaigns regarding United States elections "for years" but that the ...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open video game trade show Gamescom

The event is the largest video game trade show in the world, attracting 345,000 visitors from around the world past year. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings.

Neighboring Arab Nations Slap Qatar With 13-Point List Of Demands

We are aware of reports of a list of demands on Qatar . At the White House , spokesman Sean Spicer called it a "family issue " for the Arab nations and declined to say whether the newly articulated demands were legitimate. On Friday, Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Bahrain and the UAE sent a 13-point list of demands aimed at dismantling Qatar's two decade-old interventionist foreign policy.

GOP senators now oppose health care bill as written

Senate Republicans are painting the new plan as less austere than the House bill which, according to a forecast by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), would leave 23 million fewer people insured than under current law. However, the hard break that Heller made with the Senate bill on means any negotiations McConnell and his allies are likely to have with the conservative wing of the party will be fraught at best.

NC drivers are slightly above average in regards to manners

For over 150 years, most people in SC would not have wanted any association with the people of NY. A recent survey found ME drivers ranked 45th among USA states when it comes to being courteous on the road. Maine's neighbors New Hampshire and Vermont ranked 10th and 9th, respectively, and the infamous MA came in 21st, surprisingly - NY took the spot for dead last.

UAE: Arab states don't seek 'regime change' in Qatar

If Qatar refuses to comply by the deadline, the Arab countries signaled, they'll continue to restrict its access to land, sea and air routes indefinitely, as economic pressure mounts on Qatar. "The four states can afford to wait, but Qatar cannot", said Fawaz Gerges, a Middle East expert at the London School of Economics. On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had asked the four countries to make their demands "reasonable and actionable".

Ram Nath Kovind never said he follows BJP's ideology: Congress

With the selection of Kovind as India's top constitutional head, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah have played a political masterstroke on opposition parties in more than just ensuring entry into Raisina Hills. Following the announcement, Prime Minister Modi reached out to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh to seek the grand old party's support for Kovind.

Chief: Police testing for sex assault of slain Virginia teen

Imam Mohamed Magid, the religious leader of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, acknowledged the slaying had people fearful but he praised the many people who turned out "in a fever" to search for the teenager before police discovered her body on Sunday afternoon.

Williston sailor aboard USS Fitzgerald when it was struck

Their bodies were found a day later when the ship returned to port and divers scoured damaged areas of the 154-meter (500-foot) Fitzgerald , which was commissioned in 1995 and deployed in the Iraq war in 2003. "The damage was significant, this was not a small collision", said Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin, the commander of the Navy's 7th Fleet. "Japanese investigators have questioned the crew of the ACX Crystal about the collision, and they say they'll be cooperating with USA officials in ...

Hundreds of households to be evacuated in wake of London tower fire

Just hours earlier, police said that manslaughter charges could be brought over the Grenfell inferno, after finding that the fire started with a faulty fridge and the building's cladding had failed safety tests. "On Thursday night we had a public meeting with residents who shared a number of concerns that I had not been aware of", she explained. Fears about cladding are not limited to apartment buildings.

Paul Ryan: 'Let Robert Mueller Do His Job'

On Trump's plane ride home after a trip to Wisconsin, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters he "has no intention" of firing Mueller, even though she maintained that "the president has the right to". Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia raised the possibility that Rosenstein might himself be fired without cause. Lindsey Graham of SC tried to clarify where that line for "good cause" was.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen wins seat in French parliament

Macron's triumph brings a shift in France's political landscape, sweeping aside the mainstream parties that had once alternated in power. Socialist party leader Jean-Claude Cambadelis immediately declared his retirement from the party post.

Philippines says Islamist militants withdraw from school, no casualties

The town is in North Cotabato province in the centre of Mindanao island. Padilla, however, said later only about 50 militants were involved. He said it was possible the attack was meant to disrupt an ongoing military offensive against a separate group of militants aligned with the Islamic State group who laid siege on Marawi city.

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