Colorado to take $15 billion hit under Senate health care bill

The Senate bill's real-world financial impact is not yet known, but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is expected to provide an estimate early next week. The Senate Republicans' plan puts a lid on that by rolling back the Obama-era expansion of the program and then granting states a set amount of money for each person enrolled.

Long lines for Otto Warmbier farewell

While the service is open to the public, news media will be kept outside the school and outside the cemetery afterward in designated areas. China's state-run Global Times newspaper said Chinese officials must be wary that Warmbier's death might push Washington to put greater pressure on Beijing, but China would not act as a "US ally" on the issue.

Imagine! Lennon brings no peace, but discord at European Union summit

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel then had his quick retort. "I am not a dreamer. And I am not the only one". Calling Brexit "a pity", Lithuania's outspoken President Dalia Grybauskaite said: "We need to think about the future and the sooner we settle the future the better for all of us".

Heller won't back Senate GOP health care bill

Subsidies. The Senate bill has edged away from the age-based tax credits in the House bill in favor of Affordable Care Act-style income-based subsidies. What do you think? Toomey was part of the 13-member "working group" reportedly created to craft the plan, but he insisted Thursday that wasn't the case.

Off-duty officer, suspect hurt in police shooting

The occupants of the vehicle fired at the officers who were following them. A police shooting in St. Louis has resulted in the injury of a fellow police officer overnight according to FOX 2 News in St. An African American off-duty officer was shot by a fellow white cop in St. Louis' North Pointe neighborhood after a auto chase ended in a crash outside the off-duty officer's home.

Nevada senator becomes fifth Republican to oppose healthcare bill

Four Republican Senators say they're not ready to vote for the GOP healthcare bill, putting the measure in jeopardy. Heller faces a hard re-election fight next year. A vote on the bill could come next week. "Because of this, I can not support it as now drafted, and I do not believe it has the votes to pass the Senate".

Senate Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement bill, fate uncertain

Republicans say it costs too much and involves the federal government too much in healthcare. Trump promised during his campaign not to reduce Medicaid . "It looks to us like the Obamacare subsidies will remain in place and... we think that the spending actually may exceed Obamacare spending in the next two years".

Ouch! If it becomes law, Senate's healthcare overhaul is going to hurt

Senator John Cornyn , the No. 2 Republican leader, said he's still confident that at least 50 of the chamber's 52 Republicans will wind up supporting it in a vote likely to come early next Friday morning. "It's simply not the answer", the Nevada Republican said at a news conference alongside Gov. Brian Sandoval in Las Vegas. "The Senate Republican health-care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing".

Qatar Airways urges UN action against Gulf blockade

They then released a list of 59 people and several organisations who are linked to Qatar and named on a terror watch list; including the Muslim Brotherhood , al-Qaida, and ISIS. Sharif is considered close to the royal families in both countries. He said millions of Pakistanis were working in Saudi Arabia, UAE , Qatar and other gulf countries, but due to drop in oil market, gulf countries were already facing macro-economic instability.

Democratic Chatter Grows About Ousting Nancy Pelosi

As the Democrats assess their 0-4 record in congressional special elections of late, one person who seems to be taking the lion's share of the blame is Nancy Pelosi . But now, after a string of disappointments, those divisions have re-emerged, though Pelosi appears unlikely to face an immediate challenge. "Run for something at least somewhere where you live", Mary Julve, 52, said as she voted Tuesday in nearby Roswell, decrying Mr.

Senate Health Care Bill: 5th Republican Senator Comes Out Against GOP Plan

Indiana Republican Party chairman Kyle Hupfer says the Senate legislation is all part of the GOP promise to repeal and replace the ACA . The GOP can only lose two members of their 52-senator caucus in order to pass Trumpcare .

Assessing the Impact of the Senate GOP Health Bill

While the details of the legislation were largely kept secret until its unveiling, it does vary somewhat from the House's already passed bill. Both would radically overhaul Medicaid , effectively ending Medicaid expansion and greatly reducing federal support for the overall program.

Balochistan: 5 killed in blast near IGP office in Quetta

Bombs killed almost 30 people in Pakistan on Friday, with a suicide vehicle bomber killing at least 13 in the southwestern city of Quetta , and two blasts later killing at least 15 in the northwest town of Parachinar, officials said. In New Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs said Jadhav was sentenced on "concocted charges" and voiced doubts about the existence of the petition for mercy.

Connecticut Medicaid Patients Likely To Lose Care Under Federal Health Bill

Senate Republicans , led by Mitch McConnell , appeared to learn a lesson from that, and took a different approach, crafting their version of the bill nearly entirely behind closed doors. "There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current healthcare system, but it does not appear this draft as written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their healthcare costs", the men said in their joint ...

US approves sale of drones to India: General Atomics

India initiated its request to buy 22 Guardian MQ-9B unmanned aircraft for maritime surveillance past year. Last year, trade between the two nations totalled nearly $115 billion; the United States imported about $31 billion more from India than it exported.

Nevada's Heller becomes 5th GOP senator opposed to health bill

The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill. Immediately after its release four Republican senators said they couldn't support it. Let's hope there are more who care enough about the health of women, children and the elderly to stop this travesty.

Senate Health Care Bill Shows GOP Has Learned Nothing

But the draft bill's fate was immediately thrown into question by a statement from Senator Rand Paul and three other conservative Republicans , who said they are "not ready to vote" for it. And like the House measure, it would put the entire Medicaid program on a budget, ending the open-ended entitlement that now exists. Some GOP senators hate the proposed Medicaid cuts.

Police officer lynched, Mehbooba calls it 'murder of trust'

The officer was posted in 3 security Bn. Quoting preliminary investigation, the police chief said the mob attacked the DSP when he was coming out of the mosque after checking the access control. When hundreds were busy in prayers during the holiest night of the Muslim calendar called "Shab-e-Qadr" at the city's largest mosque, a group of miscreants attacked Pandit who was not in uniform.

10 killed, several injured in twin blasts in Pak's tribal area

According to sources, numerous injured are in critical condition hence the death toll could rise further. (Web Desk) - Over 40 lives lost and over 100 people were wounded on Friday as three bomb blasts rocked Quetta, capital of Balochistan province, and Parachinar, capital of Kurram Agency which is one of the semi-autonomous districts of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) that the army has spent a lot to clear of insurgency.

Boeing, Donghai Airlines Report Selection Of 10 737 MAX 10 Airplanes

High interest from Asian and Iranian airlines notably boosted sales for both plane makers, dispelling some concerns of slumping demand. The 737 MAX 10 is aimed at the biggest part of the commercial airline market - single-aisle aircraft for medium-range flights - and scooped up 326 orders worth almost Dollars 40 billion at list prices as the jet promises even more fuel economy thanks to improvements to aerodynamics and engine performance.

North Korea Says US Student's Death A 'Mystery To Us As Well'

After the tragic death of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier following his release from North Korea , Arizona Senator John McCain wants to reform the system of tourism to the totalitarian country. Despite evidence that he was active in the community, Warmbier's Judaism was not confirmed by any members of the press, including Tablet, or publicly by his family or friends; Jewish organizations appeared to make no public remarks either.

Nitish sticks to stand on Kovind, attacks Cong for fielding Meira

In her appeal, she asked members of the collegium to base their decision on "these cherished principles and secure them for our future generations". Meanwhile, BJP's Tripura unit is all gaga for Kovind. "Kovind will win, we are certain of that", Ahir said. He further said the presidential candidature should not be made a subject of political confrontation.

The death of Otto Warmbier escalates North Korea situation

It is unclear if President Trump will attend any of the discussions, but he has already undermined the talks, telling Beijing its efforts to curb Pyongyang's nuclear weapons development were just not good enough. A University of Missouri professor who has been studying North Korea's illicit cash flow for more than a decade said the Trump administration will likely need to go after that money before Kim is interested in negotiating with the USA, though Sheena Greitens warned it wouldn't ...

Korea tests rocket engine possibly for ICBM

But today he said "dialogue is only possible when we have a strong military, and engagement policies are only possible when we have the security capability to dominate North Korea", according to the Associated Press . Conflict between US and North Korea possible. United States is, on the other hand, pressured to freeze the missile tests in North Korea. The previous intercept test, conducted in February, had been successful.

Trump reaffirms commitment to build Mexico Wall

With that conviction, deep in your hearts, you showed up on Election Day and voted to put America first". The president has estimated that completing the barrier would cost US$8 billion to US$12 billion, though many experts say the actual cost would be far higher.

Four Republican senators not ready to vote for healthcare bill

The bill also would repeal the mandate that employers provide coverage , so more people (in any income bracket) could also end up in that boat. Ms. The rollback of the expansion of Medicaid, the government insurance program for low income Americans was particularly seen as a positive move. "You know, health care is a very hard situation ..." The so-called individual mandate — aimed at keeping insurance markets solvent by prompting younger, healthier people to buy policies — has always ...

New blow to GOP health bill: Nevada GOP Sen. Heller opposes it

It shares some broad strokes with the bill that House Republicans passed in may. Federal Medicaid spending would be capped, and states would likely be forced to scale back Medicaid benefits or reduce eligibility to save money. It extends the timeline for elimination of Medicaid expansion, through which 207,600 in CT just above the poverty line got health insurance. House GOP bill: Forbids abortion coverage by private plans sold to people who receive taxpayer subsidies.

Australia to resume bombing of ISIS targets in Syria

The terrorist group is primarily based in the Syrian city of Raqqa, now under siege by coalition-backed Kurdish forces, who, like most of the militias supported by the US -led coalition as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, are considered an enemy of the regime.

At least 11 dead, 20 injured in Pakistan car bombing

Police spokesman Shahzada Farhat said the death toll was expected to rise as some of the wounded were listed in critical condition. The suicide bomber blew up his explosives-laden vehicle near Inspector General of Police Ehsan Mehboob's office in Quetta , the capital of Balochistan province, killing at least 13 people, including seven policemen, and wounding 21 others.

18 killed, 70 injured in twin Parachinar blast

The bomb and gun attacks come a few days before the Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Fitr, which ends the holy month of Ramadan. Twin blasts tore through a market crowded with Eid shoppers in a mainly Shia town, a suicide bomber blew up his explosives-laden auto and militants opened fire on police in separate attacks in Pakistans three major cities today, killing 62 people and wounding almost 100.

Isle of Wight Father Found Guilty Over Unauthorised Term-Time Holiday

Platt was sentenced to a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £2,020 costs. He said afterwards he was "relieved that's it's over". "Way too much money has been spent but I'm not going to appeal it". Jon Platt , rose to national fame in 2015 after refusing to pay school absence fines he'd received from the Isle of Wight council (IWC). He argued he had not been offered transport or help.

Congress-led opposition names Meira Kumar as Prez nominee

Interestingly during her tenure as Speaker of Lok Sabha , Meira Kumar, allotted this bungalow to her mother. The JD (U)'s surprise decision to back Kovind had led to cracks in the Opposition camp as JD (U) chief Nitish Kumar was the one who had initiated the process for a joint Opposition strategy on the issue.

Unhealthy outlook for repealing ObamaCare as some GOP senators defect from bill

Republicans criticize Obamacare as an excessive government intrusion into the health care market and contended that it was harming economic growth by burdening businesses. They are doing this even though this bill affects one-sixth of our economy. According to the Congressional Budget Office's assessment of the House health care bill, "Only Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates and clinics would be affected".

Trump Doesn't Want 'Poor Person' Running the Economy

All of his rallies have been sponsored by his re-election committee. Trump went on to zing the media, throwing out one-liners to the delight of the crowd. "There's just something a little bit twisted about that", said Jordan slowly, "That's twisted in a way that's hard to dissect". The event underscores Trump's comfort in a campaign setting.

Vladimir Putin Jests About Granting Asylum to Ex-FBI Head Comey

Putin compared Comey to Edward Snowden , a contractor who leaked thousands of secret documents from the National Security Agency and has been living in Russian Federation since being granted asylum in 2013. The Kremlin strongman said the U.S. is afraid of what he described as "serious competitor". Mr. Putin's four-hour-long interview Thursday focused on a broad range of domestic social issues, with Mr.

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