Pope says will be 'sincere' with Trump at Vatican meeting

Last year, in response to a question about then-candidate Mr Trump's views on immigration and his intention to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, Francis said a man with such views was "not Christian". Ms Collins quit because of what she said was the "unacceptable" level of resistance within the Vatican to implementing the group's proposals to better care for victims and protect children from priests who rape and molest them.

White House cites rumor, innuendo in criticizing Sally Yates

The warning was "based on Flynn's role as head of DIA", a former administration official told the AFP. Notably, Trump's own White House requested the House and Senate investigations after he took to Twitter on a Saturday morning and accused Obama of tapping the phones in Trump Tower.

Comey declines Senate invite to testify in closed session

According to Comey's account to associates, Trump was not satisfied with the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's answer and told him again later in the dinner that he needed Comey's loyalty, the Times reported . Comey has not publicly discussed any conversations he has had with Trump. "When James Clapper himself, and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch hunt, says there is no collusion, when does it end?" He said that if the investigation gets short-circuited ...

Xi Jinping hails new age of globalisation at Silk Road summit

China on Sunday opened the Belt and Road Forum - China's initiative to promote its vision of "win-win cooperation" by expanding links to Asia, Africa and Europe through massive infrastructure investment. Also, China will encourage financial institutions to conduct overseas RMB fund business with an estimated amount of Dollars 44 billion, Xi said. Praising Xi's initiative, Putin warned that "protectionism is becoming the norm".

Call to rekindle Silk Road spirit

The statement made it clear that India cannot accept a project which ignores its core concern over sovereignty and territorial integrity. When discussing China-Belgium relations with Peeters, Wang said, under the framework of the Belt and Road, China is willing to expand cooperation with Belgium from trade and investment to innovation.

Episode 90 to feature father vs son

Episode 90 is titled "Break through the Walls: Goku vs Gohan!" and will find Goku facing his elder son one more time to test how ready he is for the tournament. And that he will not wake up for the next two months. "Goku Visits Freeza!" the episode will have Goku realize that Majin Buu will no longer arise from his slumber.

Trump's order creates panel to study voter fraud

The last federal investigation into voter fraud that concluded in 2007 found very little evidence of voter fraud, with convictions nationwide numbering less than 100. "He is taking every step he can to try to demonstrate that notion". Shortly after the announcement, Rutgers University Professor Lorraine Minnite emailed UC Irvine Law School Chancellor Rick Hasen's email listserv in an effort to enroll members to "resist" Trump's commission, according to an email provided to the Free Beacon .

Corbyn's security stance a headache for Labour's defence team

Last month he condemned Trump's missiles attacks on the Assad regime in Syria for having no legal authorisation and escalating tensions in the war-torn country. Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking about national security and foreign policy during a campaign stop at Chatham House in London, Friday May 12, 2017.

Chinese vice premier urges improving connectivity in Belt and Road development

Pakistan has been a flagship country and one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the One Belt-One Road initiative, in part because many projects are for power plants to alleviate the country's decade-long energy-shortage crisis that sees frequent blackouts.

Trump to move swiftly on Federal Bureau of Investigation appointment

The president last week fired Comey in a move that sparked controversy and outrage in Washington . No White House aide appeared on the Sunday news shows, leaving Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, to defend Trump. Lawyers tend to look into every potential pitfall and problem. White House officials had hoped the House vote on health care would give the president a much-needed burst of momentum and infuse energy into efforts to fully overhaul the law known as Obamacare and ...

UK Defense Secretary Reiterates Warning to NHS Against Usage of Windows XP

This is already believed to be the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded, disrupting computers that run factories, banks, government agencies and transport systems in nations as diverse as the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain and India.

Ex-French PM Manuel Valls wants to be Emmanuel Macron candidate

Mr. Macron, a former economy minister, has proposed an ambitious domestic reform agenda. All three cases would reassure worldwide investors because they would enable structural reforms to be implemented, strengthening France's growth potential, Boone said.

Democrats Rally After Trump Calls for a 'Shutdown' of the Government

Lindsey Graham, aren't scoring this in the win column for the White House or the GOP. Trump tweeted on Tuesday regarding the bipartisan agreement reached on Sunday to avoid a partial paralysis of federal government activities. But by Tuesday morning, the president sounded off on Twitter . Trump's tweet said the compromise had to be negotiated because Republicans don't have the 60 votes necessary in the chamber to pass their own plan.

US envoy Haley: N. Korea missile launch due to 'state of paranoia'

Following this morning's test launch by the regime of North Korea, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said the act was the result of Kim Jong-un's "state of paranoia" and a response to South Korea's election last week. But she said more analysis was needed. Experts said the altitude the missile tested on Sunday reached meant it was launched at a high trajectory, which would limit the lateral distance it traveled.

Cyber attack claims 200000 victims in 150 countries

Dr Krishna Chinthapalli said the havoc wreaked on some health services in an worldwide cyber attack could encourage hackers to target hospitals. As almost 45 NHS organisations from London to Scotland were hit in the " ransomware " attack on Friday, patients of the state-funded countrywide service faced chaos as appointments and surgeries had to be cancelled.

European Union demands talks with United States over possible airline laptop ban

European officials, including EU transport commissioner Violeta Bulc, underscored those concerns in a call with U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security John Kelly on Friday. Kelly was scheduled to meet President Donald Trump on Friday but a DHS official said the meeting is about a different topic. But Homeland Security officials met Thursday with high-ranking executives of the three leading US airlines - American, Delta and United - and the industry's leading USA trade group, Airlines for ...

Trump slams ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director

K. Michael Conaway (R-Texas) and Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), warned in a statement that their panel "will be conducting rigorous oversight to ensure that the FBI's own investigation is not impeded or interfered with in any way". "We already know that there are those close to Comey who have a very different take, also a troubling take on that dinner conversation. And at that time he told me, 'You are not under investigation'".

World's biggest cyberattack sends countries into 'disaster recovery mode'

But he said it would be straightforward for the existing attackers to launch new releases or for other ransomware authors to start copying the way the malware replicated. Wainwright said he was concerned that the numbers of those affected would continue to rise when people returned to work on Monday morning. Computers in more than 150 countries have been hit by what experts are calling an unprecedented mass cyberattack using ransomware.

Body found in SC amid search for a missing girl

Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon said in a news release Friday information developed since 36-year-old Dwayne Bright's arrest last weekend led deputies to release him from jail. "That's a continuing priority for everyone that's been a part of this investigation". "The information you have may be just the piece of the puzzle we need", Lemon said.

Clapper: 'I don't know if there was collusion' between Trump and Russian Federation

In his letter firing Comey on Tuesday , Trump wrote , "While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau".

United Kingdom interior minister says health system has recovered from cyberattack

The attack held hospitals and other entities hostage by freezing their computers , encrypting their data and demanding money through online bitcoin payment - $300 at first, rising to $600 before it destroys files hours later. The patches won't do any good for machines that have already been hit. "The numbers are going up, I am anxious about how the numbers will continue to grow when people go to work and turn [on] their machines on Monday morning".

Turkey brands USA supplying arms to Syrian Kurds 'unacceptable'

SDF spokesman Talal Silo attributed the Tabqa victory to "the sacrifices of the SDF's heroes" and "the full, unlimited support of the US-led global coalition", Reuters reported . "The secretary reiterated US commitment to protecting our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally", she said in a statement after the talks. Turkey is deeply opposed to the arms agreement and has called for its reversal.

Bilkis Bano gangrape case: Bombay HC upholds conviction of 11 convicts

Hailing the verdict upholding life sentences handed to 11 convicts, gang-rape survivor Bilkis Bano said she and her family can now begin their lives without fear. Bilkis Bano was gangraped and offenders killed her seven family members during a religious riot which had broken out in Gujarat in 2002. From the clinching evidence placed before us we are convinced that all these accused persons in a mob on account of the Godhra incident were moving in search of Muslims.

Navy SEAL killed in action in Somalia was from Maine

The SEAL is the first American servicemember killed in action in Somalia in decades, said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, likely since the notorious 1993 Battle of Mogadishu - known as the "Black Hawk Down" incident - during which 18 USA military members were killed.

Indian court upholds death sentence for 4 rape convicts

One of the accused Ram Singh allegedly committed suicide in Tihar jail while a juvenile was sentenced to three years punishment in a reform home, and released in 2015. for the devilish manner in which they played with her dignity and identity is humanly inconceivable". Nirbhaya , a 23-year-old medical student, and her friend boarded a private bus in New Delhi on December 16, 2012.

House Intel Dem: If Trump Recorded Talks With Comey, 'Congress Should Subpoena'

Trump fired Comey on Tuesday, at first saying he accepted recommendations from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, that he be ousted because of the role he played a year ago in the investigation into Trump's presidential election challenger, Democrat Hillary Clinton, and the way she handled national security material on her private email server.

France swears in new leader Emmanuel Macron

France's new president has made his first visit after his inauguration to a military hospital in the Paris suburb of Clamart. The 39-year-old benefited from the electorate's desire for fresh faces and solutions, as the first president in the modern era to be elected without the support of France's two main parties.

N. Korea launch may be new type missile

The US military's Pacific Command said it was assessing the type of missile that was sacked on Sunday but it was "not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile" and the threat assessment has not changed. "And so what we're going to do is continue to tighten the screws", she said. "It is definitely concerning". It represented a more significant threat because of the difficulty of tracking a mobile launcher and because of the ability to keep the missile fuelled, unlike liquid fuel ...

North Korea Fires Missile Days After New South Korea Leader Pledges Dialogue

Data on the launch was still being analyzed by the South to determine the type of missile. "The United States maintains our ironclad commitment to stand with our allies in the face of the serious threat posed by North Korea", the statement said.

UK Conservatives have 15 point lead over Labour: Opinium poll

And for the prime minister, the long-time Labour rebel and anti-war campaigner turned party leader is a gift that keeps on giving. The Opposition leader said he had spoken to Mr Watson on Saturday morning to coordinate the party's response to the NHS cyber attack and insisted the pair are working "flat out to get Labour MPs elected".

U.S. believes North Korea launched KN-17 missile

The liquid fueled single-stage KN-17 may be meant to be an anti-ship missile. Japan said the missile flew for 30 minutes before dropping into the sea between North Korea's east coast and Japan. Security Council resolutions to stop further missile and nuclear tests. Observers said this is a sign that the United States is urging Russia to do more to restrain Pyongyang, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Mr Moon in a phone call last Friday that Russia would play a ...

Australia's Fairfax Media receives revised $2 billion offer from TPG-led group

Sources said that Fairfax's board had not nominated a price it considered acceptable for the whole company, but insiders suggest a bid of A$1.20 a share was not far from the mark. Fairfax had announced the job cuts to save the company $30 million. The revised takeover bid will be subject to a due diligence, shareholder approval at a Fairfax scheme meeting, and regulatory approvals, including from the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and New Zealand Overseas Investment Office ...

Barrington man facing charges in Penn State pledge brother's death

He had severe head trauma and a shattered spleen and later died of traumatic brain injury. Barron describes the grand jury report on the incident surrounding the death of Piazza as sickening. Since Piazza's death on February 4, more than 20 students have been charged. The party continued for at least another few hours while Piazza struggled, falling down stairs repeatedly, while no one called for help, the report said.

India boycotts China's OBOR summit, says it must respect territorial integrity

Li also said China had to consider the risks of trying to integrate the development strategies of the disparate countries along the routes. Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday said the Belt and Road Initiative should be an open one that will achieve both economic growth and balanced development.