100 days in, Trump says he's brought about 'profound change'

Asserting that the United States was "going up" and that too at a fast pace, he said American companies were doing better. Republicans have united on a bright spot, however: Trump's appointment of the conservative judge Neil Gorsuch as the newest justice of the Supreme Court.

Global cyber attack affects 200000 victims - Europol chief

Security firm Digital Shadows said on Sunday that transactions totalling $32,000 had taken place through Bitcoin addresses used by the ransomware. Symantec said the majority of organisations affected were in Europe. The effects were felt across the globe, with Russia's Interior Ministry and companies including Spain's Telefonica, FedEx the US and French carmaker Renault all reporting disruptions.

Australia receptive to China's One Belt, One Road, but national interest first

He said his government will provide aid worth 60 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) to developing countries and global organizations. In addition, Xi said China would encourage financial institutions to expand their overseas yuan fund businesses to the tune of 300 billion yuan.

France's Macron arrives at presidential inauguration ceremony

Speaking at a ceremony at the Elysee palace, the 39-year-old told an audience of 300 people that he would do everything necessary to fight terrorism and authoritarianism, and to resolve the world's migration crisis. But Macron appeared determined to create an impression of personal modesty. Macron himself wore a dark suit from French brand Jonas and Cie, a tailor based in Paris .

India skips Belt and Road Summit; Pakistan, China firm on CPEC

India treats the entire Jammu and Kashmir as its integral part. No country can accept a project that ignores its core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity. "This is indeed a gathering of great minds", Mr Xi said, addressing leaders from Russian president Vladimir Putin to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

Questioned by Heinrich, McCabe defends Comey

Charles E. Grassley, (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Wednesday he did not think McCabe should run the Federal Bureau of Investigation even for the short term because of his wife's involvement in Democratic politics in Virginia.

USA government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein conducted the interviews. Republican US senator from Texas John Cornyn, who is the India Caucus co-founder and co-chair, is among the frontrunners reportedly being considered by the Donald Trump administration to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Olympics: Macron likely to meet IOC commission on Tuesday

The evaluation commission will regroup at the IOC's Lausanne, Switzerland headquarters later this month to complete their final assessment of the 2024 candidates and is scheduled to release a final report on the bids July 5. Trump's executive order to temporarily ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries, which is now being reviewed in the courts, could prove problematic with the diverse membership of the International Olympic Committee when they vote later this year.

Despite Hubbub Over Michael Flynn, Clapper Says No Collusion with Russian Federation

Flynn was possibly compromised", Yates said . But McGahn had an odd response . MONTANARO: You know, we knew some of this from previous reporting, but Yates, a former veteran Justice Department official, went on the record yesterday under oath and out loud.

Macron sworn in as new president of France, promises unity

Mr Kohler, a 44-year old graduate of France's elite ENA administrative school, was Mr Macron's chief of staff when the incoming president was economy minister and has worked for the Treasury. Brigitte Macron, like her husband, was brought up in Amiens, where her family owned a chocolate-making business. He has pledged to push for increased integration of countries that use the euro currency, a step that would mean rich nations like Germany would have to pay more to support poorer ones like ...

Protesters spell out 'Resist!' at Trump golf course near LA

The flash mob was organized by Indivisible San Pedro , one of more than 6,000 Indivisible groups that have formed to resist Trump and his agenda since the election. According to the Los Angeles Times, the group of demonstrators that showed up Saturday included retirees and children as young as 1 years old. Golf course officials and sheriff's deputies, who appeared to have been called out to the scene, watched from a balcony of the clubhouse, but didn't intervene, Warren said.

China's Xi pledges $14.5 billion for 'Belt and Road' globalization initiative

China and Russian Federation already are partners, along with Central Asian governments, in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a security group widely seen as an effort to counter US influence in the region. Playing down differences over the project among different provinces in his country, Sharif said, "the CPEC is owned and nurtured by all citizens of Pakistan".

N.Korea missile test posed no threat to Russia -Russian defmin

A previous test at the same site in February sent a missile 500 kilometres, far less than Sunday's launch. As Chinese President Xi Jinping prepared to inaugurate the Belt and Road Forum, Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile from a base in the country's northwest, near the border with China.

Emmanuel Macron's been inaugurated as France's youngest president

Unpopular Hollande was the first to bow to the rebellious mood in December as he became the first sitting president not to seek re-election in the French fifth republic, founded in 1958. But he also displayed youthful vigor and hardiness during the televised proceedings. He displayed youthful vigour during the televised proceedings, at one point racing up the Elysee stairs to meet a protocol requirement - something not all previous French presidents might have managed.

I want to be in Macron's gang, says Valls

He wants to ease rigid labour laws he believes fuel high unemployment, cut state spending, improve education in deprived areas and increase welfare protection to the self-employed. His rivals now will be motivated to keep Macron from making further gains during the two-round parliamentary election. "And so we have an enormous responsibility vis-a-vis the French people, who trust us", said Nicolas Bay, the party's secretary-general.

Xi, Moon agree denuclearising N.Korea 'common goal': Seoul

Moon Jae-in, a liberal former human rights lawyer, was sworn in on Wednesday and said in his first speech as president he would immediately address security tensions that have raised fears of war on the Korean Peninsula. The White House also congratulated Moon, saying it looked forward to working with him to strengthen their longstanding alliance. Japan has been concerned that Moon will take a tough line on feuds stemming from the bitter legacy of its 1910-45 colonization of the Korean ...

North Korea says missile test aimed at testing carrying large nuclear warhead

Its Musudan intermediate-range missiles with ranges of over 3,000 km put the US strategic military base in Guam within striking range. Tokyo said the flight pattern could indicate a new type of missile. In June, Pyongyang was seen as having successfully launched an intermediate-range missile with a maximum flight altitude of 1,400 km. The U.N. Security Council first imposed sanctions on North Korea in 2006 and has strengthened the measures in response to its five nuclear tests and two ...

Germany demands more free trade guarantees on China Silk Road plan -minister

China's restrictions on allowing foreign companies to invest or buy assets in the world's second-largest economy are "still a problem" between the two nations, she said. Duterte will speak twice in the leader's roundtable discussions at the Belt and Road Forum on Monday. "It is time we transcended our differences, resolve conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy and leave a legacy of peace for future generations", he said at the event with 29 heads of states and governments and 1,500 ...

Trump looking at ex-Michigan lawmaker as next Federal Bureau of Investigation chief

Spicer was asked if Trump recorded the conversations and if there is recording equipment in the White House. "Less than a year ago, it hasn't recovered from that", Mr Trump said in an interview with NBC News at the White House. It isn't clear whether Trump believes there actually are tapes. That the president claimed to have spoken about an ongoing investigation with the head of the FBI struck many as inappropriate, especially given that Comey has testified under oath that the bureau is ...

US Senate Democrats may refuse to vote on Trump FBI pick - Schumer

Schumer said the need for a special prosecutor is stronger after Trump fired Comey, who was leading the FBI's investigation into the collusion allegations. Rosenstein recommended Mr. Comey's removal for numerous very reasons they have complained about. But I think the two are linked because they're both involved in one of the most serious investigations we've seen in a very long time.

Officer charged over shooting of teenager Jordan Edwards in auto

Beta Theta Pi members resisted getting help for 19-year-old Timothy Piazza, causing him to suffer for hours and possibly making his injuries worse, a prosecutor said Friday in announcing the results of a grand jury investigation. The family of the black teenager shot and killed by a white police officer while riding in a vehicle leaving a party wants criminal charges filed against the officer, who was sacked for violating department policies during the shooting.

UN Ambassador Defends Comey Firing: Trump Is 'The CEO Of The Country'

Stephanopoulos admitted that Haley was correct, but said the questioning stemmed from the timing as well as "the reasons the president gave and also the whole question of credibility", he said, questioning if the president could be taken at his word.

US Senate Democrats may refuse to vote on Trump FBI pick: Schumer

Asked if the pick would be announced before his trip overseas, Mr. Trump said , "Even that is possible". Meanwhile, questions continue to swirl around Trump's dismissal of Comey, who was overseeing an investigation into Trump campaign aides' contacts with Russian Federation and whether there was any collusion in the alleged meddling of the 2016 U.S.

BC election results are 'beginning of something different,' Clark says

Although three seats is minimal, Andrew Weaver will no doubt have a voice in the provincial capital. "The people in Kootenay-East have made a decision, and they have decided with a party of free enterprise". And if not for local NDP riding in-fighting in Cowichan, Columbia River-Revelstoke and Fraser-Nicola over bitterly contested nominations, likely costing the party three seats, Horgan would be premier-elect now.

Cyber attack spreads across 74 countries

Meanwhile, a global manhunt is on for the perpetrators of the attack that is being described as the biggest-ever cyber ransom attack. Hundreds of hospitals and clinics in the British National Health Service were infected Friday, forcing them to send patients to other facilities.

Trump Moves to Pack More Conservatives Onto Federal Courts

Indeed, the fact that today the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing arguments on the president's extreme and unconstitutional Muslim ban only serves to underscore the importance of a thorough and rigorous confirmation process. And he is nominating conservative judges to fill them. "He just ticks all the right boxes in terms of the background you want a. nominee to have", Weber said.

North Korean missile 'no danger' to Russia: Defence ministry

Its Musudan intermediate-range missiles with ranges of over 3,000 km put the USA strategic military base in Guam within striking range. "The North wants to show before negotiations that their precious, powerful weapon is not something they would give up so easily", Yang said.

Emmanuel Macron sworn in as France's youngest ever president

Macron's entourage says that the visit marks the president's will to show "deep empathy toward the people fighting for freedom" in France and around the world. All countries in the world are "interdependent ... we are all neighbours", he said. In a first for the world's fifth largest economy that is a founding member of the European Union, the 39 year-old centrist newcomer was unknown to the wider public three years ago and does not belong to any traditional political grouping.

White House presses Russian Federation on N. Korea missile test

The United States maintains our ironclad commitment to stand with our allies in the face of the serious threat posed by North Korea. Those are the missiles the most anxious about, with the ability to reach the U.S. "It's his way of telling the Russians, 'You need to speak up, '" and stop US-supported global sanctions on North Korea, Schuster said. Along with nuclear-capable bombers and ICBMs, the SLBM completes the strategic nuclear arsenal, which experts call the "nuclear triad".

UN Security Council to meet Tuesday on North Korea missile launch

The launch, which Tokyo said could be of a new type of missile, is a direct challenge to the new South Korean president and comes as US, Japanese and European navies gather for joint war games in the Pacific. How close to an ICBM? It follows a failed April 29 ballistic missile test by Pyongyang. The North attempted but failed to test-launch ballistic missiles four consecutive times in the past two months but has conducted a variety of missile testing since the beginning of a year ago at an ...

Nuclear deterrent safe from cyber attacks which hit NHS: Fallon

China's network information safety working group sent a warning to universities about the cyber-attack and the National Internet Emergency Centre suggested that users update Windows security patches. "Now, you probably can't picture a grown man jumping around with the excitement of having just been ransomwared, but this was me", he wrote on his blog.

Trump seeks to quickly replace sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation director

The choice of a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director seen as independent from the White House will be closely scrutinised as Trump faces an avalanche of criticism for firing Mr Comey, the man in charge of a criminal probe into his campaign's possible ties to Russian Federation.

Vivek Oberoi donates 25 flats to Sukma martyrs' families

Vivek Oberoi According to reports, Vivek's organistation Karrm Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has written a letter to the CRPF fraternity announcing the flats to the kin of the martyrs who laid their lives for the nation in different operations. The details of the remaining 21 families will be given to Vivek Oberoi's company in the forthcoming months and the final allotment will be made soon.

Lovely new picture of Princess Charlotte released by Duchess

Charlotte's first birthday was marked with the release of four official photographs by her parents. The photo, snapped by Kate Middleton herself, is a display of the royal family's signature refined and classic style. When he turned two in 2015 Prince George's official birthday photograph was taken by renowned Italian photographer Mario Testino taken at the christening of Princess Charlotte .

Now what? Election puts BC into political parts unknown

Adam Olsen won Saanich North and the Islands unseating incumbent NDP Gary Holman. The Liberal party won 43 seats, leaving it one seat short of a majority government. The softwood lumber dispute "really provided an opportunity for the premier to stay on her message of jobs for the resource sector", said Gerald Baier, University of British Columbia political science professor.