Willing to turn OBOR into path for peace: Xi Jinping

He called for stepped-up action against terrorism and what he called its root causes of poverty and social injustice. Hailing China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday called Beijing a "close friend and trusted ally" of islamabad.

Manhunt for hackers, as experts foresee new global cyber attacks

Britain's National Health Service says hospitals across the country have been hit by a "ransomware" cyberattack but there is no evidence that patient data has been accessed. NHS Fife admitted the fix had not yet been applied - despite Microsoft bosses labelling it "critical" - while NHS Lanarkshire was unable to say. He said that mobile communications haven't been affected.

After the B.C. election here's what Canadians are asking Google

Forty-four seats are needed for a majority. British Columbia's election has brought unwelcome uncertainty for the business sector, given the prospect of an ascendant Green Party influencing policy on pipelines, natural gas exports, hydroelectricity and other resource projects.

White House defends its reaction to Yates' warnings

Spicer said that he was "not aware of any" restrictions placed on Flynn's duties on the National Security Council between the period that Yates warned the White House and that Flynn was ultimately dismissed. "She was warning you that your national security information might be compromised by the Russians". "After that time, they did what you should do frankly - is an element of due process", Spicer said.

North Korea's detention of U.S. citizen 'concerning': White House

North Korea arrested a United States citizen for alleged hostile activities in April at Pyongyang airport. He believes numerous citizens would refuse to fight for him if a military conflict breaks out. As far as the possibility of the United States military action against North Korea is concerned, the ambassador said that Pyongyang was not afraid of it.

Trump calls for tougher sanctions after N. Korea missile

Security Council resolutions", Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters. After hosting an emergency meeting of his security council, Mr Moon condemned the latest launch. China, North Korea's most important ally and key provider of food and fuel aid, has sought to cool tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs, repeatedly calling for dialogue.

Comey friend: Nothing scarier to Trump than someone who tells the truth

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, testifying in place of Comey , contradicted Trump's appraisal of turmoil at the FBI , saying Comey had "broad support" from the rank and file "and still does to this day", McCabe said. Reports over the past two days have widely claimed that anger at the Russian Federation probe was Trump's true motivation in firing Comey , but it is still remarkable to hear it from the president himself.

Commissioner Quarles praises end of Chinese beef import embargo

Beijing had announced an end to a 14-year embargo on American beef last year, but the decision has yet to be implemented. "All trade is important, but working with China will be a huge benefit to the USA beef industry", he said. " China is one small part of the picture, but, for the longer term, getting back into China would be great", Petry said. "Past foot-dragging means we won't celebrate until these promises are executed", Gibbs said, calling the opening in the electronic ...

Macron's movement snubs former-PM Valls, saying he 'does not meet criteria'

The group will announce its 577 candidates for the parliamentary seats tomorrow and will not engage in alliances, aside from the one already concluded with Mr Francois Bayrou's Democratic Movement. Le Pen says she will lead the opposition to Macron. I'm not living with regrets. It is the first time neither of the country's traditional parties has a candidate in the final round of the presidential election under the modern French republic, founded in 1958.

White House, Pentagon weighing Syrian safe zones

Syria's foreign minister said on May 8 that Russian troops, not UN-supervised global forces, will enforce the cease-fire in safe zones established under a Russian-led agreement. It calls on Syrian forces and rebels to reduce their fighting in the special zones. "Will it affect the fight against the ISIS [Daesh]?" "This subject was brought up, but there's a lot of details to be worked out", he said.

Fine Gael remains just ahead of Fianna Fáil in new poll

Labour and the Independent Alliance are both down one point to 4%. Mr Kenny is Fine Gael's longest serving Taoiseach, having equalled the record of John A Costello. Stephen O'Brien is political editor of the Sunday Times . "Enda Kenny is seen to have performed well on the issue of Brexit, had an influence on the guidelines drafted by the European Council".

US President Donald Trump threatens to cancel White House press briefings

He assessed the situation - and I would quote for you. While this was not customary, Mr Comey explained why he took the responsibility ahead of Ms Lynch. Several candidates are being considered to replace Mr Comey, a senior White House official said, including Mike Rogers, a former Republican representative; Trey Gowdy, a Republican representative and former federal prosecutor; Alice Fisher, assistant attorney general in the George W Bush administration; and Ray Kelly, former commissioner of ...

North Korea accuses U.S., South Korea of plotting to kill leader

Pyongyang alleged that a USA backed terrorist group infiltrated North Korea in order to use "radioactive substances and nano-poisonous substances" to target Kim Jong Un during the Day of the Sun military parade on April 15. But the statement, which described the suspect as "human scum", warned: "Criminals going hell-bent to realise such a pipe dream can not survive on this land even a moment".

United Kingdom school plans to introduce gender-neutral uniforms

At present, Highgate schoolgirls can wear grey pants, dark blue jackets and ties but boys cannot choose the grey pleated skirts that girls are allowed and have to wait until they are 16 to wear earrings. Highgate School is holding a conference next month called "The Developing Teenager" which will examine how teachers should approach issues raised by "cis", "trans", and "gender neutral" students.

Israel slashes UNESCO funds by 1 mln after resolution

He thanked the countries that supported Israel, "but I would especially like to thank the Italian Foreign Minister and Prime Minister". The representatives of three countries did not come to the vote. "For the first time in UNESCO, more countries voted to oppose or abstained than voted in favor, and of course this is important", he said. Likud ruling party officials also urged Netanyahu in a letter they sent to him to oust the United Nations from its current headquarters.

Trump warns former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief against talking to the media

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, who is the current Senate majority whip and a former Texas attorney general, is also in the running. Former FBI Director James Comey will not testify before the Senate intelligence committee next week, according to the panel's vice chairman, Democratic Sen.

United Kingdom government in dark over who is behind cyber attack

Security experts tempered the alarm bells by saying that widespread attacks are tough to pull off. "Or we could potentially see copycats mimic the delivery or exploit method they used". That affordable move redirected the attacks to MalwareTech's server, which operates as a "sinkhole" to keep malware from escaping. Also, the kill switch won't help anyone whose computer was already infected.

N Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South

The White House issued a statement late Saturday saying that North Korea has been "a flagrant menace for too long", and that the latest "provocation" should serve as a call for all nations to implement stronger sanctions against the North. On Saturday, a top North Korean diplomat in charge of US relations, Choe Son Hui, told reporters in Beijing that Pyongyang would be willing to meet with the Trump administration for negotiations "if the conditions are set".

Emmanuel Macron sworn in as new French president

All 577 seats in the Assembly are up for grabs. In a meeting with members of his campaign team on February 22, Macron told them that he was about to get an endorsement from Francois Bayrou, a centrist former three-time presidential candidate whose support helped boost Macron's campaign.

India likely to skip Belt and Road summit in China today

India has objected to Chinese state-owned companies working in the Pakistani-held part of Kashmir, the Himalayan region claimed by both sides. India sees the project, particularly CPEC, a geo-strategic project by China to limit its influence in South Asia.

North Korea launches ballistic missile amid United States concerns

The foreign ministry said in a statement to the Associated Press that the situation on the Korean peninsula was "complex and sensitive". Xi and Putin discussed in detail about the situation on the Korean Peninsula during their one-to-one meeting on the sidelines of the Silk Road conference, according to the Russian news agency Tass.

China, Pak. ink pacts ahead of summit

So far, the initiative has won support from more than 100 countries and global organizations, of which over 40 have signed cooperation agreements with China. Xi, however, described CPEC as a "multi-dimensional infrastructure network". "This will not overshadow (the summit) in an enormous way but it will absolutely continue to raise United States frustrations with Beijing", he said, adding that Washington was "frustrated" that North Korea was also invited to the summit.

Buy Baguette 'in Francs' after a Le Pen Victory, Says Party Official

Far-left politician Jean-Luc Melenchon joined the march to applause from protesters. In a speech before Paris's gilded statue of Joan of Arc, his heroine, Mr Le Pen urged French voters to back his daughter in Sunday's run-off. He said her rival, independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, "wants to dynamize the economy, but he is among those who dynamited it". Ygal El Harrar, head of En Marche! in the United Kingdom, says the movement will not only campaign "against a racist party" but also to ...

Multiple evacuation alerts and orders rescinded in BC's Central Okanagan

It said people in low-lying areas such as the Okanagan Lakeshore or Kelowna's downtown core should take measures to protect their properties. Environment Canada warned storms packing up to 70 millimetres of rain are expected by Friday and could drop a further 20 to 30 millimetres across northern regions by Saturday.

What James Comey's firing reveals about the Trump White House

I would really ask everyone tonight to read Mr Rosenstein's memo. President Trump lashed out at the "fake media " in a Friday morning tweetstorm - defending his spokespeople for inaccuracies in their accounts of his dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.

Macron to become France's new president

The newly-resigned officer, who has previously worked as a paratrooper and martial arts expert, is now standing in a constituency within eastern Paris suburbs for Mr Macron's party. It is virtually a rite of passage for French leaders to make their first European trip to meet the leader of the other half of the so-called "motor" of the EU.

Emmanuel Macron inaugurated as French president

Further underscoring a commitment to France's military and peacekeeping role in the Middle East and Africa, he visited wounded service personnel in the military hospital. Emmanuel Macron was sworn in today as France's new president, becoming the youngest president in the country's history. His Republic on the Move movement has announced an initial list of 428 candidates for the 577 seats up for grabs in France's lower house of parliament in a vote in June.

Japan says N. Korea may have tested new missile

North Korea has been testing missiles at a rapid rate over the past year, apparently working toward leader Kim Jong Un's ambition to develop an ICBM that can reach the United States. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping expressed concern about rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. But China, the isolated North's sole major ally and economic lifeline, has been reluctant to upset the status quo in Pyongyang and risk an influx of refugees from its neighbour.

North Korea ballistic missile launch challenges new leader in Seoul

South Korea needs to show the north that even though talks are possible, it will only be possible if North Korea changes its attitude, the President told staff at the meeting. "Our military is closely monitoring for provocative movements by North Korea and is maintaining all readiness postures", a statement from the military said.

White House Says Hillary Clinton 'Would Have Fired Comey Immediately'

News of President Donald Trump's decision to sack Mr Comey dropped on the same day a grand jury issued subpoenas in the FBI's investigation into alleged Russian links to the Trump campaign. "He's very familiar with the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and he made a decision, clearly, based on the letter that he submitted, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation director had lost his confidence".

United States says it supports China's infrastructure connectivity plan

India treats the entire Jammu and Kashmir as its integralpart. Pandey said the two countries had been in discussions for the past five months about the project, which could cost US$7-8 billion and take up to eight years to complete. Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey also spoke at the opening ceremony. Making a U-turn from its earlier position, the U.S.

Emmanuel Macron being sworn in as new French president

Outside the Elysee, few dozen supporters waved French tricolor and European blue flags at the arrival of the new president. He said he would convince the people that "the power of France is not declining - that we are on the brink of a great renaissance".

Pentagon chief Mattis questions Syria 'Safe Zones'

The armed opposition, instead, is highly critical of the proposal, saying it lacks legitimacy. "All these details are to be worked out, and we're engaged". Otherwise, forced movements are prohibited and may be war crimes, he said. Local "reconciliation" deals that the government is pursuing with rebels were an alternative to that, he said.

I was going to fire Comey regardless of the DOJ's recommendation

Including the caption "We finally agree on something Rosie", Trump retweeted a December post by O'Donnell calling for Comey to be fired. "I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately".

Izaguirre wins Stage 8 of Giro; Jungels stays in pink

My shoulder popped out. Nairoman, who has said he aims to win this year's Tour de France, the most prestigious cycling race of all, has shown the world and his rivals he is in excellent condition to do just that. With 10km left to the summit finish Thomas was nearly three minutes down and bleeding from cuts on both arms. Thomas added: "We were all racing, then someone in front of me hits a motorbike".