Election result could see Tories lose mandate for hard Brexit - David Davis

Despite taking 42 percent of the vote and falling only a handful of seats short of a majority , it is May who is the election's biggest loser. Davis made the comments before the polls confirmed a hung parliament but amid indications that a Tory parliamentary majority looked increasingly unlikely.

Northern Ireland's DUP to back PM May in forming government

May received the green light to continue as prime minister of the new government after a brief meeting with the queen Friday afternoon. Now her future is in doubt, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calling for her to step down, and commentators predicting a leadership challenge.

Latest developments in North Korea

North Korea has also barred the entry of South Korean humanitarian aid groups, expressing its disapproval of how the Seoul government has dealt with the North's repeated ballistic missile launches. The North's claims can not be independently confirmed. The USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson had been monitoring any possible military action from the North while showing Pyongyang the extent of the US Navy's reach and might.

Trump slams Qatar for funding terror as Tillerson urges calm

A Qatari official said Trump in the call had "expressed readiness to find a solution to the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf, and stressed his keenness that the Gulf remains stable". Saudi Arabia then cited the false item as part of its reason for instituting a diplomatic and economic blockade against Qatar, the report said. The three Gulf states announced the closure of transport ties with Qatar and gave Qatari visitors and residents two weeks to leave their countries.

Twitter latches on to Comey's 'lordy' quote during hearing

While Thursday's hearing was damaging for the president, with Comey recalling Trump's requests to stop investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn and blasting the administration for lies and attempts to defame him, the criticism of the Times' story gives ammunition to the president's supporters who view the news media as overhyping the ongoing Russian Federation investigation.

Trump Breaks Twitter Silence to Slam 'Leaker' Comey

I mean, think of it. "Lordy, I hope there are tapes", Comey said in his Thursday testimony . "Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction", Trump said. And Mulaney insisted on his own optimism even as Colbert pressed him to share his thoughts on the current shitstorm that is American politics, likening President Trump to "a horse loose in a hospital ".

Trump claims 'complete vindication' after Comey testimony

And he said multiple times that he choose to take detailed notes about his interactions with Trump because he anxious the White House and President would lie about them if he didn't. The Russia issue has cast a shadow over the early months of Trump's presidency. "I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel, Comey said".

Kansas Man Faces Hate Crime Indictment In Bar Shooting

The Justice Department will determine at a later date whether, in this particular case, it will seek the death penalty, a media release said. A third count in the indictment charged Purinton with violating a federal firearms statute by discharging a firearm at Kuchibhotla, Madasani and a third man, Ian Grillot , during the crimes of violence.

Trump declares 'complete vindication' after Comey testimony

Earlier, Trump, who had refrained from tweeting all day Thursday - even as Comey accused his administration of spreading "lies" and suggested Trump had attempted to influence the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election - struck back in an early-morning tweet.

Trump claims 'total and complete vindication' after Comey testimony

Lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file the complaint with the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Justice Department's inspector general, CNN reported on Friday (June 9), citing unidentified sources. and WOW, Comey is a leaker". Comey said that soon after he was sacked he leaked the information about his interaction with Trump hoping that such a move would prompt the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Russsian links to the Trump campaign.

New Jersey voters go to polls to replace Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) and Murphy's opponent, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R-N.J.) - the Republican primary victor - called for Murphy to apologize for what some saw as a comparison between Trump and Hitler. "To be honest with you I didn't even realize it was tomorrow", she said, adding that she hopes fixing the delays and train breakdowns on NJ Transit is a priority for the next governor.

Brexit forever? How May's failed election gamble changes Brexit

May could try to rule with a reduced majority or, by going into coalition with a smaller party, the Democratic Unionist Party , which represents seats in Northern Ireland, she could get her just enough seats to command a parliamentary majority.

Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson strike very different tones on Qatar

And then there is Qatar's support for the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, a pan-Arab organisation regarded as a menace by the Gulf monarchies. "Qataris are questioning whether this is going to end up in seeing a change in leadership itself in Qatar", Al Qassemi told the AP in his office in Sharjah, near Dubai.

Presidential spokesman says Israel destroys any chance of peace

Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and it is now ruled by Hamas. In other news, Israeli soldiers invaded, on Monday at dawn, the al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and fired many gas bombs, causing several Palestinians from the same household, to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

Britain drops opposition to new EU military command centre

The European Commission has offered to put aside €1.5 billion a year for joint defence spending in what could be the first step toward the creation of an EU army. Projects conceived by Member States in the framework of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) will benefit from a higher European Union co-financing rate (10% bonus).

UAE minister suggests embargo if Qatar doesn't change course

The United Arab Emirates depends on imported gas to generate half of its electricity, and the recent diplomatic row with neighboring Qatar risks glittering skyscrapers in the sheikhdom's largest and most populous city of Dubai to go dark for lack of power .

Policemen storm Malaysia plane after bomb scare

Crew were visibly shocked, and one of them shouted for restraints and chased after him, managing to restrain him at he back of the plane. The Sydney Morning Herald said defence lawyer Tessa Dunsford told the Magistrate's Court in Melbourne that 25-year-old Manodh Marks, who is a Sri Lankan national, was concerned about his safety in custody due to "his age and appearance".

The Prime Minister's statement announcing the new Government

May said she will form "a government that can provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country". "This government will guide our country through Brexit talks". May has turned to the DUP because the Lib Dems, Labour, and the Scottish National Party (SNP) - the three biggest parties behind the Tories - have all ruled out working with the Tories.

Trump claims 'total and complete vindication' in tweet after Comey testimony

Kasowitz is also drafting a similar submission to be sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's Senate testimony Thursday and "other matters", the source told ABC news. "Although the law requires no reason at all to fire an Federal Bureau of Investigation director, the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the Federal Bureau of Investigation by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, ...

British football fan fought back terrorists in London Bridge attack

On reading about Mr. Larner, Carl Frampton simply tweeted the word "hero" to his following of more than 350,000 people. It happened in about 45 seconds and as I've got them out they've been shot around me'. Roy's 78-year-old mum Phyllis Larner, said: "Roy is quite nippy and lippy - he definitely wouldn't back down from a fight". God bless you Roy Larner , you are truly an absolute badass.

Germany warns Iraqi Kurds against "one-sided" referendum plans

Iraqi Kurdistan consists of three provinces that are run by an autonomous regional government and protected by its own security services. The Kurdish move is a "clear violation of the Iraqi constitution which emphasizes the unity of Iraq", and because the insertion of the areas outside the Kurdish region (in the referendum) is unilateral action against the will of the Turkoman, Arab and other residents of the area (disputed areas), the ITF said in a statement .

Backed force on eastern edge of Syria's Raqa: monitor

A belt of land mines and militant checkpoints circle the city. More than 320,000 people have been killed and millions more have fled their homes since the civil war erupted in Syria in March 2011. It follows months of advances to the north, east and west of Raqqa by the SDF , which includes Arabs and PYD terrorists. In a phone interview with Reuters news agency from Syria on Tuesday, SDF spokesman Talal Silo said the operation started on Monday and the fighting would be "fierce because ...

Could Home Secretary Amber Rudd lose her seat?

The former investment banker, venture capitalist and financial journalist took the seat from Labour in 2010, and has enjoyed a rapid rise through the ranks, culminating in her taking the key role of running Britain's counter-terrorism efforts, police forces and immigration policies.

UAE threatens to impose economic sanctions against Qatar as diplomatic row deepens

Why didn't the U.A.E. enforce a full ban on shipping with Qatar? The list is an opportunity for Qatar "to change direction away from petulance and escalation", after the list of Qatar-linked "terrorists and terror groups" was issued by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said on his twitter account.

Qatar FM speaks with US Secretary of State

But Erdogan on Tuesday threw caution to the wind in criticising the sanctions imposed on Doha , saying Turkey meant to develop ties with Qatar whose emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani was one of the first leaders to support Erdogan after last July's failed coup.

Democrat Leaves CNN Standing At The Altar: Pulls Out Of Debate

Ossoff discussed his current residency during a debate with his Republican opponent, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel , two weeks before their June 20 runoff election. After coming in first place in the initial special election in April, Ossoff challenged Handel to six debates, but Handel declined one of them. And when asked about Trump during interviews with the national media, Ossoff often demurs.

Global Brucite Market Research Report 2017

In the market segmentation, the market size and the revenue that was generated by each sub-segment are included in the report . The company profiles comprise basic views on key players in the Waterjet Cutting Machines market and the product portfolios, developments, and strategies adopted by market players to maintain and increase their market shares in the near future.

Prosecutors: No merit to 'Making a Murderer' trial request

According to Rolling Stone , Kathleen Zellner , who is the attorney for Avery, has added another twist to the weird story by claiming that Halbach's ex, Ryan Hillegas , is the actual murderer . Teresa Halbach was laid to rest more than 10 years ago, but the circumstances surrounding the Wisconsin native's mysterious death continue to puzzle both investigators and the public.

Pune SSC students? Your results will be here... next week

The stress of passing the Maharashtra SSC Exams has known to have negative affects on studens. However, according to the latest media reports, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) is likely to announce the Maharashtra SSC Result 2017 next week.

Venezuela commander urges troops not to hurt protesters — Nicolas Maduro

Diaz has previously criticized the plan to rewrite the constitution but now she is acting to block it by asking the Supreme Court to block it. Seeking to keep the pressure on Maduro, the opposition announced further upcoming activities including a planned censure vote against the interior minister in the National Assembly and a rally in honor of Lander on Thursday.

New Railway Halves Travel Time from Nairobi to Mombasa

But this raises concerns about Chinese influence in Kenyan politics-indeed, this act of "enlightened self-interest" could bear strategic fruits for Beijing in the near future. This first leg of the railway is financed 90 percent by China's Export-Import Bank, while the Kenyan government is providing the remaining 10 percent.

Notre Dame Hammer Attack Investigated as Terror; Officer and Suspect Hurt

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said the attacker was carrying the identification card of an Algerian student and that preliminary information indicated he had acted alone. New video has emerged showing the moment a man wielding a hammer attacked a police patrol in front of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral. Collomb praised the officer who shot the attacker, saying: "The security forces have come under attack, but if it wasn't for the quick reaction, tourists could have been attacked too".

New York Attorney General is 'looking into issues' with Eric Trump's charity

The Eric Trump Foundation is being investigated by the New York Attorney General's Office for allegedly funneling charity money toward Trump family business interests. Forbes reported that the Eric Trump Foundation, which has suspended operations, paid the Trump family business over the past seven years for use of one of the organization's golf courses, funds which he allegedly said were being donated almost in full to the children's cancer charity.

Mass murderer Anders Breivik's human rights were not violated, court rules

He was told that his rights were not violated by the decision to keep him separate from other prisoners in a ruling from Norway's top court. "None of the elements in the Breivik appeal have any perspective of winning before the Supreme Court", the court said in a statement.

Rahul detained by police near MP border on his way to Mandsaur

On Tuesday, the police had reportedly opened fire at the protesters (farmers), which led to the death of five farmers. The party sources close to PCC Chief sachin Pilot also said that Gandhi took motorcycle ride in Nimbaheda. All three places had witnessed violence by farmers. Two leaders were arrested yesterday, Chandrashekhar today amidst warnings from the organisation that the police should produce him before the courts as per the law, or face the Dalit response.

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