North Korea missiles a 'direct threat' to Russian Federation

North Korea has fully rejected the latest UN Security Council resolution to expand sanctions against Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile activities, and Pyongyang intends to continue its nuclear development without any delay, the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

China's May exports beat forecast

Growth in both exports and imports accelerated from April, defying expectations of a slowdown. Exports rose 8.7 per cent in May in dollar terms, the customs administration said on Thursday (June 8). Imports into China have also been a main artery in the global value chain, offering global commodity producers a steady source of demand. Spot iron ore dropped one per cent to $US55.43 a tonne, while Singapore futures reversed a 1.5 per cent opening fall to trade flat.

Hawaii becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement

Ige also signed a bill Tuesday to reduce carbon emissions in the agriculture sector. That is why I am concerned about President Trump withdrawing the United States from The Paris Agreement , which 195 countries - including the US - adopted this first-ever universal climate deal in 2015 that sets out a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid risky climate change .

Coverage of Comey testimony plays out with partisan spin

The revelations came as Comey delivered his much anticipated first public telling of his relationship with Trump, speaking at a packed Senate intelligence committee hearing that brought Washington and parts of the country to a standstill as all eyes were glued to screens showing the testimony .

Moscow says 'zero' proof Russian hackers involved in Qatar crisis

The United Arab Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia , Bahrain, Egypt and other Arab nations severed ties with Qatar and have cut off land, sea and air access. This includes re-booking affected passengers on other airlines, providing them the option of a full refund on any unused tickets, and free re-booking to the nearest alternative Qatar Airways network destination, among other options.

Theresa May due to speak after shock United Kingdom election result

A spokesman for her office said she would go to Buckingham Palace to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government - a formality under the British system. Lower Saxony: German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Friday that the United Kingdom vote reflected popular discontent over Prime Minister Theresa May's hard Brexit strategy, which he said should be reconsidered.

President Trump welcomes president of Romania to White House

President Donald Trump claimed Friday that James Comey cleared him of wrongdoing in his testimony to Congress. President Trump is holding a press conference Friday afternoon with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis . "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication", Trump tweeted , "and WOW, Comey is a leaker!" The event is scheduled to begin at 2:45 p.m.

Steve Hansen rejects Warren Gatland claim as New Zealand squad is revealed

Sam Warburton , the Lions' tour captain, has said that the tourists will not beat the All Blacks unless they score more than 20 points per game. British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland hasn't allowed selection plans to be derailed by Wednesday's loss to the Auckland-based Blues, picking a lineup below test strength for Saturday's match with the Crusaders at Christchurch .

Australian K-9 rejected from police academy gets job with governor

A dog who was in training to be on the front lines in Queensland, Australia has been given a new title. However, what he lacked in crime-fighting ability also happened to make him a ideal companion for the governor of Queensland , Paul de Jersey AC.

Tories unseat SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson

The Conservative Party increased its share of the vote by 16.5 percent to win the Moray constituency. She told BBC Scotland: "Indyref2 is dead, that's what we have seen tonight". "The great untold story of this election after you've accepted that the Tories have failed to do what they set out to do, and that the SNP have had a devastating night in losing both their deputy and the First Minister's mentor, is just how many other seats across Scotland we ran incredibly close so I'm really ...

Comey made a 'fool' of himself at Senate testimony, says FBI's Kallstrom

Career Justice Department officials had been recommending he step aside, Comey said . Comey said he was "a little confused" by Sen. Trump tweeted on Friday, May 12 , that " James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversation before he starts leaking to the press".

Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz rejects James Comey's allegations

Legal analysts have said previously that there was reason to believe Trump might have obstructed justice - both in asking him to shut down the probe into Flynn and then, later, in firing Comey . "The president is new at this, he's new to government, so he's not steeped in the long-running protocols that's established between DOJ, FBI, and White Houses ".

Trump brands former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief a 'leaker'

The Guardian's opinion piece called Comey's testimony "devastating" and "the beginning of the end" because it revealed dysfunction in the White House and the full extent of Russia's connections with the Trump family. "At this point, Comey is not a government employee, and he is not under the direction of the president, and so I don't see a legal or procedural bar", Aftergood said.

Hung parliament confirmed in United Kingdom as pressure mounts on May to quit

With 649 of 650 seats declared, the Conservatives have won 318 seats. With talks of unprecedented complexity on Britain's departure from the European Union due to start in just 10 days' time, it was unclear who would form the next government and what the fundamental direction of Brexit would be.

In a credibility contest with Trump, James Comey is the obvious victor

He declined, for example, to answer a question about Vnesheconombank (VEB), a Russian government-owned development bank linked to President Vladimir Putin. On the liberal site Talking Points Memo, the same detail was hailed as evidence of "how Comey outflanked Trump ". For those who paid close attention, that wasn't entirely new.

Jim Comey's real bottom line: He wants Trump prosecuted for firing him

James Comey thinks, but did not say, that President Trump is going to be toast once the special counsel is done with him - and all because of three little words Trump might have sung in the manner of Elsa the Ice Queen: "Let this go". In a speech to supporters across town, Trump vowed to fight on. "You're big, you're strong". Richard Burr (R-N.C.) if he thought the president's actions urging Comey to drop an investigation of booted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn constituted ...

Britain votes: 6 takeaways from the UK's general election

This is a surprise surge for the Labour, as most exit polls had predicted a comfortable Tory win, and there's shock and disbelief in the Conservative camp. Corbyn has often been compared to US' Bernie Sanders, and has also taken on POTUS Donald Trump against the latter's racist tweets and policies. Though Corbyn has called for May to resign, it seems this MP from Islington North is the new darling of the world press, or at least someone the British press can not afford to ignore any longer.

Greece: Former Prime Minister Papademos injured in blast

Papademos, who prior to becoming prime minister had been a leading banking figure, became the face of the Greek government's harsh austerity measures during the nation's debt crisis. The group had also claimed responsibility for a spate of parcel bombings in 2010 targeting several embassies in Athens and the offices of European leaders overseas.

Nikki Haley: Trump Does Believe in Climate Change, Humans' Role In It

During his recent global trip, world leaders were frustrated by Trump's refusal to keep former President Obama's commitment to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite pressure from G7 members and the pope. The world is now moving in a different direction than the United States on the environment, and if USA companies don't move with their global competitors they will be left behind with primitive technologies and primitive manufacturing processes that won't match up in the years ...

Trump eases Qatar critique, offers to mediate Gulf spat

Qatar is already home to the biggest air base in the Middle East, al-Udeid, where some 10,000 military personnel are stationed, and is the forward headquarters of US Central Command. Jordan has downgraded its diplomatic representation and revoked the license of Doha-based TV channel Al Jazeera . "Over the past 25 years we have become accustomed to the fact that the United States was the only "external" power in the Middle East, but today Russian Federation also needs to be taken into ...

Theresa May faces calls to resign after election shock

Theresa May travels to Buckingham Palace to tell Queen Elizabeth, the United Kingdom head of state, that she intends to form minority government. May also promised that her government will "keep our nation safe and secure", after recent attacks in London and Manchester, by "cracking down on the ideology of Islamist extremism and all those who support it and giving the police and the authorities the powers they need to keep our country safe".

Political World Watching As Comey Begins Testimony

Indeed, Mr. Comey was cautious not to reveal much about what investigators are uncovering and instead reviewed what he had already offered in written testimony - much of it about whether the president sought to affect the investigation and perhaps even obstruct justice, a potentially impeachable offense.

Theresa May's Gamble Crashes Conservative Party

Theresa May has said she is "sorry" for Conservative MPs who lost their seats after her General Election gamble backfired. "As we do, we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular".

Handel, Ossoff meet in District 6 congressional debate

Does she not realize that low taxes will only get you so far if you only make $7.25 an hour? Despite trying to keep the election focused on local issues, Ossoff has been unable to escape the national spotlight as he is seen by some to be the savior of an ailing Democratic party.

Trump calls Comey a 'leaker', claims 'complete vindication'

While Comey did not identify his contact, reporters quickly confirmed that Comey sent the memos to Daniel Richman , the Paul J. Kellner Professor of Law. In 2004, Richman was appointed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as chairman of the Local Conditional Release Commission. Former FBI Director James Comey testifies at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 USA presidential election in Washington , D.C., on June 8.

Competing realities: What James Comey said vs. what Donald Trump has said

He also said he kept a written record of conversations with the president as he was "honestly anxious he might lie" about them, and leaked details of one conversation - about the Michael Flynn investigation - after a version of it had already been published in the press.

United Kingdom election 2017: Conservatives lose majority

The latter has ten seats, so a deal with the Conservatives would result in a government with a very slim majority for parliamentary votes. By 7am, the Conservatives had won 312 seats, down from the 330 it held before the election. Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg after losing his seat: "We saw that in the Brexit referendum previous year and we see it here again tonight, polarised between left and right, between different regions and nations and areas of the country, but most ...

PM May loses overall majority: results

A delay in forming a government could push back the start of Brexit talks, now scheduled for June 19, and reduce the time available for what are expected to be the most complex negotiations in post-World War Two European history. "Whatever the results, the Conservative party will remain the party of stability". Brexit is also now up in the air - as even David Davis admitted.

US intelligence chiefs decline to discuss Trump contacts

Trump could say he was merely vouching for Flynn's character and voicing concerns about how the probe was interfering with his ability to function effectively as president, Green said. And yesterday, these leading officials refused to provide the committee with non-classified information, saying only that they didn't "feel" or "believe" it'd be "appropriate" to answer important questions - despite having no legal basis for such a refusal.

EU presses Britain to get its act together for Brexit talks

And it is far more vulnerable to pressure from financial markets and business, which will hate the added uncertainty. "Instead of strong and stable leadership we witness chaos and uncertainty", he said . Europe has to take care of its defence given the shift in U.S. policy, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said today, promoting a hefty defence fund announced by Brussels.

UK Election Exit Poll Predicts a 'Hung Parliament.' What Is That?

Corbyn said the result was a clear sign that voters have rejected Conservative austerity. Some Tory MPs backed her, with David Gauke, a treasury secretary, saying "given that we've got really important negotiations beginning in 10 days' time" it was the party's "responsibility ...

Trump says Comey's testimony gives him 'total vindication'

President Donald Trump asserted Friday that the testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey to Congress represents "total and complete vindication" in the Russian election-meddling political furor. The US President took to Twitter and said there were many false statements in Comey's testimony to US Congress. Many Democrats still blame Comey for Clinton's loss, leading Trump to apparently believe they would applaud him for firing Comey.

Etihad, TUI end talks on vacation airline joint venture

TUI executive board member Sebastian Ebel said: "A strong European leisure airline continues to make great strategic sense". The FTSE 100 Thomson and First Choice operator said that negotiations over the proposed merger between Tui fly and Niki had been scrapped as "Niki is no longer available for a joint venture".

Comey testimony: Trump says vindicated, detractors allege obstruction

So far the party has broadly backed the president, with most Republican members of Congress who were present yesterday saying they believed that Mr Comey's testimony did not prove that the president was guilty of obstructing justice. In an analysis by ABC news , the author claims that in an attempt to discredit Comey, Republicans are questioning as to why he did not voice his concerns earlier, especially if he found the President's actions troubling.

United Kingdom votes for hung parliament; Brexit uncertainties ahead

Or, either the Conservatives or Labour could attempt to govern as a minority administration, seeking to win support in the Commons for their programme on a vote-by-vote basis. Her endlessly repeated mantra of " strong and stable leadership" grated for many, earning her the nickname of "Maybot", and her awkward style, favouring programmed events, compared badly with Corbyn, a veteran grassroots campaigner who enjoys meeting the public.

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