London bridge attackers named: Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Red

Khuram Shazad Butt , known to friends and neighbours as "Abz" was filmed by Channel 4 for the programme. A vigil was held at Potters Field Park near London Bridge to remember the victims. "We have given increased powers to the police to be able to deal with terrorists - powers which Jeremy Corbyn has boasted he has always opposed", she said.

Trump lags in filling government posts

Of the 559 key positions in the administration requiring Senate confirmation, Trump has not yet nominated anyone for 442 of the posts . By comparison, Democrat Barack Obama had selected 252 nominees by early June 2009. Trump's pick to serve in Japan, Bill Hagerty, is awaiting a Foreign Relations Committee vote, while Scott Brown is awaiting a full Senate vote to become ambassador to New Zealand.

Britain falls silent to honour terror victims ahead of vote

At least 48 people have been injured in the attack , the third to hit Britain in less than three months and just days before the general election on June 8. She told The Independent it was increasingly clear that incidents such as the one that played out in London , could occur anywhere. "And this president is trying to do something to protect the people of this country".

London mayor: 'You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name'

Have cuts in police numbers, or foreign-policy decisions, contributed to these attacks? All 12 people arrested after the attack have now been released without charge. "MSM is working hard to sell it!" the president wrote on Twitter . In an interview with the BBC , the mayor had told Londoners not to be "alarmed" by an increased police presence in the city.

7 million deaths, but Nigeria is doing nothing to curtail Tobacco smoking

Tobacco farming, for example, uses massive amounts of water, degrades soil and contaminates the air and water around it. Rwanda government has been applying hybrid tax regime that has doubled tobacco revenues from over Rwf460 billion to Rwf982billion from fiscal year 2011 to 2016.

Cardin calls Trump tweet on London mayor ‘bizarre’

Trump's comments drew widespread scorn in Britain but the USA leader went on the attack again on Monday, saying in a tweet: "Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement". "No reason to be alarmed". In a Sunday tweet, Trump mischaracterized Khan's remarks by suggesting the mayor had said there was "no reason to be alarmed" about the attack itself.

Arab states split with Qatar citing its ties with Iran, terrorism

Saudi Arabia accused Qatar of supporting "multiple terrorist and sectarian groups...including the Muslim Brotherhood , ISIS (Islamic State), and Al Qaida ". The countries also said they would eject Qatar's diplomats. The diplomatic row follows President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago - his first trip overseas as president, where he convened a summit of Arab and Muslim allies.

Muslim priests refuse to perform prayer for attackers

A group of over 130 imams and Muslim religious leaders across Britain announced that they won't perform the traditional Islamic funeral prayers for the men who carried out Saturday's terror attack in London. "That this should happen in this month of Ramadan , when many Muslims were praying and fasting only goes to show that these people respect neither life nor faith", he said.

Caught on tape: Shootout leaves two bounty hunters, fugitive dead

A gun tumbles from Hutchinson's hands before he picks it up. A representative with Minnesota-based U.S. Fugitive Recovery and Extradition, which had sought Hutchinson since March, also did not return a call Thursday. Hutchinson was able to retrieve his weapon and began firing. Police said that about 20 shots were fired in about six seconds, despite innocent employees as well as children being nearby.

Saudi Arabia bans Qatari airplanes from landing in its airports

Bahrain , Egypt , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates announced Monday they would cut diplomatic ties. In recent years, Sudan has developed close diplomatic ties with both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, especially after it broke its decades-old relations with Shiite Iran.

London Bridge attack: Counter terrorism officers raid house in Ilford

Butt was known to the security services, but there was no evidence of " attack planning" by him, according to Scotland Yard . Borough Market , at the south end of the bridge, is a world-famous food hall and a trendy nightlife area always packed with revellers on a Saturday night.

United States seen trying to calm waters between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Then in 2015 Qatar became a base for the USA -led coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), meaning that the heavy military presence of the US makes the picture even more complicated. "The crux is that the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia think that Qatar has made their security situation and regional stability worse". " Pakistan has no intention of severing diplomatic relations with Qatar ", the Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman said.

Ariana Grande makes triumphant return to Manchester

The concert, which sold out with an attendance of around 50,000, raised over $3 million for the Manchester Emergency Fund. Yet One Love Manchester - which brought artists including Coldplay , Miley Cyrus , Katy Perry , Liam Gallagher , Pharrell Williams and Justin Bieber to the Old Trafford cricket stadium - had to do something else too, and that was to demonstrate that pop music's spirit of openness and optimism hadn't been quelled by the earlier assault.

Libya government cuts relations with Qatar

According to the Saudi Press Agency, Saudi Arabia has taken this decision as a result of "serious and systematic violations committed by the authorities in Doha over the past years with the aim of creating strife among Saudi internal ranks, undermining its sovereignty and embracing various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region ".

Manchester attack: Beckham says United's Europa League win 'brings happiness'

There can be no doubt that Tottenham have had a much better season in the Premier League than United , but Rooney does have a point. "They won't win the big trophies playing like that, against the better teams they won't win the big trophies".

VIRAL: Sea lion drags girl into water in Canada

Local resident Michael Fujiwara managed to capture the incident on video footage that has already been viewed online more than two million times. Fujiwara told the CBC that some of the onlookers began feeding the sea lion bread crumbs before the unnamed girl made a decision to sit precariously close to the dock's edge.

Business leaders rebuke Trump for climate accord pullout

The first time , Pruitt was asked for a simple yes or no answer on whether Trump thinks climate change is real. A third reporter tried once more to corner Pruitt by pointing out that the EPA administrator should probably be able to tell the American people whether the president believes in climate change.

Qatar minister calls for calm as diplomatic crisis spirals

USA officials have encouraged all partners in the region to reduce tensions, and Rankine-Galloway said the US would be "happy to play a role" in getting all sides to the negotiating table. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he did not expect the dispute to have "any significant impact... on the unified fight against terrorism".

US Tech giants join alliance to honour Paris climate agreement

Bloomberg's donation will make up for the U.S.'s contribution to the U.N.'s Climate Secretariat, which aids countries in implementing the agreement. Stodola said in a news release that he and 61 USA mayors signed a statement , through the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, informing Trump of their plan to "continue America's leadership on climate change " within their cities.

UK Police Release All Detained Over London Terror Act Without Charges

Dozens were injured in the attack that started on the London Bridge, when three attackers swerved a van into pedestrians then, armed with knives, rampaged through Borough Market, slashing and stabbing anyone they could find . But he also displayed a dark side - enough for the neighbors to call a police hotline to warn that he was an extremist. Hedge, who moved to London past year, had just finished her shift at Elliot's restaurant and was having a drink with her boyfriend when the ...

USA politicians pledge commitment to Paris Agreement following Trump's announcement

The world is already laughing at this administration, if it had said it was ditching the accord because thousands of scientists are fake news, the hopes of ever being taken seriously would be slim to nil. Trump's decision means the US will no longer be dropping billions of dollars into the Green Climate Fund . The move stirred criticism, with world leaders, climate change experts and rights groups expressing disappointment.

Sheriff to describe multiple shooting in Orlando

Deputies cordoned off the gunman's mobile home in Maitland, north of Orlando, and were looking through any social media postings for clues. Neumann was discharged from the U.S. The sheriff said officers were dispatched within 45 seconds and arrived two minutes later. The national ATF department headquarters tweeted that ATF special agents from the Orlando field office were also on the scene.

Police name two London attackers as Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane

May said all three attackers in Saturday's attack have been identified, and that when "progress in the investigation permits", their names will be released. "I was in the process of moving house, he was looking at the van, asking me where I hired it, how much it cost, and if the vans were available in automatic", said Chigbo, who lived in a neighbouring apartment in Barking, east London.

UK Police Name Two London Attack Suspects

The pair and one other man were shot dead by police after killing seven people and injuring 48. A YouGov poll said a clear majority of Londoners still trusted to keep the city safe from terrorists by a margin of 51 to 30. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn Monday said he supported those calling for May to resign because of her role reducing police staffing during her tenure as home secretary, though he said the best remedy was to vote her out.

Iran official blames Trump visit for Qatar rift

The Saudi state-owned SPA news agency said Qatar "embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region , including the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State , and al-Qaeda, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly".

Sudan expresses concern over Arab-Qatar rift, offers to mediate

Shiite Iran has had no diplomatic ties with most of the mainly Sunni Gulf states since 2016, when Arab nations followed Saudi Arabia in severing relations after protesters torched its missions in the Islamic republic. Al-Jazeera reported that trucks carrying food for Qatar are now lining up across the border, unable to enter the country. Last month, Qatar's state news media published comments attributed to the emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, referring to tension with ...

London attackers named by police as profiles emerge

He praised "courageous emergency services and the fearless Londoners who risked their lives to care for others". "People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a travel ban!" he said, and in another tweet added, "The Justice Department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to the Supreme Court (of the US)".

Trump wants to 'stay engaged' on climate: Rex Tillerson

Stodola said in a news release that he and 61 USA mayors signed a statement , through the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda , informing Trump of their plan to "continue America's leadership on climate change " within their cities.

Six airlines stop flying passengers to Qatar over diplomatic crisis

Qatar is also home to the sprawling al-Udeid Air Base, which is home to the USA military's Central Command and some 10,000 American troops. In a statement , the U.S. Qatar called the allegations "complete fabrications" and nothing more than a campaign to weaken it. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson quickly offered his help to mediate the rift, calling on the GCC to maintain unity.

Doha flights as per schedule: Jet Airways, IndiGo

The airline - one of the region's busiest - also faced major potential problems after Saudi civil aviation authorities said the country's airspace would be closed to Qatari planes. Aziz says that while the US has not explicitly endorsed this particular move, Trump made it clear that he backs Saudi Arabia's counter-terrorism efforts in the region.

Qatar faces airspace ban as crisis with neighbours grows

Tensions between Qatar and the rest of the GCC are a regular concern, mostly related to Qatar's state media taking positions contrary to the Saudi kingdom. The dispute between Qatar and the Persian Gulf's Arab countries escalated after a recent hack of Qatar's state-run news agency. In a speech broadcast on the Doha-based satellite channel Al-Jazeera in the early hours, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani also called for "a dialogue of openness and honesty" to ...

Delhi: Behind stolen idol, a marriage that ended in divorce, say police

Police recovered a golden-coloured idol from Tsundue s bag and some religious clothes were recovered from Sherpa. "In order to take revenge with Head Cheepa's family, Tsundue chose to steal the idol for monetary gain and also to defame the head Cheepa".

London attack: Police detain more people in search for accomplices

Neighbours of one of the suspected assailants in the London stabbings remembered him as a friendly family man and gym aficionado nicknamed "Abz" who was seen with the van used in the attack just hours before. Prime Minister Theresa May , speaking on Sunday following a high-level security meeting, said " enough is enough ", signaling changes in dealing with extremism in the United Kingdom.

Saudi shuts Al Jazeera channel in Qatar row - state media

The choice of Qatar to host the showpiece caused controversy with the country defending its stability in a volatile region. The statement accused Qatar of supporting what it described as Iranian-backed militants in its restive and largely Shiite Muslim-populated eastern Saudi Arabian region of Qatif, and also in Bahrain .

What Does Trump Gain By Attacking His Own Justice Department on Twitter?

Courts have blocked two versions of his travel ban, largely because it targets a religion. Trump also said the Justice Department should ask for an "expedited hearing" on the second ban and "seek much tougher version! ". Senator Ben Cardin said Monday that Trump's tweets, which leveled criticism at his own Justice Department, betrayed the true motivation of the policy they seek to pass-a perspective that may play against him in court.

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