Autopsy of brother of man who killed Brooklyn boy inconclusive

In the years since, the family remained at the home, which is divided into apartments. Aron is serving a 40-year sentence as part of a plea deal after he pleaded guilty to Leiby's kidnapping and murder, the New York Times reported. Tzvi lived in the basement apartment; Levi had lived on the top floor. Another brother also lives there. After Levi Aron's arrest Tzvi defended his family during interviews with the press.

Energy industry lobbies Trump to keep USA in Paris accord

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump's supporters on Friday cast his decision to abandon the world's climate change pact as a "refreshing" stance for the USA that would save jobs and unburden industry. Scientists warn that any delay in weaning the country off fossil fuels could exacerbate the negative effects of climate change for the rest of the globe.

London Bridge attackers named as pre-election heat rises

London police arrested 12 people in the Barking district of east London in connection with the attack and raids were continuing there, the force said. The attackers were confronted by the police and shot dead within minutes. Trump tweeted Monday morning that London Mayor Sadiq Khan had offered a "pathetic excuse" and "had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement".

Amit Shah on 3-day Kerala visit to rally support

Before the BJP chief could arrive at the Rathwa residence, party workers fitted the place with a new toilet, a washbasin, an LPG stove and a few coolers. Shah will meet leaders of Christian dioceses including Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar and Latin Catholic churches. He also addressed a booth-level party workers meeting in an effort to establishing direct contact with the people.

Arab nations cut ties with Qatar in major diplomatic crisis

Saudi Arabia said it also would shut its land border with Qatar, effectively cutting off the country from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. The Qatar Stock Exchange fell more than 7 percent. "[We] will issue a statement if some development takes place". Doha last month launched a probe into an alleged "hack" of state media after it said false and explosive remarks attributed to Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani were published on the Qatar News Agency website following Trump's ...

London Bridge attack: 2 killers identified

The official threat level will remain at "severe", meaning an attack in highly likely. The carnage is the third such terror attack on British soil in three months and the second in London involving the use of vehicles as weapons. Mrs May said: "The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has said that the Met is well resourced, and they are, and that they have very powerful counter-terrorism capabilities and they do".

Brazil's president deploys army to streets in light of violent protest

Defense Minister Raul Jungmann said in a statement that President Temer considered the situation "unacceptable", and ordered the army to enter and protect government buildings. The presidential palace did not reply to requests for comments and Reuters could not immediately reach representatives of Arruda and Queiroz. Temer took office a year ago after the ouster of Dilma Rousseff , who succeeded Lula.

Iran FM calls for dialog to resolve Gulf diplomatic row

Riyadh also accused Doha of supporting Iran-backed "terrorist activities" in Saudi Arabia's Shiite-dominated area of Qatif, as well as in Bahrain, both of which have seen Shiite unrest in recent years. "Neighbours are permanent; geography can't be changed". Many in Qatar expressed shock over the sudden crisis, especially since it came during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Vladimir Putin Calls for Policies to Prevent Use of Chemical Weapons

Speaking with remarkable frankness, Macron tore into the state-funded Russian media outlets Sputnik and Russia Today, for spreading what he said were "serious untruths" during the French election. The fervently pro-Europe Macron said his invitation to Putin aimed to showcase "a Russian Federation which is open to Europe". Putin said that terrorism can not be defeated by dismantling a country's statehood.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar

Cavusoglu called for dialogue. Saudi Arabia and at least four other Arab nations are cutting all ties with Qatar, citing concerns over terrorism and regional stability and igniting debate over the rift's impacts among key USA allies in the Middle East.

Philippines: at least 4 foreign gunmen killed in Marawi clash

The clashes erupted when security forces raided a house to arrest Isnilon Hapilon, a veteran Filipino militant regarded as IS's leader in the Philippines and who is on the United States government's list of most-wanted terrorists. "Just like the President has expressed, you know when you realize that you are not capable of fighting anymore and it's not worth it on your side".

The reasoning behind Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement

As for the environmental impacts of the decision, Trump said he'd like to try to renegotiate some sort of continued relationship with the other nations involved in the agreement but "if we can't, that's fine". Despite being met with angry reactions from world leaders, industry titans like Elon Musk and many in between, some politicians and Americans with their eyes on economics praised the president's decision.

Michael Flynn and Trump's lawyer ordered to front to Russian Federation probe

The latest subpoenas sparked new partisan wrangling on the House panel, with aides to Democratic lawmakers complaining that the chairman, Rep. The committee said it had approved subpoenas for Cohen and for Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn to appear before them and supply documents.

Anti-Maduro protests rage as OAS meets on Venezuela crisis

It argued that the opposition violence was part of the plan of the "international right wing, with the complicity of the most powerful governments of the world, with the sole goal of taking control over Venezuela's energy resources". Some investors who focus on Latin America investments also expressed their disappointment over the Goldman purchase. Since April 1, Venezuela has been beset by near daily protests and violent clashes with government forces that have left 59 dead.

Four countries cut links with Qatar over 'terrorism' support

Qatar is home to the sprawling al-Udeid Air Base, which is home to the forward headquarters of the US military's Central Command. Egypt's Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of taking an "antagonist approach" toward Cairo and said "all attempts to stop it from supporting terrorist groups failed".

McChicken brawl recorded by customer at McDonald's — GRAPHIC

After the employees and the woman were separated, she left the restaurant with two men. Once the food is delivered, the video shows her tossing the food back at the manager. Video footage of the surreal scene was captured by Amanda Gravely, 34, who was waiting in her auto at the drive-thru window with her husband and children, according to The Des Moines Register .

Activist probing Ivanka Trump's brands in China arrested - rights group

Deng Guilian, Hua's wife, was notified of his arrest by Jiangxi authorities on Tuesday. Huajian's facility is one of 15 factories that make products for the brand founded by the daughter of US President Donald Trump that China Labor Watch said it has been investigating in the past year.

Police identify two men behind London terrorist attacks

It was the third terrorist attack in the country in three months, occurring less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 and injured 116 at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Papers including the top-selling Sun tabloid said one of the attackers was a 27-year-old family man nicknamed "Abz" who had worked for the fast-food chain KFC and London's underground transport system.

London terror attack: What we know about the victims, the wounded

She described the recent attacks as "unprecedented in my working life" and added: "We in this country have faced a terrorist threat throughout my life - it changed and morphed and we will change and adapt to what appears to be a new reality for us".

Bill Maher apologizes for using racial slur on Real Time

Maher finally apologized on Saturday afternoon writing, "I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment". As Vilissa Thompson said , " Bill Maher has uttered every epithet but the actual N-word for years". Sasse did not seem to be bothered by the Maher's faux pas, contrary to his statement to the media the following day saying that he was shocked and taken off guard.

Kathy Griffin Fired From CNN After Donald Trump 'Severed Head' Photoshoot

Meanwhile, Griffin , has apologised profusely in a video message posted on her official Twitter account late on Tuesday. "I went way too far", the comedienne stated in the Instagram video. "I sincerely apologize", she said in her apology video. About the shoot, Griffin initially noted that she and Shields weren't "afraid to do images that make noise".

NSA report claims Russian role in United States elections

According to the report, the document details how " Russian military intelligence executed a cyberattack on at least one US voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials just days before last November's presidential election".

New Zealand optimistic of reviving TPP trade deal

They now want to renegotiate some points. Under the original terms of the TPP, the deal could not come into effect unless it is ratified by six countries accounting for 85 percent of the group's combined GDP. Mr. Lighthizer has said he will make trade "freer and fairer" to the benefit of US workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses. Spearheaded by then US President Barack Obama, the far-reaching TPP - which notably excludes China - would have rewritten the rules of 21st century trade.

Bill Cosby's sex assault trial begins, Toronto woman to take stand

His TV shows, movies and comedy tours earned him an estimated $400 million. In remarkably similar allegations the women say that the pioneering comedian gave them sedatives and alcohol, which left them powerless to resist his advances. Cosby's defense attorney immediately went after the credibility of his accuser, Andrea Constand , saying she had changed her story multiple times while speaking to investigators.

Oil price wobble amid Qatar diplomatic rift

Some Gulf news coverage seemed to support regime change in Qatar , and accused its emir of holding a secret meeting with Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Gen. Traders startled by the rapid developments are also closely watching any disruptions to natural gas supplies from Qatar to the UAE and Oman. Iran's Foreign Ministry on Monday called for diplomacy and dialog to end a severe diplomatic crisis that has erupted between Qatar and several other Arab states.

Condolences pour in for Canadian victim of London terror attack

Police received reports of a van speeding into pedestrians on London Bridge at 10:08pm (2108 GMT). A friend of one of the attackers told BBC Asian Network he had reported him to the anti-terror hotline after he began expressing increasingly radical views and justifying terror attacks, but the man said he was never arrested.

Stocks to Retreat From Records at the Open After London Terror Attacks

Saturday in London when three men in a white van traveling approximately 50 miles per hour plowed through pedestrians on the London Bridge. "Our current belief is that there were three attackers", Rowley said early Sunday. Khan's "no reason to be alarmed" line was in the context of a broader quote regarding a bolstered police presence. In a series of tweets, Trump said, "We need to be smart, vigilant and tough".

Manila casino attack not terrorism

Dozens of people have been killed after a gunman burst into a casino in the Philippine capital, Manila , firing shots and setting gaming tables alight, according to officials. He said the man then fired again at a stock room containing gambling chips and filled a backpack with chips worth 113 million pesos (US$2.28 million).

London Terror attack: Police conducts fresh raids

They had been planning to return to Canada when Ferguson was done with his overseas contract, Mark said . "A number of people have been detained and are at present being spoken to", a statement said. Khan, the city's first Muslim mayor, declared early past year that Trump's "ignorant view of Islam" could make the US, as well as Europe less safe, The Telegraph reported .

Greece to represent Egypt in Qatar after diplomatic break

Download our online chat with Col. Brandon Pearce, chief information security officer for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Qatar is home to the sprawling al-Udeid Air Base, which is home to the forward headquarters of the USA military's Central Command.

John Oliver: Vladimir Putin "Biggest Threat To U.S. After The President"

Russian President Vladimir Putin sits down with NBC News' Megyn Kelly for an interview that aired on June 4, 2017. MSNBC, Today and NBC Nightly News all broadcast previews of Sunday Night's big get, Kelly's sit-down last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin .

Pak-origin man among 3 responsible for London terror attack?

May was speaking to national and worldwide media after three unidentified terrorists attacked London Bridge and nearby Borough Market in central London on Saturday, killing seven and leaving at least 48 injured. "He had finished a day's work and was having a drink with friends and he witnessed the attack", she told BBC Breakfast. The general election will go ahead as planned on June 8.

Haley: Trump Believes That the 'Climate is Changing'

Dickerson noted that Saudi Arabia also sits on the UNHRC. Haley , on the other hand, will most certainly be in Geneva to lecture. Laying out her tack in an opinion piece Friday in The Washington Post , Haley said the council must "end its practice of wrongly singling out Israel for criticism".

Climate Change, Trump And The Paris Climate Accord46:10

The Paris Agreement is a milestone of the ongoing UN Framework Convention on Climate Change , which is committed to ongoing annual meetings to regularly revisit and ratchet up nations' climate goals, making them more ambitious over time .

London terror attacks: What we know about the killers so far

Salman Abedi, who murdered 23 people at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena last month and Khalid Masood, who carried out the attack on Westminster Bridge in March that left five dead, using a similar modus operandi to Saturday's attack, were both known to the security service but not part of any active investigation or regarded as a high risk and viewed as peripheral figures.

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