Cleveland Officer Who Shot Dead 12-year-old Fired

Tamir Rice was playing in a park with a pellet gun in November 2014, when officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback drove up in a patrol auto, responding to an emergency call. "There's a 12-year-old kid, dead". Williams said both officers were notified of their fates Tuesday. At the news conference announcing Loehmann's firing Tuesday, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson offered "condolences to the family of Tamir Rice ".

Putin denies Russian meddling in USA election

United States President Donald Trump's announcement on Thursday that he is withdrawing the U.S. from the landmark global Paris Climate Agreement failed to fluster Vladimir Putin . Saying that IP addresses allegedly belonging to Russian hackers could have been easily rigged and couldn't stand as evidence, he asked, "What fingerprints?" 'Where are the finger prints? IP addresses can be invented.

Three men freed in Manchester terror probe

Salman Abedi bought the parts he needed for the Manchester bomb in the days before the attack, police said. And today a fresh image of Salman Abedi was released by Greater Manchester Police in a bid to track the final movements of Abedi.

World blasts Donald Trump over climate change snub

The United States will meet its Paris accord greenhouse gas targets despite Donald Trump's withdrawal from the agreement, former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg has said. The countries who signed onto the Paris accords of 2015 have agreed to a goal of keeping the earth's temperature within 2 degrees Celsius - 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit - of pre-industrial levels.

Dumped by Trump, Remaining TPP Nations Vow to Forge Ahead

The US pullout is seen as jeopardizing the participation of smaller countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia, which signed up to the deal largely to get better access to US markets. The total trade among the remaining countries is approximately a quarter of what it would be had the United States not opt out. Supporters hope, however, that moving ahead will prevent more than five years of work hammering out the trade rules from being wasted, and keep the agreement on life support in case ...

UN Security Council condemns Egypt bus attack

Sisi also directly addressed US President Donald Trump , saying, "Your Excellency, I trust your ability to wage war on terrorism as your first priority, with the cooperation of the whole global community, that should unite against terrorism".

UK police search property in Manchester attack investigation

Mr Jackson said police were " especially keen " to find out why Abedi, 22, kept going back to the Wilmslow Road area of the city as they continue to attempt to trace a blue suitcase he used during those trips. More than 1,000 officers are working on the investigation to piece together what happened on the night of the attack and to find out whether others have been involved.

A man on a plane said he had a bomb. Passengers 'pounced.'

Heavily armed police eventually stormed onto the plane and arrested the man. "I really did think I was going to die", she said. He said the delay in disembarking passengers off the aircraft at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport was because initial reports gathered by the police suggested that there may be more than one offender or one explosive device onboard.

Afghan soldiers killed in Taleban assault on military base in Kandahar

The German and Finnish nationals were members of the NGO Operation Mercy, according to a statement on the group's website. "At the moment, the identity of the kidnappers is not known", the statement said. Afghan forces, backed by United States troops and air strikes, ave been battling both Taliban and ISIS-linked militants in Nangarhar, which is on the Pakistani border.

UEFA president backs possible British World Cup bid

Ceferin says the decision to deny Europe the 2026 tournament prevents China - who are keen to stage a World Cup - from doing so in 2030. "If they decide to go, we will strongly support them". Uruguay would be a sentimental selection as 2030 will mark exactly 100 years since the small South American country hosted the first World Cup. This week, smartphone maker Vivo became the latest World Cup sponsor from China following conglomerate Wanda and electronics company Hisense.

We'll always have Paris: Trump should keep his promise

Under former President Barack Obama, the US had agreed under the accord to reduce polluting emissions by about 1.6 billion tons by 2025. We are appalled and disappointed, but we are not deterred. Can we afford to tackle climate change? Yet he called on the fossil fuel behemoths to invest more actively in renewable energy over the next decade, even if the current USA administration aggressively promotes drilling and mining.

Pound falls as analysis projects hung United Kingdom parliament

According to this latest constituency-by-constituency modelling by YouGov just nine days before the general election , rather than increase the comfortable 17 seat majority she enjoyed, Theresa May is now looking at the humiliating prospect of losing 20 of the 330 seats Conservatives hold and the Labour Party could gain almost 30 seats.

US Defence Secretary pressurises China over N.Korea

Worldwide pressure ramped up on Pyongyang Friday as the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on 18 North Korean officials and entities. The United Nations security council unanimously passed a resolution with new sanctions against North Korea on Friday after the country launched its ninth ballistic missile test of the year, CNN reported.

UN Security Council agrees to blacklist more DPRK individuals

An annex to the resolution adds to an already lengthy blacklist another 14 individuals and four entities accused of contributing to the missile programs whose assets would be frozen and who would face a travel ban. The U.S. has about 28,500 troops permanently based in South Korea, a defense treaty ally. But as US President Donald Trump pursues his "America First" policy, there is growing concern over the future role of the US in Asia.

Environment minister calls USA withdrawal from climate deal 'regrettable'

On Thursday the USA president announced he would pull his country out of the landmark agreement that has commitments from every country in the world except Syria and Nicaragua . As renewable energy becomes easier to use and cheaper, some experts are predicting that emissions levels in the USA will fall sharply enough to meet our Paris Agreement commitments-even without regulations or commitments forcing us to do so.

Macedonia's parliament opens session in Albanian language

Forty-four lawmakers voted against and five abstained. Macedonia's parliament has approved a new government led by Zoran Zaev with the participation of two Albanian parties. Neighboring Greece has blocked Macedonia's accession to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation due to a long-running dispute regarding Macedonia's name, and has raised objections to its joining the EU.

Sheriff: First missing person found dead at Cambria explosion site

The cause of the explosion is still unclear. Crews continue to search for the remaining missing worker. In addition to the two fatalities, two other plant employees were treated and released. The small community is about 45 miles northeast of Madison. Divine Savior Hospital in nearby Portage received six people hurt in the blast. Police said one person was killed and two people were still missing as of Thursday morning.

Embattled Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Begins Service; Native American Tribes Remain Opposed

Mark Bertolini, the chief executive of the insurance giant, said Wednesday that the company is in negotiations with several states about moving its corporate base, with the goal of broadening access to innovation and talent that will fill "knowledge economy-type" positions.

Australia captain Smith plays down talk of Ashes strike

Another problem with this proposal is the fact that even if the revenue increased after future deals, only worldwide players will be entitled to the extra amount. "It (the company) will be able to continue on [during next MOU], but if there are opportunities out there in regard to the players' IP, we've got something set up to support that".

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis' chopper crash-lands in Latur - WATCH dramatic visuals here

During landing, the helicopter got entangled in wires. CM Devendra Fadnavis in Latur on Thursday. "Nothing to worry", tweeted Fadnavis shortly after the accident . Speaking to the local media in Latur , Captain Karve had said that due to changes in the wind pattern, the helicopter started coming down. The chopper is six to seven years old, said Mr Fadnavis, adding that there would "definitely" be an inquiry.

(CPG) Downgraded by Zacks Investment Research

Tower Research Capital LLC TRC now owns 7,142 shares of the oil and gas producer's stock valued at $103,000 after buying an additional 6,622 shares in the last quarter. The firm has "Equal Weight" rating by Barclays Capital given on Wednesday, July 22. Kanaly Trust has invested 0% in Crescent Point Energy Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada) (NYSE:CPG).

Notley confident despite possible political shakeup in BC

The BC Green Party has agreed to support the NDP in forming a new government and vowing to put a halt to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. The power-sharing agreement announced Monday and described in additional detail Tuesday calls for a four-year agreement that would see the Greens support a New Democratic minority government under Horgan on matters of supply and confidence.

Kabul protest that left several dead enters second day

They hold Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah responsible for the blast due to lax security. As the standoff continued, the protest appeared to become more tense, with regular bursts of gunfire ringing out. "Until we do that, we won't have peace". But the dead also included Afghan security guards at facilities including the U.S. Embassy, and 11 American contractors were wounded - none with life-threatening injuries, a U.S.

Pres. Trump marks Memorial Day with Arlington visit

He honored Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly , a retired general, and his son Robert, killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Sandoval told the crowd that most Americans never fully understand the sacrifice of the nation's soldiers, and that remembering them helps lay a foundation for a stronger future.

EU, China 'stepping up cooperation' on climate: Tusk

European Council President Donald Tusk said both sides agreed the USA decision on the Paris deal was "a big mistake". Before the formal EU-China summit got underway, Juncker referred at a business conference with Li to a World Bank report placing China 78th out of 190 countries in terms of the ease of doing business."A big economic powerhouse needs to be higher than mid-table", he said, adding that a planned EU-Chinese investment treaty needed to be completed to ensure reciprocal relations.

Assad not responsible for Syria attack: Putin

Snowden had the right to act in the way he did however, saying he agreed that USA surveillance had become too intrusive, while praising his own country's intelligence services for operating within the law. "It is easy to separate the moderate opposition from terrorist groups", Putin said in his speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. "It is the transfer of internal U.S.

Corbyn challenges May to explain 'dementia tax' impact

Mr Corbyn looked uncomfortable as he was repeatedly asked if there were any circumstances in which, as Prime Minister, he would launch nuclear weapons such as the United Kingdom coming under attack. While her hardline Brexit strategy is opposed by all other major parties, Britain has already started the clock ticking on leaving the bloc by triggering a two-year negotiation period with Brussels.

Sean Spicer returns to White House role, immediately lets loose on media

A reporter also mentioned rumblings, reported by Politico and others, that campaign personalities Corey Lewandowksi and David Bossie were under consideration to help Trump get back on track amid the investigation into possible collusion between Trump campaign members and Russian officials.

CTV, Much, VRAK to air Ariana Grande's Manchester charity concert on Sunday

British police investigating last week's Manchester suicide bombing said on Friday they had evacuated an area in the city centre after identifying a vehicle which could be "significant" to their inquiry. When asked about the likelihood of prosecutions, the officer said: "Without going into each one on merit, I can't answer that". "You may think it's insignificant, but it could be a key piece of information to assist us".

China rules out renegotiation of Paris Climate Deal

So far, according to The New York Times , the governors of New York, Washington and California have signed on, as well as the mayors of 30 cities - including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh. "I made the U.K.'s position clear to President Trump last week at the G-7 meeting, as did the other G-7 leaders, and I made the position clear to President Trump last night".

Michael D'Andrea, CIA Iran Chief, Named

Drones and torture don't appear to necessarily fit neatly into the current U.S. policy toward Iran, which is largely to condemn them internationally and sell large amounts off weapons to Saudi Arabia to use against Shi'ites elsewhere in the region.

Taiwan top court rules in favour of gay marriage

A panel of 14 judges in Taiwan has ruled that current laws preventing same sex unions deny LGBTQ people their right to equality, and are therefore unconstitutional. "Every person should be able to look for love freely, and freely seek their own happiness". One of the requests was filed in 2015 by a veteran gay rights activist, according to the island's official Central News Agency (CNA).

Juventus, Madrid meet in Champions League final

Dani Alves spoke of his determination to deliver a dream Champions League title to Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon ahead of Saturday's showdown with Real Madrid . But Vidal was sent off in the 84th and Ronaldo scored twice early in extra time to put Madrid in the semifinals for the seventh straight season. "I will feel lucky when I sit in the dug-out on Saturday".

U.S. states, cities and firms unite behind Paris accord

Bloomberg pledged up to $15 million to fund the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretariat, a program helping countries meet their commitments under the Paris agreement. They are hoping more governors will join them. Speaking in Berlin on Thursday, Li underlined strong support for the 2015 Paris climate change accord from China, which overtook the United States as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2007.

Tight race as UK heads for poll

They'll choose from 3303 candidates standing in 650 parliamentary constituencies. The party with the greatest number of seats in parliament forms government and its leader becomes Prime Minister. The party has promised "fair immigration rules". He then laid out his vision of a post Brexit UK of workers rights and public services, contrary he said to the Conservative policy that quote "puts jobs and living standards at risk and threatens to turn our country into a low-wage offshore tax ...

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