The Ultimate Deal Is Not Palestine in the West Bank

The White House tried to play down expectations for significant progress on the peace process during Trump's stop, casting the visit as symbolic. In introductory remarks, Netanyahu voiced hope that Trump's efforts would help forge peace with Arab states, which, he said, shared with Israel a common concern about Iran .

Philippines says foreigners fighting alongside ISIS-linked rebels

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is telling troops fighting Muslim militants for the control of southern Marawi city to use martial law powers to defeat the Islamic State group-linked extremists. Washington has placed him on its list of most-wanted terrorists and offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture. The hostage priest's name is Fr.

Manchester bomber has 'significant' link to British Isis recruiter

Speaking after a meeting of the government's COBRA crisis committee, May said "the public should remain vigilant". Troops have been deployed to free up police officers for patrols and investigations. British officials, however, have not commented on whether Abedi had links to ISIS or other extremist groups. The official threat level was raised after the Manchester attack to " critical ", its highest level, meaning a further attack could be imminent.

USA boosting Israeli military aid by millions: Netanyahu

Trump also expressed an even loftier hope than an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement: "I also firmly believe that if Israel and the Palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East , and that would be an fantastic accomplishment".

Gulf states, USA ink MoU to curb terror financing

Coming on the second day of Trump's inaugural trip overseas as president, the address was designed as the centerpiece of his stop in Riyadh , where he met with Arab leaders and convened a larger gathering of Muslim leaders. U.S. President Donald Trump , right, and first lady Melania Trump wave as they board Air Force One for Israel, the next stop in Trump's global tour, at King Khalid worldwide Airport, Monday, May 22, 2017, in Riyadh .

Botulism outbreak in California linked to nacho cheese at gas station

Authorities said Friday that all 10 people sickened were hospitalized. Wound botulism , anther common form of the illness, is most often associated with black tar heroin users and develops when bacteria spores enter an open cut, multiply and produce the toxin that causes botulism .

US Ambassador to UN Publicly Declares Western Wall Belongs to Israel

But putting the embassy west of the Green Line, in an area of Jerusalem that Israel has controlled since 1948 and that only the history-denying U.N. Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its capital, a position not recognized internationally. Yet in an interview with Israel Hayom , a pro-Netanyahu paper, Trump said his plans "could still change" and suggested he might ask Netanyahu to join him, a last-minute move that would please Netanyahu but anger the Palestinians.

Trump and the Mideast: Looking at the bigger picture

Tillerson also said, "We solve the Israeli-Palestinian peace dilemma, we start solving a lot of the peace throughout the Middle East region", a linkage that Netanyahu, who has said peace with other states is achievable before Israeli-Palestinian issues are resolved, has in the past forcefully rejected.

United Kingdom police stop sharing information on Manchester attack with USA after le

British officials were infuriated on Wednesday when the New York Times published forensic photographs of sophisticated bomb parts that United Kingdom authorities fear could complicate the expanding investigation into the lethal blast in which six further arrests have been made in the United Kingdom and two more in Libya .

Trump Scolds NATO Allies

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has claimed responsibility for the Manchester attack that killed at least 22 people and injured approximately 120 others, according to published reports. Some of the discussions President Trump had in Brussels will follow him to his next stop: Sicily. In a written statement, Trump called the leaks "deeply troubling" and said he had asked the Justice Department and other agencies to review the matter.

Melania Trump's hand swat of President Trump goes viral

The subtle move happened just one day after she was also seen subtly rebuffing her husband's attempt at hand-holding as the pair walked away from the presidential plane on the Israeli tarmac. It seemed like Trump and Melania pecked each other on the cheek, however attentive viewers noticed that it wasn't really a kiss. Snubbed, he then placed his hand on Melania's backside and attempted to steer her down the stairs.

United Kingdom bomber said to have pleaded 'Forgive me' before blast

After Trump defended his decision to discuss intelligence with Russian diplomats during a meeting in the Oval Office, May said last week that Britain would continue to share intelligence with the US. And the prime minister very tactfully signaled her displeasure. British security officials reacted with fury to the leaks, with one telling the Financial Times that lives were being put at risk.

Manchester bomber Abedi's terror connections revealed

Israeli intelligence officials were said to be "boiling mad" at the leak, stating that they would never have given away USA intelligence. "We are furious. But after of the bomber's identity and details of the probe were leaked, the intelligence-sharing relationship between close allies London and Washington was left rocking.

ISIS claims first attack in Somalia

Both extremists groups are active in the region. Daesh officially claimed responsibility for the attack, publishing a statement via its media wing Amaq . Somali analysts believe that many militants moved from the "Al-Shabab" in the IG. Police said a suicide bomber on Tuesday detonated at a military checkpoint in the commercial hub of Bossaso , killing at least four people.

Major US Jewish Organizations on Left and Right Hail Trump's Israel Visit

Direct travel to Israel was something that heretofore was not permitted by the Saudis, and it constituted a challenge from Mr. Trump to them, namely, that Israel must be for them a connection, a destination. He went further and personalized his defense of the Jewish people and Israel by declaring that "never again" would the Jewish People or the State of Israel fear for the future; never, as long as there is a Donald J.

Major US Jewish Organizations Praise Trump's Israel Visit

The first is the reversal of the Iran nuclear deal framework, brokered by former President Barack Obama in 2015, which calls for a restriction of Iran's nuclear capacities in exchange for significant economic incentives from the West. Trump told Abbas he was "truly hopeful that America can help Israel and the Palestinians forge peace and bring new hope to the region and its people".

Trump Called Netanyahu, but White House and Israel remain silent

The president will also go to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis who has said he will not make any judgments about Trump before meeting him. "What is not a question [is] that they are serious and. "Sadly, every U.S. President since then has taken advantage of a provision in the law allowing its requirements to be waived for six months if 'necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States.' Such suspensions have been repeated semi-annually for two decades, and it is ...

Philippines says foreigners fighting alongside IS-linked rebels

Zambrano, who is covering developments in Marawi City, also tweeted a photo showing a stalled truck in the middle of the road. Residents at an evacuation center as government troops clashed with insurgents from the so-called Maute group in Marawi City, southern Philippines May 25, 2017.

Central Europeans confident Trump committed to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

However, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO leaders had agreed to step up NATO's role in the fight against terrorism and "fairer burden sharing". He has repeatedly asserted that countries now receiving protection from the United States should have to pay for it, as if it were a protection racket (the United States already gets a lot more out of those arrangements than it spends).

British officials scold the USA for leaking intelligence on the Manchester attack

So far 16 victims of the bombing have been named, with a female cop, a mum of a child actress, schoolgirls and a TV star being among the dead. Manchester police stopped passing information to Washington on their investigation but intelligence sharing later resumed, according to national anti-terrorism chief Mark Rowley .

Manchester attack a tough test for UK leader Theresa May

Hopkins said the leaks "caused much distress for families that are already suffering terribly with their loss". "We unequivocally condemn them", Lewis Lukens, US charge d'affaires in London and acting ambassador to Britain, said on BBC radio on Thursday.

Iran's president criticizes U.S. after Trump's sharp words

The development is likely to fuel further tensions in the region between Iran and its Arab neighbours, and with the United States and Israel . Register now to learn how DHS and Commerce are implementing CDM strategies. At an earlier meeting with the Israeli leader at Jerusalem's King David Hotel, Trump had lambasted the nuclear deal negotiated under his predecessor Barack Obama in remarks that Netanyahu could nearly have drafted himself.

Taiwan becomes first place in Asia to recognize gay marriage

LGBT rights activists celebrated the high court's ruling as hundreds of people who support gay marriage gathered near the parliament. Watch this video to see some of the people's reaction when they heard the news. The judges have given lawmakers two years to amend or enact relevant laws. This case involves the very controversial social and political issues of whether homosexuals shall enjoy the equal protection of the same freedom of marriage as heterosexuals.

Trump condemns leaks after UK police stop sharing attack information

Authorities believe a terrorist network had been established to carry out a sustained assault, and further arrests are likely to follow in and outside Manchester . TATP was used in the London terror attacks in July 2005, during which four suicide bombers killed 52 people and hurt more than 700, as well as by "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, who tried to blow up an American Airlines flight in 2001.

[MUST WATCH] Learners celebrate Africa Day by taking the #ReviewAfricaDayChalenge

At the time, there were few independent African states, but the few leaders in attendance-from Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Liberia and others-were there as a collective platform to reject colonialism and find a common interest. Russian Federation highly values the African Union's constructive efforts, and those of other regional organisations in Africa to resolve local conflicts and crises and accelerate integration processes on the continent.

Trump to decide next week on Paris climate accord

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was more downbeat, calling the G-7 climate talks "very unsatisfactory". U.S. President Donald Trump poses with African leaders, from left, Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the African Union Alpha Conde', President of the African Development Bank Akinwumi Adesina, Nigeria's Vice Pr.

Russian Federation warns citizens against visiting Britain over terror

The images show a shredded backpack that the device was apparently carried in, metal bolts and screws used as lethal shrapnel, and the apparent trigger, believed to have been carried in the bomber's left hand and showing a small circuit board.

'Trump, Listen!' Palestinian Protesters Rally as US President Sails Through

Expressing optimism that a peace deal could finally be brokered to end the almost 70-year-old conflict and suggested a resolution may not be hard to obtain it. Abbas said the Palestinians' struggle is not with the Jewish religion, asserting that the "fundamental problem is with the occupation, the settlements, and Israel's failure to recognize Palestine".

Donald Trump's wife Melania rejects his affectionate advance

After exiting Air Force One, President Donald Trump attempted to grasp his wife's hand. The moment was captured as they walked down the red carpet at Ben Gurion airport with Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara. Rumours are already rife that Donald and Melania Trump are not the most happily married of couples. Trump settled on putting his hand on her backside.

Manchester bombing: 10 remain in critical condition

Abedi, who was born in Manchester in 1994 to Libyan parents, blew himself up on Monday night at the end of Grande's show as her fans were leaving the venue. The National Police Chiefs Council said the sharing of information with other governments helps fight terrorism and protect the public. Those arrests are on top of several in the United Kingdom with a man in Wigan is the latest to be arrested in the wake of the attack.

Trump scolds allies for 'not paying their fair share'

While there, he emphasized that all members of the organization should be paying the two percent of GDP obligation they agreed to, instead of just the handful that does. Mr Tusk said he had been "positively surprised" by the U.S. president's take on Britain's decision to leave the European Union when they met in Brussels on Thursday.

Chip Kelly signs with ESPN as studio analyst

The network said that Kelly "will have a significant presence on ESPN programming during the football season". ESPN has announced Kelly's contract is a multiyear deal. He made sure not to take things too seriously even while mired in a bad season with the 49ers. Back in March, Kelly auditioned to be a game analyst for Fox , but wasn't hired.

5 twisters confirmed from storm in southwest Ohio

Scattered storms are likely to arrive before 5 p.m. This was a very fast moving system; the NWS issued a Tornado Warning for north Gordon County at 10:48 a.m. A brief EF-0 tornado touched down near Blue Ridge and snapped several large trees at 11:45 a.m. Weather service investigators say one of the tornadoes Wednesday night touched down in Warren County near Harveysburg.

Trump's trip to Israel may set new tone in Middle East

One of the buzzier moments from the trip included a quick incident that was caught on camera when Trump was trying to get to the front of a group of fellow world leaders in Brussels. It is said that Trump tried to cast Iran as a common enemy to bring Israel and Arab states of the Persian Gulf closer, including Saudi Arabia .

Nadal favourite for Roland Garros - Djokovic

Williams is pregnant and due in the fall, with plans to return to the tour in 2018. "He always is and he always was on clay, especially in Roland Garros ". "So I appreciate that very much, and I wanted to thank him in person, and over the phone". For the first time, the top five players in the rankings are over 30, but there are several youngsters who could win their first Grand Slam in Paris .

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