Cindy remnants causing scattered flooding across Indiana

The storm system is predicted to take a turn east later today hitting the mid-Atlantic coast with heavy rain by the weekend. Weather forecasters are expecting a third day of rough weather for Gulf Coast states as Tropical Storm Cindy approaches.

On the Ground in the 6th: Scenes from Georgia's Election Night

Representative Kathleen Rice, one of a handful of Democratic representatives publicly calling for new leadership, told the New York Times that Democrats should drop Pelosi because the right has vilified her - though their depiction is unjust.

Nevada Republican Senator Wavers On Health Care Bill

Mike Lee are now opposing the bill , stating that they might come around to supporting the same if a few changes are made to it, since their original agenda - repealing Obamacare - is not being fulfilled by the current draft of the bill .

North Carolina law says women can't revoke sex once it's started

CBS North Carolina does not usually identify rape victims, but Aaliyah Palmer wanted to share her story. She willingly went into a bedroom alone with her date, but claimed she was later forced to have sex with him despite the fact that she "begged him not to".

Here Is Every Republican Senator Who Opposes the Health Care Bill

In his statement , Obama said the Senate bill is "not a health care bill". She was asked about the bill's impact on lower-income Iowans now covered by Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act . If it passes the Senate, it will go to the House. Senators had promised that their ACA replacement would be very different than the version that passed the House in May, but the bill instead follows the House's lead in many ways.

Ted Cruz Could Be About To Derail 'Blood Money' Obamacare Repeal

The bill would create a new system of federal tax credits to help people buy health insurance , while offering states the ability to drop numerous benefits required by the ACA . Republicans have been criticised for drafting the Better Care Reconciliation Act in secret. Molina Healthcare Inc, which has more than 1 million customers in Obamacare plans, said in a statement that dropping the individual mandate with no replacement provision will lead healthy people to forgo ...

5th GOP Senator Publicly Opposes Health Care Bill

The four are sticking together to get changes , such as fewer government subsidies created to make health insurance more affordable. Robin Rudowitz, a health care policy analyst at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said the Senate version would eventually lead to lower-income individuals losing insurance coverage in those states that couldn't afford to make up for fewer federal health care dollars.

Thousands of Muslims attend funeral of Nabra Hassanen in US

Virginia law, in part, defines a hate crime as any illegal act motivated by a person's race, religion or nationality. The police's statement on Monday added, "If during the course of this ongoing criminal investigation, information or evidence later surfaces that would indicate this was hate-motivated, detectives would certainly ensure appropriate charges are filed".

Hillary Clinton says Republicans will be the "death party" if they pass

For the next two years , the Senate would also provide money that insurers use to help lower out-of-pocket costs for millions of lower income people. Iowa opted to expand, and has added more than 150,000 people to its rolls since 2014. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., said Friday he will not vote for the Senate's Obamacare replacement bill as now written.

Protests over Minnesota police shooting result in 18 arrests on freeway

Castile's mother stated in an interview outside the courthouse that Yanez got away with murder. Yes, I am. My first-born son died. It wasn't about the conviction of a single police officer, she said. Reynolds said he was reaching for his wallet. "Unless our lawmakers get serious about reforming laws that govern lethal force by police, justice will continue to elude grieving families", said Amnesty International USA researcher Justin Mazzola.

Obama: the Republican's Senate bill "is not a healthcare bill"

Sandoval, a Republican who chose to opt into expanding Medicaid , said 210,000 received health coverage because of the decision. The 142-page Senate health care bill revealed Thursday was written in secret by 13 white men with little or no expertise on health care issues and no advice from doctors, hospitals or health economists, let alone from the public.

The good, bad, and ugly of Trump's new Cuba policy

Under the expected changes, the US will ban American financial transactions with the dozens of enterprises run by the military-linked corporation GAESA, which operates dozens of hotels, tour buses, restaurants and other facilities. "I am totally sure that this is much better that what Obama did", said Lopez, who arrived in the U.S.in 1960. "The U.S. tourism has been important for Cuba not decisive the 285 thousand tourists that came in 2016 is only five percent of the tourism that comes ...

North Korea denies torturing Otto Warmbier during detention

State Department officials at the funeral included Joseph Yun, the State Department's special representative for North Korea, and Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, ABC News reported . citizens it holds in detention: missionary Kim Dong Chul and academics Tony Kim and Kim Hak Song. The KCNA news agency Friday said that Warmbier was treated in accordance with domestic law and said that allegations that he may have been tortured during almost 18 months in detention were "groundless".

Dashcam Footage Of The Shooting Of Philando Castile Has Been Released

The dashcam footage from Mr Yanez's patrol vehicle, released by Ramsey County on Tuesday night, appeared to show a routine traffic stop. She started live-streaming on Facebook after the shots were fired, capturing Yanez yelling, "I told him not to reach for it!" and a bleeding Castile saying, " I wasn't reaching for it ".

From Public Protests to Internal Opposition: Will GOP Health Bill Survive?

On Thursday, the same day it was released , four conservative senators - Rand Paul , Mike Lee , Ted Cruz , and Ron Johnson - also came out against the bill . High-income earners would get substantial tax cuts on payroll and investment income. But these price controls would continue to make a mess of markets and cause insurers to flee.

Forecasters counting tornadoes in Alabama

Cindy is expected to move across western and northern Louisiana and into southeastern Arkansas between Thursday night and Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service. Last June, torrential rains in West Virginia claimed 23 lives and memories of that disaster remained fresh at somber ceremonies honoring the dead. The Texas Department of Transportation says all state roads and bridges are open in the area.

Senate healthcare overhaul: Hopes and hurdles

Heller, who faces a hard re-election fight next year, said he would vote against the bill in its current form but did not rule out supporting a revamped version. Overall though, politicians from both parties agree that there isn't a huge difference in the two bills . "I'm pleased that we were able to arrive at a draft that incorporates input from so many different members who represent so many different constituents, who are facing so many different challenges", Sen.

Tell your senators to kill secret health care bill

No Democrat is supporting the plan which means Republicans can only afford to lose two Republican votes in the Senate or else the bill will fail. Look forward to making it really special! If all goes according to plan, she said , Republican leaders will bring the bill to President Donald Trump in July.

Funeral for US college student who died after North Korean detention

His mentors described him as someone who was going to set the world on fire, and someone who was honest and intelligent. WASHINGTON , June 22 North Korea has carried out another test of a rocket engine that the United States believes could be part of its program to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile, a USA official told Reuters on Thursday.

Four Republican senators spurn draft GOP health bill

She was asked about the bill's impact on lower-income Iowans now covered by Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act . "This is not a huge surprise", said Young, whose research and teaching interests focus on health law and healthcare management.

Arizona Medicaid agency says Senate health bill cost $7.1B

The Senate's 142-page proposal, worked out in secret by a group led by McConnell , aims to deliver on a central Trump campaign promise to undo former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, which has provided coverage to 20 million Americans since it was passed in 2010.

JetBlue plane makes emergency landing in SC after reports of smoke

The passenger said he was told it could be a few hours before they leave the airport. Smoke in the cockpit of a JetBlue plane prompted an emergency landing in South Carolina, Friday morning. He said he was pleased with how the crew handled the situation. "The airplane started to get very stuffy and hot and then all of a sudden you started smelling something industrial, nearly like an electrical fire kind of thing, but you didn't know what it was", he said.

LARRY HOGAN: GOP Health Care Plan Does Not Work for Maryland

A Republican senator up for re-election next year just got some bad news about the Senate GOP health care bill. "I am very supportive of the Senate #HealthcareBill ", Mr Trump tweeted . And even if they pass a bill, it still has to be reconciled with the House version and the whole process will begin again. The way Young sees it, McConnell's message to his party should be: "You're not all going to get what you want".

A weakening Cindy heads inland, spreading rain far and wide

There's a law that bans swimming in the Gulf when double-red flags are flying. "We've been watching the storm develop in the Gulf, really since last weekend, and watched it form", he says. The remnants of the tropical storm actually began tracking northward Thursday . "My heart goes out to people having problems especially the kind of problems we have with a tornado or any type of weather that comes through one comes through".

Here's What to Watch as the Senate Fights Over Healthcare Reform

A handful of Republicans - more than Mr. McConnell can afford to lose - were quick to disparage the measure. McConnell wants to push the package through the Senate next week, and will succeed if he can limit defections to two of the chamber's 52 Republicans.

Nevada Sen. Heller has serious concerns about GOP bill

Nonetheless, Heller's announcement underscores the scant margin of error Republican leaders must deal with. Shortly after the 142-page bill was distributed, more than a half-dozen GOP lawmakers signaled concerns or initial opposition. Trump said getting approval would require traveling a "very, very narrow path" but that "I think we're going to get there". The state has added 200,000 more people to its program under the Obama overhaul.

No reason to fire special counsel: US Justice Dept

At the time , Sessions said he was recusing himself only because he was involved in the 2016 campaign as an adviser to the Trump campaign. Until now, Mueller had drawn widespread praise from Republicans and Democrats alike. The interview was first reported by PBS. "I think he's weighing that option". Mueller was the Federal Bureau of Investigation director from 2001 to 2013.

18 protesters arrested after Philando Castile court decision

Paul, Minnesota , on Friday night to protest the verdict handed down to the police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile . The livestreaming of its aftermath by Castiles girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds , who was in the vehicle with her then-4-year-old daughter, attracted even more attention.

Senate's version of health care plan is very bad

Four conservative senators-Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin-announced they would oppose it without changes, which is more than enough to bring it down. His office said Friday the senator had no further comment for now. "I don't believe that the president has specifically weighed in that it's right to cut Medicaid", Sanders said, adding that Trump will continue to negotiate with the Congress "until we get the best bill that we can".

Cindy Now a Tropical Depression

Up to 2 inches of heavy rain is possible in Lancaster County today as Tropical Depression Cindy forges a path across the southeastern United States, meteorologists said Thursday. The area experienced flooding and road closures, WLOX reported . In West Virginia, forecasters warned of possible flooding, damaging wind gusts and severe thunderstorms once what remains of Cindy arrives and merges with another storm front later in the week.

State says appeals court erred in Dassey case

Brendan Dassey was sentenced to life in prison in 2007 over photographer Teresa Halbach's death on Halloween two years earlier . Avery, meanwhile, was sentenced to life in prison. He also overturned Dassey's conviction , granting Dassey's writ for petition of habeas corpus and finding that his imprisonment was unlawful. For those who watched Making a Murderer and thought the 16-year-old Dassey was coerced into a false confession, this news may bring you joy.

Anger at video of police shooting of black driver Philando Castile

The dashboard camera video from the officer's patrol auto has been described by many but viewed by only by a few people - investigators, the jury and courtroom spectators. Meanwhile Officer Joseph Kauser can be seen on the other side of the auto. From there Yanez pulled out his gun and left off a number of shots directly into the vehicle.

Tropical Storm Cindy roars through the Gulf of Mexico

West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee and could all get 2 to 4 inches of rain, with isolated amounts up to 6 inches, National Weather Service officials said. The storm was blamed for one death Wednesday after a 10-year-old boy from the St. Louis area was killed on an Alabama beach when he was struck by a log that washed ashore.

Conservative Wonk Avik Roy: The Senate Healthcare Bill is Actually Pretty Awesome

The bill would abolish the mandate that most Americans must have health insurance. Republicans are using a process known as budget reconciliation to try to pass their healthcare bill - so that they only need 51 votes instead of 60 - meaning that the legislation must be focused on reducing the federal budget deficit.

Republican senator says Republican health care bill is too Republican

That likely would end the program in MI, one of eight states that expanded Medicaid with the caveat that the expansion would end if federal funding declined. McConnell must navigate a narrow route in which defections by just three of the 52 Republican senators would doom the legislation. Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer called the new Bill "heartless", warning it would eventually cut Medicaid even more steeply than the House legislation, which slashes it by US$800 billion ...