North Korea urged to release captives after student's death

Suffering from severe brain damage, he died Monday in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. "No conclusions about the cause and manner of Mr. Warmbier's death have been drawn at this time as there are additional medical records and imaging to review and people to interview ", the statement said.

Census: US growing older and more racially diverse

New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show the continuation of a trend: Polk County is getting slightly more racially diverse and older. WASHINGTON (AP ) — The U.S. ME had the largest percentage of whites, almost 97 percent. Two counties in particular had median ages over 60 years old; Sumter, Florida (67.1) and Catron, New Mexico (60.5).

Missouri attorney general sues opioid manufacturers

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley speaks at a news conference Wednesday in St. Louis. The State of Missouri is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars from three pharmaceutical companies that manufacture opioid pain medications, alleging fraud.

Senate health care bill unveiled: Here's how it would affect you

He said he is reviewing the bill and confident that Murkowski and Sullivan will fight to protect Alaskans and the needs of a vast, remote state where high health care costs are a concern. "The Senate bill may be even meaner". Medicaid cuts . The Senate bill makes draconian reductions to Medicaid , which covers 70 million Americans, including low-income patients, nursing-home residents and people with disabilities.

Cubs sending Middletown's Schwarber down to Triple-A

The Cubs say they still have plenty of faith in Schwarber, but hope that a little time away from the big club will help the team in the long run. -The Oakland Athletics designated catcher Stephen Vogt for assignment. Springer, according to the Astros, is day to day. Springer, who leads the AL with 21 homers, is day-to-day. It's just that many thought the Cubs wouldn't do it.

Senate GOP health bill: Tax cuts for rich

Report is expected early next week. - McConnell has the option of offering the final amendment, which could contain changes aimed at placating GOP holdouts. "So we're going to see very significant reductions in coverage in Medicaid and big cuts in federal funding that will result in significant budget gaps for states".

Senate GOP releases 'Obamacare' overhaul, but not all aboard

Since leaving office, Obama has largely stayed out of the public spotlight, and rarely comments on the political news of the day. "This bill is just as bad as the House bill , taking coverage away from millions of people and making huge cuts to Medicaid ".

Republican Senators Say They're Opposed to the GOP Health Care Bill

It also would determine those credits based on age and income - that's a change from the House bill, which based credits mostly around age. "Look forward to making it really special!" The Senate bill is similar to the version of the House measure that passed last month.

'Obamacare Is Dead': Trump 'Very Supportive' of Senate GOP Healthcare Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , R-Ky., has pledged to hold a vote on the Senate bill before the chamber adjourns for the July 4 recess. Under Obamacare , those between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level were eligible for tax credits .

120-degree temperatures could disrupt flights in Phoenix

At Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport American Airlines regional jets sit on the tarmac as American Airlines says seven regional flights have been delayed and 43 have been cancelled because of a heat wave as temperatures climb to near-record highs in Phoenix on Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall in Louisiana, Texas

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency, like his Alabama counterpart a day earlier. It's also good practice to have enough water and food to last you at least three days in case water or power service is interrupted.

Cindy Brings Flood Of Trouble To Gulf Coast

The storm's maximum sustained winds had decreased to near 40 miles per hour (64 kph) Thursday morning with additional weakening expected, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. Cindy's remnant circulation and its moisture will get absorbed by a cold front marching toward the East Coast on Friday and Saturday , producing areas of heavy rain along the way.

Obama criticizes Senate health care bill: 'This bill will do you harm'

The Senate bill also proposes eliminating many ACA taxes, and the employer penalties associated with the employer and individual mandates would be repealed retroactively , dating to the start of 2016. It concluded that ultimately 23 million Americans would lose insurance by 2026 if the House plan becomes law. Dean Heller, a vulnerable Republican from Nevada who had expressed concern that the cuts in the House bill were too dramatic, told reporters, "At first glance, I have serious ...

Rep. Biggs says Senate bill fails repeal vow

The House bill discontinues the extra federal funds for Medicaid expansion starting in 2020. Those similarities could make it easier for Republicans in the Senate and House when they begin negotiations on one, unified bill that would head to the President's desk.

Comey boosted case for obstruction charges against Trump

Totally illegal? Very 'cowardly!' He also said Trump wanted him to back off on the FBI investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn . The former FBI director's testimony could also prompt an expansion of the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, said Carole Rendon, former U.S.

Authorities Release Dashcam Footage From the Philando Castile Shooting

Later in the video , Reynolds 4-year-old daughter leaves the vehicle by herself when Yanez's partner is seen picking her up. Less than 30 seconds after Yanez fired the shots, the dashcam video shows a young girl - Reynolds' daughter - slowly get out of the back seat of the auto before being grabbed by another officer.

Escaped Georgia Inmates Captured

In a statement , Georgia Governor Nathan Deal thanked law enforcement officers for their support and assistance. The corrections department identified the victims as Christopher Monica , 42, who began working there in 2009, and Curtis Billue , 58, who would have marked his 10th anniversary with the department next month.

Gunman who shot congressman had no target in mind

The FBI had said Hodgkinson came to Alexandria in March. But the list lacked any context and the F.B.I. said a review of computer searches showed he had only done a cursory search of two of those members of Congress. Inside, among his belongings, investigators found 200 rounds of ammunition and a receipt for a gun purchase in November 2016. Watson said he learned of Hodgkinson's connection to the Virginia shooting shortly after 9:30 a.m., when he arrived at the department for a meeting.

Donald Trump's White House may seek to water down Russian Federation sanctions

The sanctions come on the back of numerous rounds of other punitive measures taken by the US and the European Union in response to Russia's military intervention in Ukraine and its annexation of the country's Black Sea peninsula of Crimea .

Hassan: Senate health care bill is "heartless"

The 142-page discussion draft of the Senate GOP healthcare bill was hailed as "a better way forward" by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), while Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) slammed it as "heartless" - a dig on President Trump saying in the drafting stages that the bill needed "more heart".

Key Takeaways From Senate Republicans' Plan to Overhaul Healthcare

The Senate version does nothing to improve insurance market places for rural areas and could make them worse by cutting tax credits for insurance purchases, wrote Erin Zumbrun, an NHRA policy manager, in a blog post . Actuaries expect premiums to rise without the mandate. Part of Obama's message clearly intends to encourage health care advocates and their allies to remain engaged and fight to prevent the nation from falling backwards.

Road rage incident triggers crash in Santa Clarita

The KNBC-TV report said the person who recorded the video immediately turned in the footage to California Highway Patrol . The motorcyclist was seen riding off, away from the crash. "From the road rage incident, the Nissan (driver) lost control of the vehicle where it collided into the center divider". The incident is still under investigation, Greengard said.

Illinois' fiscal situation dire as state misses another deadline, special session begins

They say that the only solution is to pass a full state budget to keep the state's fiscal problems from getting work. One shelter that helps domestic abuse victims in several southern IL counties — some of the poorest in the state — says it'll close without an infusion of funds.

Trump Signs Executive Order on Apprenticeships

President Donald Trump wants to spend more money on apprenticeships and give private companies more flexibility in designing programs to help fill some of the 6 million open jobs in the Unites States. Apprenticeships are few and far between. But throughout the week, Trump and his top aides have acknowledged the worrisome skills gap in the United States, even as the president has crowed about the 4.3 percent unemployment rate.

Senate GOP health bill seeks to hobble Obama law

On May 4, the US House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act to repeal and replace Obamacare. That's just one provision that could hit older Americans hard. Collins said she would weigh the CBO's upcoming assessment of the Senate bill's impact on costs and coverage. To add insult to injury, the Senators who secretly drafted this bill saw it fit to keep the crippling age tax in their bill.

"No Nexus to Terrorism" in Congressional Baseball Shooting

He was wounded in the gun battle with police and died later on the day. He visited the unit 43 times between April and June, including the morning of the shooting . Some signs suggest that Hodgkinson might not have known about the daily GOP practices ahead of this year's Congressional Baseball Game. US Capitol Police and other officers returned fire and killed the gunman, who turned out to be an unemployed home inspector with a deep animosity towards President Donald Trump and other ...

In video, girl begs mother for quiet after Castile shooting

Daughter: "I can keep you safe". The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has released a trove of investigative reports and videos in relation to the case, following Friday's not-guilty verdict for officer Jeronimo Yanez . Unlike Reynolds' video, the squad-car video shows the situation's quick escalation and the shooting itself. Nothing?' You hear the stories, but you watch that, and forget race.

Milwaukee Jury Acquits Ex-Cop in Police Shooting Case

They deliberated just under 10 hours over two days. "This guy is somebody we now know was engaged in all sorts of criminal conduct, shouldn't have been there", the Smith family attorney, David Owens , told reporters after the verdict. "I saw Mr. Smith exit the vehicle". I observed the firearm and at that point, we made eye contact. Heaggan-Brown's attorneys argued that he had to make a split-second decision.

White House paints Handel win as Trump triumph

A national influx of roughly $25 million - the most ever spent on a U.S. House race - couldn't get Democrat Jon Ossoff , 30, over the finish line. It's time for new leadership. Running the numbers, Democrats might have been better off considering that same amount would have bought 855,072 school lunches (at $2.76 each); 236,000 elementary school textbooks (at $100 each) or even 956 Priuses (at $24,685 each).

Rosenstein may need to recuse himself from Russian Federation probe

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a friend of the President, said earlier this week that Trump was considering firing Mueller , who has been appointed to investigate Russia's influence on the 2016 presidential election. The FBI and Congress are both looking at whether Trump campaign officials colluded with the alleged Kremlin plot. He also said he asked Comey multiple times whether he, himself, was included in the investigation into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation before his 2016 ...

Louisville to appeal Pitino ban, NCAA penalties

The truth has got to come out, and it can't just be to the NCAA. "Without dispute, NCAA rules do not allow institutional staff members to arrange for stripteases and sex acts for prospects, enrolled student-athletes and/or those who accompany them to campus", the panel said in its decision.

Collins says she'll study Senate health care bill's impact

That would seem to mean that people who paid a fine associated with their 2016 taxes could get that fine refunded. It would also let states get waivers to ignore some coverage standards that "Obamacare" requires of insurers. It would also limit, beginning in 2020, the federal funds that states get each year for Medicaid . Unlimited federal dollars now flow to each state for Medicaid , covering all eligible beneficiaries and services.

Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman

Most days, he would arrive between 6 and 7 a.m. He began shooting at the lawmakers just after 7am. Hodgkinson, who volunteered for Vermont Sen. The FBI found a laptop computer, a cell phone, and a digital camera in Hodgkinson's vehicle.

Ohio city makes plans for North Korea-held student's funeral

The concept of universal human rights for every human being, including the North Korean people barely surviving in Kim Jung-un's hellhole, eludes the author. Meanwhile, the South Korean government says it will step up efforts to free its six people held in the North, including three pastors. The South Korean leader earlier stressed a need to add dialogue to options for dealing with the provocative North, noting now only sanctions and pressure are available.

Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall in Louisiana

Gusty winds, rip currents and isolated tornadoes are also expected. Friday and Friday night, the heavy rainfall is forecast to shift to the Tennessee and OH valleys and the Appalachians, where two to four inches of rain is possible and isolated amounts to half a foot.