Sessions to face sharp questions on Russian Federation contacts

Trump has reportedly been furious with Sessions ever since he recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation, believing he could have helped quash the investigation if he hadn't done so. Sessions won't be able to tell senators what went on in the meeting - the president had ordered him out of the Oval Office, along with other officials, before speaking privately with Comey, according to Comey's testimony.

Kamala Harris Got Shut Down After Asking an Incredibly Important Question. Again

As my Slate colleague Christina Cauterucci noted of the Twitter reaction at the time, "two long-serving white male legislators working together to stop a new female senator of color from getting an answer to a simple question was not a good look".

Philadelphia Phillies select University of Virginia outfielder Adam Haseley

Vasho is the son of ex-major leaguer Gary Varsho, and named for his father's former teammate Darren Daulton when Varsho played for the Philadelphia Phillies . Adam Haseley from the University of Virginia was the guy that the Phillies had been attached to in recent speculation. In his final season with the Cavaliers, Haseley, 21, batted.390 with 14 home runs and 56 runs batted in.

INTELLIGENCE HEARINGS - Intelligence chiefs unsure what can say publicly

The hearing came a day ahead of what promises to be a dramatic day of testimony before the same committee by former FBI Director James Comey, who will discuss what he felt were inappropriate requests made to him by Trump, sources close to him say.

UN Security Council sanctions more North Korean entities

The Trump administration "seems to stake its credibility on North Korea refraining from developing an ICBM, without sending a strong signal to deter it from doing so". North Korea's push to acquire a nuclear-armed missile capable of threatening America and other nations is a " clear and present danger ", U.S. defence secretary Jim Mattis has said .

Sessions wants his testimony open to the public

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Conway noted Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, directed him to describe the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation.

Senators Accuse Sessions Of 'Stonewalling' On Russia Inquiry

Attorney General Jeff Sessions faced a wide range of questions during his Senate hearing - including about his taste in entertainment. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a star player in two key controversies about the Trump administration: the investigation into Donald Trump campaign's connections with Russian Federation and whether the president improperly interfered in an FBI investigation.

Oglethorpe University President joins group pledging to uphold Paris Climate Agreement

The reclusive nation had the "aim of reducing the country's total amount of greenhouse gas emissions by 37.4% compared with the levels of the 1990s", Ri added. "If we talk about responsibility, which countries created the issue of climate change?" Sen. J. Kalani English (D), who introduced SB 559 , recognized it as a "legal basis to continue adaption and mitigation strategies" for the state, "despite the federal government's withdrawal from the treaty", according to ABC News .

Attorney General Sessions' Opening Statement To Senate Panel, Annotated

You're impeding this investigation". The Attorney General, who recused himself from the Russia probe, said he was never briefed about the Russian election meddling, adding he has no knowledge of any conversations between Moscow officials and anyone connected with the Trump campaign .

2 guards killed by escaping inmates during Georgia transport

Both men were serving time in Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, Georgia, for armed robbery, according to the corrections department. Recent photos show him with tattoos on his face and neck. Monica was hired in October 2009 and Billue was employed in July 2007. "They are risky beyond description", Sills added. Officials believe the two could be anywhere in the southern part of the United States in the 5 hours they've been traveling by car-perhaps beyond Alabama and Mississippi.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: I Wanted Comey Gone Before I Took Office

Mr Sessions , who was appointed as Donald Trump's top justice official, said he did not recall meeting the Russian ambassador to the United States at an April event in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington attended by the U.S. But he denied reports that he had a third, previously undisclosed meeting with Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington in April 2016. "I think your silence, like the silence of Director Coats, like the silence of Admiral Rogers, speaks volumes", said Sen.

Comey's friend says he's turning over Comey's Trump memos to Federal Bureau of Investigation

But there are significant dissenting voices. Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter who also is among his advisers, said that worker training is necessary for her father to deliver on his promise to create 25 million jobs over a decade. presidential elections. "Like many of our government betters, Comey forgot he was a public servant", writes New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin .

Sessions, Wyden scrap over AG's 'problematic' role

Ron Wyden came along. Sessions hedged nearly all of his answers about whether/when he met with Russians, or why he was involved in firing Comey, or how he feels about the president's decisions, with: " I don't recall " or "I believe so" or "maybe".

Men Break Jaw of NY Deli Clerk With Avocados, Banana

Police said the suspects were trying to order food, but a deli worker who didn't speak English couldn't understand them. A NY clerk was seriously injured on Monday morning after he was brazenly pelted with avocados and bananas in a bodega.

Defense chief Mattis urges Congress to allow base closings

Reuters reported in late April that the administration of US President Donald Trump was carrying out a review of Afghanistan, and conversations were revolving around sending between 3,000 and 5,000 US and coalition troops there. The U.S. has provided essential military and diplomatic support to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. There are now about 8,400 United States troops devoted to Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan, which encompasses both U.S.

AG Jeff Sessions' testimony will be public, Senate committee says

In March, Sessions recused himself from any investigations that look at Russia's actions in the 2016 campaign. Since then, lawmakers have raised questions about a possible third meeting at a Washington hotel, though the Justice Department has said that did not happen.

Sessions denies third meeting with Russian Federation envoy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out swinging at a hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, defending himself against several Democratic attacks and allegations he says "will not intimidate" him. Sessions also argued that his recusal from the Russian Federation investigation did not mean that he should be barred from his oversight duties over the FBI, following claims by Democrats that he should have not played a role in Comey's firing.

Know Your Flag Day History

Many Americans celebrate the occasion by displaying flags in front of homes and businesses. More than two decades later, in 1885, a school teacher in Wisconsin held a flag birthday celebration for his students. Remember when you disrespect the US flag you are showing disrespect not only to yourself, but to all the men and women that died for your freedoms you enjoy every day.

Two prison guards killed, two inmates on the run in Georgia

The slain Baldwin State Prison officers were Christopher Monica , who was hired in 2009, and Curtis Billue , who was hired in 2007, Georgia Corrections said. "I still have their blood on my shoes". They reportedly escaped in a Honda Civic. We need somebody to find this auto. Sills said the men then vanished again and authorities have no reason to believe they have split up.

American student released by North Korea is in coma

January 2016: American college student Otto Warmbier is imprisoned in North Korea . Warmbier's parents said in a statement Tuesday that he had been freed by the Communist state but had to be medically evacuated because he was in a coma .

Mastermind Behind ISIS Attack in Tehran Has Been Killed, Iran Says

Meanwhile, Iran police chief Gen. Hossein Ashtari said several people with connections to the attackers were arrested around the capital area. Iran denounced Donald Trump's reaction to deadly Islamic State group attacks in Tehran as "repugnant" on Thursday after the U.S.

Trump to Appoint Cindy McCain to Ambassador Position

In the rest of the world, McCain added, "They are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica ". "What do you think the message is?" The Arizona senator, a prominent Republican voice on foreign policy, said that Trump is sending a worrying message to other global leaders about America's authority in the world.

Schumer Is Parodying Trump's Cabinet Table Meeting

Sen. Chuck Schumer took to Twitter on Monday to troll President Trump - poking fun at the peculiarness of his first public Cabinet meeting , just minutes after it concluded. "I think the global community knows we are back", she said. Usually, a Cabinet meeting begins with short remarks from the President before detailed talks behind closed doors, but Trump opened with a lengthy statement about his own work before having each of his Cabinet secretary provide their own ...

North Korea releases U.S. student, Tillerson says

Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary, served two years of detention in the North before being released in November 2014 when then-U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made a secret trip to Pyongyang to win his release and that of another U.S.

Jailed US student released in North Korea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the State Department had secured Warmbier's release at the direction of the president. As it clearly states on the State Department website , American citizens are strongly urged not to travel to North Korea, where they can be detained for any reason or no reason at all, and there's little the US can do about it other than negotiate for their release.

Cosby trial: Andrea Constand 'frozen in sex attack'

Therese Serignese, one of dozens who've alleged Cosby molested them decades ago, walks outside the courtroom during lunch break at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse on Tuesd. Another time, she said, he placed his hand on her thigh. "She said she was unable to push him away or tell him to stop". The woman who accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her lied to police and "changed her story" about when exactly the incident happened - in order to ...

Phillies select outfielder Adam Haseley with 8th overall pick in Major League Baseball draft

There are decisions made as to this prospect or that, whether to pick by position or cardinal rule - that ever-popular "best player available" - and the occasional war-room debates too costly to come down to a coin flip. Haseley batted.390 (87-223) with 16 doubles, 14 home runs, 56 RBI, 44 walks, 68 runs, a.491 on-base percentage and a.659 slugging percentage in 58 games during his junior season.

Mattis Says Congress Needs To Up Its Game On Defense Spending

To date, more than 2,300 Americans have been - the latest only three days ago, when an Afghan soldier opened fire on three USA soldiers ineastern Afghanistan . In this picture relased by the US Department of Defence, US Army Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division scan the landing zone for possible hostile forces 26 August 2005.

Father Accused of Rubbing Hot Sauce into Eyes of 2-Month-Old

Around 7:30 Tuesday night, the mother received a text message from Foltz with a picture of the baby. Court documents say that Foltz told the mother that the baby didn't look as bad as what the pictures looked and that the baby was fine. He also talked about being frustrated with her crying, and using a wooden spoon and a piece of vinyl flooring to hit her on the bottom. Foltz is being held at Clay County Jail with a $100,000 bond.

Sessions to face questions on Russia, Comey

Senate Democrats have raised the possibility that Sessions and Kislyak could have met there, though Justice Department officials say there were no private encounters or side meetings. A Trump confidant, Chris Ruddy, told "PBS NewsHour" on Monday that the president was weighing whether to fire the special counsel now heading up the investigation, former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Mattis blames Congress for poor state of US combat readiness

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee on Monday, Defense Secretary James Mattis told members of Congress they've caused "harm" by their lack of leadership in regard to military funding, according to the NY Post . He told senators Tuesday that military officials are taking steps to make sure the delay in the new strategy is not endangering USA troops. "We are scrambling to put it together".

No indication Russian Federation wants positive relationship with US: Mattis

Free webinar: Register now to learn how the State Department, FCC, CIA, EPA and GSA are implementing their cloud strategies. They argue the extra money is needed to rebuild the military degraded by years of war and erratic budgets. Mattis said: "Congress as a whole has met the present challenge with lassitude, not leadership". He's telling the House Armed Services Committee that the Defense Department wants to start a new round of base closings in 2021.

Vultures circling over tweeting president

Questioned about Comey's central claim that Trump told him to drop the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into his former national security advisor Michael Flynn, Trump responded: "I didn't say that". Trump replied , "Well, I didn't say that". "I didn't say that", Trump interrupted flatly. Spokesman Ian Prior said Sessions "began consulting with career Department of Justice ethics officials to determine whether he should recuse himself" shortly after taking office.

Mattis 'shocked' by low level of US military readiness

In this AFP photo, U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis speaks at a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee in Washington on June 12, 2017. Dunford said Beijing and Moscow were specifically investing in anti-ship cruise missiles, anti-ship ballistic missiles and electronic warfare capabilities, assets he said are created to prevent USA military forces from projecting power around the globe.

Husband of slain radio host arrested after office, home raid

James Kauffman , is at work at the time, but comes to the home and is questioned by police. Kaufmann has said that his wife was alive when he left the house the morning of her death. After police arrive minutes later, she dies from her wounds. Tyner said the raids weren't linked to the slaying of April Kauffman. Transamerica says payment can't be made without verifying Kauffman was not involved.