Design team announced for Michael Reese redevelopment

The 10-year project is expected to create about 24,000 permanent jobs and more than 12,000 construction jobs. After sitting vacant for almost a decade, a site at the heart of Chicago's failed Olympic bid is set for a major upgrade. "Given the talent and experience of the team we've assembled, we're confident that we can maximize the potential of the site to benefit not only the Bronzeville community, but the entire City of Chicago", Scott Goodman, principal for Farpoint Development said.

Man killed in Princeton Park drive-by shooting

Two officers were responding to a call of a person with a gun near the 5800 block of S. Wabash at about 11:10 p.m. An 18-year-old man was shot in the back in Bronzeville. The man walked into Mercy Hospital and Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The man was transferred to Stroger Hospital, where his condition was stabilized.

Comey 'Cleared for Takeoff' in Public Testimony Next Week

Although Comey is unlikely to discuss the details of the FBI's investigation into possible collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, CNN reports that he seems eager to discuss his interactions with Trump leading up to his firing , a move that led many to believe that the president was intentionally attempting to obstruct the investigation.

France and India to work together to combat climate change

The two countries are also in talks about nuclear power and French utility EDF in January 2016 signed a preliminary pact to build six Areva-designed European Pressurised Reactors (EPR) at Jaitapur, on India's western coast. Before his departure, Modi laid a wreath at the Arc de Triomphe in honor of Indian soldiers who fought in France during World War I. Modi also invited the French president to visit India.

Daylight saving time could be ending in California

Now it advances to the state Senate. If placed on California's statewide ballot next year, the initiative would let voters decide if they'd like to stay on a single measurement of time all year. Today its main goal is to turn the skies depressingly dark before you leave the office. Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states that now do not observe daylight saving time.

House Democrats Warn Trump on Blocking Comey's Testimony

Asked on Friday if the White House might invoke executive privilege, press secretary Sean Spicer said , "That committee hearing was just noticed, and I think obviously it's got to be reviewed". The paper also points out that President Obama used the privilege once while in office during a congressional inquiry into how weapons ended up with Mexican cartels.

USA evangelical green groups pan Trump's climate accord exit

His state is joining ranks with Washington and NY in what is being called the United States Climate Alliance (USCA). "For some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world", Pence said on 'Fox and Friends'.

Pacific meeting puts Trump's trade turmoil center stage

Specifically, the TPP nations said they are looking to address their "concern about protectionism"; meanwhile, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer used APEC to hold one-on-one meetings with nations to form bilateral trade deals. The TPP took more than five years to negotiate, and countries such as Japan and New Zealand are lobbying to keep its provisions intact as discussions to implement it without the US move forward.

State Department won't say if Tillerson attended Trump climate speech

As their call went unheeded, they are now keeping up with the promise take independent action, committing to increase efforts to meet their cities' climate goals and the Paris Agreement target to hold global temperatures within 1.5°C of what they were before the industrial revolution.

USA states, cities and firms unite behind Paris accord

A majority of Americans in every state, or 69 percent of US voters, believe the United States should participate in the agreement, according to a recent opinion poll carried out by Yale University's program on climate change communication. New York's Bill de Blasio, mayor of America's most populous city, told WNYC radio that he wanted to "surpass" his commitment to reduce emissions 80 percent by 2050.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Arlington Cemetery Running Out of Space

He started with Marine 1st Lieutenant Robert Kelly , killed in 2010. In a speech after the ceremony, Trump highlighted the service of three men who died in Afghanistan. In honor and recognition of all of our fallen service members, the Congress, by a joint resolution approved May 11th, 1950, as amended (36 U.S.C. 116), has requested the President issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe each Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace and designating ...

MA driver killed in New Hampshire crash

Melendez was reportedly ejected from the vehicle and died from her injuries at the scene. Another female passenger, Karina Feliz, 21 of Bradford, was transported to Elliott Hospital for minor injuries, and a child passenger was transported to Elliott Hospital before being med-flighted to Boston Children's Hospital for serious injuries.

Ariana Grande visits injured fans at Manchester hospital

The attack by suicide bomber Salman Abedi on May 22 killed 22 people and wounded 116. Eleven people remain in police custody following the attack and police took a 24-year-old into custody on Friday night in Manchester's inner city. Never seen Jaden so happy! Grande shared an image of her visit to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital with her 107 million Instagram followers.

Republicans urge panel to end concealed carry permits

Concealed-carry permits would no longer be needed if the legislature passes House Bill 746 . It's already legal to wear a visible handgun, except where restricted. Millis said the state's pistol permit process already gives sheriff's the ability to perform background checks. But she said some restrictions on guns are appropriate and the U.S.

Last Ditch Appeal: Trump Team Takes Travel Ban to Supreme Court

Meanwhile, the administration petitioned the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in May to put a stay on the injunction that's associated with the Hawaii case. "Without campaign materials, the court of appeals' analysis collapses", Wall wrote in his high court request for an order to allow the policy to be enforced.

Trump goes to Supreme Court, insists travel ban on Muslims

It was quickly neutralised by a series of court orders. At issue is a ban Trump has said is necessary to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. Another of the court's conservatives, Neil Gorsuch, was appointed by Trump this year. "We have asked the Supreme Court to hear this important case and are confident that President Trump's executive order is well within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism ", Sarah Isgur Flores , ...

Close aides to Donald Trump subpoenaed over Russian Federation ties

Flynn's decision comes after he invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination in declining an earlier request from the committee. On Tuesday, it was reported by CNN that Flynn would provide documents requested by the Senate intelligence committee. U.S. media cited Cohen as confirming he had been approached by the Congress.

Pruitt, Spicer dodge questions on Trump's personal views on climate change

Put simply, the US decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement will have impacts on the global climate that a future USA administration will not be able to undo. "We are already halfway there and we can accelerate our process further even without any support from Washington ", Bloomberg said. His belief - which he conveyed in a draft letter to U.N.

Pittsburgh Mayor Issues Executive Order In Response To Trump's Paris Climate Decision

The CEO of Seattle-based design and engineering firm McKinstry says he wants to redouble his efforts in the wake of the decision. "We have found problems, but we are working on them", he said. Musk first pledged to resign from his advisor position if the USA left the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, after a report suggested Trump was expected to withdraw .

12 killed in explosions at Kabul funeral

It was one of the worst extremist attacks since the drawdown of foreign forces in 2014 and raised fears about the government's ability to protect its citizens almost 16 years into a war with insurgents. After the protests began, The New York Times reports , Ghani released a statement calling for peace but also blaming "those who want to agitate and hurt public order, their issue is separate - they will not be allowed to use the people's emotions against the people's interest".

Incident involving 'man with weapon in terminal' reported at Orlando airport

There were no immediate indications that the incident at Orlando airport was terror-related. Hundreds of police officers from across central Florida responded to the incident. The man is not in custody but is "contained", according to Orlando police, reported Orlando Sentinel . Fennell also said law enforcement had cleared the first floor.

Trump shares positive feedback on Paris climate accord withdrawal

Jerry Brown, a founding member of the Alliance. As the New York Times reported Thursday, the US has promised to supply up to $3 billion in aid for developing nations by 2020 to help them meet their emissions-cutting goals. The Paris deal, agreed on by almost 200 countries in 2015, aims to cut emissions blamed for global warming. Specific targets haven't been set for each state.

Minnesota Officer Charged In Philando Castile Shooting To Go On Trial

The aftermath of the shooting of Philando Castile was streamed live on Facebook last July, thrusting his death into the national spotlight. Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend's shooting on Facebook.

German envoy to USA downplays Trump-Merkel tensions

Addressing an election campaign in Bavaria, Merkel on Sunday said that following Trump's election and Brexit , Europeans "really have to take destiny into their own hands". America's trade deficit with China, at $310 billion, was the only one larger. India can play many role in IT profession, so we also want to move forward in the cyber security area.

Mayor of Pittsburgh, Entire World Dunks on Trump's Climate Agreement Withdrawal

Bloomberg is a special United Nations envoy for mayors and local leaders seeking to meet the goals of the Paris agreement . But Trump also pledged to "ensure that the United States remains the world leader on environmental issues ".

Times Trump Broke His Own Health Care Promises

Carrying signs and chanting in opposition to the AHCA, Representatives from Planned Parenthood Advocates of OH, the Human Rights Campaign, the Universal Health Care Action Network and about two dozen speakers and protesters gathered outside the Scripps Building on Walnut downtown where Portman has an office.

Schwarzenegger Criticizes Trump's Decision to Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement

Bliss announced Friday that she is adding her signature to an open letter from the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda - a group known as the Climate Mayors . Among the most important factors that explain the decline of civilisations are population, climate , water, agriculture and energy, according to the report .

Protest against Paris Accord withdrawal planned for Trump Tower this afternoon

He also claimed it would destroy the coal industry. Coal and cement producers say the Paris accord would put them at a competitive disadvantage and that they too are taking steps to cut emissions. The joint statement , the first between the China and the European Union , will commit to cutting back on fossil fuels, developing more green technology and helping raise $100 billion a year by 2020 to help poorer countries cut their emissions.

For First Time In Four Years, Solo Speller Claims National Bee Crown

His mother, Jennifer Taylor, said via text message that Grant knew few of the words at the bee on Thursday. Marocain is a type of crepe fabric of silk or rayon and the word is derived from French. Yep, they wanted her to spell the nonsensical word that President Donald Trump tweeted out earlier this week . Dedhia misspelled the word "Ehretia" in the first of the championship rounds.

US National Spelling Bee Contest: 12-Year-Old Girl Wins $40k Prize

Her win also marks the first time since 2013 the Scripps National Spelling Bee declared a sole champion. Anna had previously won the 2017 Grand Traverse Regional Spelling Bee in March and had tied for second place in the Charlevoix-Emmet County Spelling Bee in February.

Three Ex-Penn State Officials Get Jail Time

The prosecution pushed for 9 to 18 months in jail, while the defense lobbied the Judge for probation and community service. "The commonwealth's position is that Curley's testimony in the Spanier trial was created to protect those who deserved to share blame with Curley for the decisions that led to the colossal failure to protect children from Sandusky", prosecutors wrote.

Unlike Fox News, Sean Hannity won't retract Seth Rich story

The retraction meant there was literally no evidence to support the story and Rich's family pleaded with the disgusting sex-freak Hannity , or his robot replacement, to drop the story, but Hannity kept going after it like he would Tinky Winky at a furry convention.

Budget impasse continues as deadline winds down

Citing Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's unwillingness to meet, House Speaker Michael Madigan , a Chicago Democrat, said budget talks will move to a June overtime session in which a tougher vote of a three-fifths majority will be needed for approval.

Russians discussed 'derogatory' info about Trump, aides

Russian officials reportedly believed "they had the ability to influence the administration through the derogatory information", according to CNN , but it is unclear when during the election the conversation took place. That information could have been a ploy by Moscow to spread false information or could have been exaggerated, CNN reported . Trump has rejected allegations his campaign colluded with Russian Federation.

One dead, two missing, others hurt in Wisconsin corn plant explosion

Wednesday, prompting the response of several neighboring fire and police departments. The explosion was initially said to have occurred at an ethanol plant, but authorities later confirmed that it happened at the corn mill, where corn and corn by-products are processed for the ethanol plant which is just across the street.