Buildings light up green in solidarity with Paris climate accord

With some Cabinet ministers criticizing Trump for undermining global efforts to tackle climate change , Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration promised to work with other countries to put the 2015 pact into force. New York , California, and Washington represent 68 million Americans and over one-fifth of US GDP, accounting for at least 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, the press release said.

Trump calls for end to filibuster

Nevertheless, GOP lawmakers have remained deeply divided on healthcare and tax reform. "Either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%". She also hoped to preserve the pre-existing condition element of Obamacare while allowing insurers to absorb the cost by using re-insurance options or risk pools that they don't now have.

Disney CEO Joins Elon Musk In Ditching Trump Over Paris Withdrawal

President Donald Trump speaks about the USA role in the Paris climate change accord, Thursday, June 1, 2017, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. The shift from coal to gas-fired power plants has also helped the US cut greenhouse gas emissions, which peaked near the end of the Bush administration at above 7 million metric tons of carbon, and dropped to about 6.5 million metric tons by 2015.

National Spelling Bee gets down to final 4

He finished outside the top 10 a year ago. This year, the spelling bee has a single victor for the first time since 2013, having had two kids sharing the title over the past three years. And she'll have to find time to watch her beloved Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals while enjoying the champion's whirlwind media tour. "During the competition, Rohan mixed spelling with what he called his 'true passion" of tennis.

Angry Europe vows to defend climate pact after Trump pullout

Trump's decision was also met with criticism from California Gov. The move did not necessarily come as a surprise- reports on Wednesday indicated Trump meant to leave the agreement. "As a matter of principle, I've resigned from the President's Council over the #ParisAgreement withdrawal". "Today's decision is a setback for the environment and for the U.S.'s leadership position in the world".

Trump says US will pull out of Paris climate agreement

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi says Trump is "denying scientific truths, removing safeguards that protect our health and our environment, protecting polluters and. The meeting's final declaration reflected the stalemate between the USA and the six other participating countries, who are all strongly committed to the Paris accord.

The White House Says It Won't Answer Questions About Russia Anymore

Spicer's evasive posture has given many pundits an opening to do one of the things that have him so frustrated: speculate about impending changes to the White House press briefing or a reorganization of the communications team, including formalizing the reduced length of the Q&A portion.

Inslee joins governors of New York, California to form US Climate Alliance

On Thursday, China , which has the world's largest carbon footprint, reaffirmed its commitment to the deal. The Paris Climate Agreement is a historic treaty signed by over 190 nations and can not be renegotiated on the request of a single nation, the United Nations's Framework Convention on Climate Change has said.

Train stabbing suspect defiant in court

Video showed Christian swinging his arm and - in one motion - opening the knife and stabbing Fletcher in the neck, the affidavit said. The members of the California-based White Aryan Resistance killed him with a baseball bat. F*** all you Christians and Muslims and f****** Jews, f****** die. His next court appearance will be June 7. A grand jury is considering additional charges, and there could potentially be federal charges as well, but the FBI has said it's too early to determine if this ...

Climate Change Commission, Legarda, environment NGO blast Trump pullout from Paris pact

It was pretty incredible to get 197 countries - nearly all in the world except Syria and Nicaragua - to sign on to the pact and agree that the earth's temperature rising is indeed a problem, a process that took years. Obama's effort to engage China's Xi on climate issues helped spur the change. According to reports , Macron spoke with Trump after his announcement, and told him directly that renegotiation was a nonstarter.

Tulsa Police Officer Found Not Guilty In Terrance Crutcher's Death

As of a couple of hours ago, there were protesters in the streets of Tulsa. Demonstrators gathered outside the courtroom Wednesday evening in peaceful protest at the verdict. "It seems that whenever an officer takes the witness stand at a jury trial and testifies that they feared for their life, and that is the reason that they shot someone, there are some jurors who will simply not convict the officer of a crime", said Stinson.

GOP lawmaker slams his party on gas tax defeat

Edwards. "This nonsense has hurt the people of the Baton Rouge area and it's hurt the state - you can tell I'm frustrated", Carter said during a fiery speech on the House floor as he admitted defeat. He criticized Americans for Prosperity as "an out-of-touch, out-of-state bankrolled group" that he said spread misinformation about the tax. Other bills that were shelved today, the two bills to protect federal monuments in the state.

Trump promises unfulfilled by House GOP health bill

House Republicans advanced Wednesday their spending plan for North Carolina state government, which includes teacher and state employee pay increases that put the measure increasingly at odds with the Senate GOP's rival budget proposal. Both senators are active players in the health care debate. According to Department of Revenue projections, the Senate's plan - which would have cut income taxes 20 percent in two years - would have resulted in $178 million shortfalls in future budgets.

Cleveland Police Fires Timothy Loehmann, The Police Officer Who Shot Tamir Rice

The union that represents rank-and-file Cleveland police officers has appealed the discipline levied Tuesday against two officers involved in the Tamir Rice shooting, just hours after the discipline was handed down. Loehmann was sacked because the department concluded he wasn't truthful on his job application, failing to reveal that a suburban department had allowed him to resign instead of being fired at the end of a six-month probationary period.

Trump expected to pull U.S. from Paris deal: White House

As part of a wide-ranging talk about the 2016 campaign, Clinton said a withdrawal from the Paris accord would be "a breach of an agreement " that would cede US leadership on fighting global warming. He said in February in connection with a trip to the White House that he wanted "to provide feedback on issues that I think are important for our country and the world".

Bears WR Meredith injures thumb, sources say

Any hope that the Bears would be able to hit the offseason and come into 2017 healthy and ready to get after the National Football League are already dwindling. White, 24, has played in just four games in his first two seasons in the league, and Chicago's front office made sure to add some weapons to their receiving corps through free agency this offseason.

Fugitive and bounty hunters die in shootout at Texas vehicle dealership

Frightening cell phone video showed the moment two bounty hunters engaged in a deadly confrontation with a fugitive. Hennepin County Sheriff's Office in Minneapolis issued a warrant for Hutchinson after he failed to appear on a first-degree felony drug charge.

Anthony Weiner Cries Before Pleading Guilty To Sexting 15-Year-Old Girl

Within days, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said nothing incriminating was found in the emails. "I had hit bottom". He also apologized to his victim, "whom I mistreated so badly". Her filing is also uncontested, which means she is not expecting to have to fight Weiner for custody of the couple's child or their assets. Arlo Devlin-Brown, an attorney at Covington & Burling, said Weiner accepted "full responsibility" for his "inappropriate" actions, adding that Weiner would not ...

Finals of National Spelling Bee begin with 40 elite spellers

Spellers took a written spelling and vocabulary test on Tuesday before live spelling rounds Wednesday. The bee aimed for middle ground, putting in place new rules that may - or may not - prevent another tie. "I think I'm going to try to aim to get my sister to D.C. next year", Sylvia said. The televised portion of the finals begins at 8 p.m. EDT on ESPN .

Trump says US will abandon global climate accord

Trump spoke from the White House Rose Garden on a warm, sunny day. Trump is expected to announce that the U. Top White House aides have been divided. Pence praised Trump's leadership and said Trump is "is choosing to put the forgotten men and women of America first".

World leaders say climate change deal can't be renegotiated

But Trump said the agreement disadvantaged the U.S. French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday categorically ruled out any renegotiation of the Paris climate accord and said U.S. ELON Musk has said he is leaving Donald Trump's advisory council over the President's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accords . The U.S.is now only the third nation out of 197 that is eligible to participate in the agreement but refuses to do so.

Xbox Exec Shows Off Project Scorpio CPU

Scorpio's price point matters, but the longer Microsoft sits on Scorpio, the more they risk losing the enthusiasm their impending console reveal is sure to generate. The new app from SoundCloud includes a decent set of features - users can search for tracks, check the latest charts, and also discover the latest tracks.

Rauner not ruling out signing stopgap budget

A Northwestern student was arrested Tuesday night outside Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's office after joining a protest to highlight the negative ramifications of Illinois' historic budget impasse. "I would hope that upon reflection. that maybe he'd reconsider", Cullerton said. "We have so many people in our past who fought to make sure we live better than they did".

A guide to the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee

The bee opened Tuesday with 291 spellers, the largest field in its 90-year history. The results will determine the bee semifinalists on Thursday from among kids who correctly spell both their oral-spelling words on Wednesday. "It's been a great day", Debbi Mills said. "I'm thankful she is reaping the rewards of all of her studying". The trip to Washington is funded by the Daily Journal.

Portland stabbing suspect yells slogans at court hearing

He made repeated outbursts saying "you've got no safe place!" and "death to the enemies of America!" Later, commotion erupted outside the courtroom. There were reportedly shouts from the hallway outside in response to Christian's appearance, and at another man donned in multicolored hair who came to the court to support Christian.

Illinois House approves $15 minimum wage

House lawmakers voted to pass Senate Bill 81 61-53. The minimum wage is set at $11.40 an hour now. The federal minimum wage has remained unchanged at $7.25 per hour since July 2009. "You have absolutely no idea what businesses do, and they are fleeing this state". Democratic House Speaker Madigan used the tactic two years ago when the budget impasse began to call members to the Capitol over the summer to continue negotiations.

16-year-old girl charged with fatally stabbing Uber driver

It was later established that the teen had stolen a machete to hack the Uber driver to death from a local Wal-Mart store a few hours before. A prosecutor read in court a description of the attack that said Eliza Wasni simply climbed into a auto driven by 34-year-old Grant Nelson , and stabbed him and hacked him to death early Tuesday morning.

Would-be ATM thieves burn, urinate on cash

However, they ended up lighting the cash on fire by mistake. Officer Aaron Snell said the would-be burglars had tried to burn through the outside of the machine in order to get their hands on the cash box. Both are 31 years-old, from Everett, and have probable cause for arrest on arson and burglary charges. The pair is also wanted for questioning in several other burglaries in Snohomish County, according to the police.

Iowa's GOP senators cast doubt on health care law repeal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had rejected this same idea when Trump had proposed it earlier. Senate Republicans headed into the long Memorial Day weekend determined to make progress on a bill to replace Obamacare, but some notable players were guarded, if not outright skeptical, that much could be accomplished soon.

Police release Tiger Woods' DUI arrest video

Both tires on the left side of the vehicle were flat, and police said there was fresh damage to the driver's side. The Palm Beach County Court documents said that Woods was asleep at the wheel when the first officer arrived and was reportedly slurring his words when he was woken up.

Bombing In Diplomatic Area Of Kabul Kills 80, Wounds Scores

Photos from Kabul show the windows of the German embassy blown in. Wednesday's blast was the latest in a long line of attacks in Kabul . The explosion also raised serious questions about the Afghan government's ability to secure the war-battered nation.

White House says Trump expected to pull USA from Paris deal

Other European leaders issued more explicit appeals to the US government not to abandon worldwide measures against climate change . Standing in the heart of Europe, Trump publicly lectured NATO partners about their military commitments and offered no explicit endorsement for the collective defense agreement at the core of trans-Atlantic security for decades.

East Hartford responds to DeVos' criticism: 'She's wrong'

Michael - who has since been identified as a 2000 graduate of the high school - described classrooms where misbehaving students made teaching impossible. No word yet, if she has accepted this invitation. Connecticut Democratic U.S. Rep. John Larson was among the crowd, and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy planned to speak at the school later Tuesday.

North Carolina events honor service members' sacrifice on Memorial Day

Today is the 49th Memorial Day commemoration in Troy. They also paid respects by holding a 21-gun salute, a color guard procession, and tabs. There is no memorial to its fallen on the National Mall, even though as many US soldiers died in six months of combat as were killed during the entire Vietnam War, he said.

Gisele says Tom Brady had concussion last year

Tom Brady's wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen , did a national television interview Wednesday morning that has caused her husband considerable controversy. Brady played in the Patriots' regular-season closer against the Miami Dolphins on January 1, completing 25 of 33 passes for 276 yards in a 35-14 victory.