Trump warns ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation chief not to leak to media, threatens 'tapes'

Trump. "The president has nothing further to add on that", Spicer said repeatedly, declining to answer whether the conversation with Comey was taped or whether the White House has recording devices. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, testifying before Congress on Tuesday in place of his fired boss, said the agency's investigation was "highly significant".

House Oversight Committee member calls Trump's bluff on the Comey "tapes"

Ambassador to Qatar Dana Shell Smith about the troubles she has explaining Washington's actions. But on Friday, before a tour of the Thomas Built Buses manufacturing plant, Burr said that, as things stand, Trump apparently was not involved with Russia's attempt to influence the results of the election.

Trump had Russian Federation on his mind when he chose to fire Comey

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's administration was left red-faced Thursday after the Moscow surprised it by releasing pictures of a closed-door meeting between the USA president and Russia's top diplomat. After Mr Comey's dismissal, many have wondered about the timing and whether or not it might have had something to do with the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaigns ties to Russian Federation.

Family wants justice, not protests for teen killed by Balch Springs PD

The department said it let officer Roy Oliver , a six-year veteran of the force, go for violating "several department policies" after it was discovered that he fired shots into a vehicle as it was driving away . However, hours after the first statements, Haber said body camera footage of the incident showed the auto was driving forward, away from the officers, not reversing toward them.

56 students escape school bus fire unhurt

Geen and David Porter saw the school bus engulfed in flames and managed to record it all on their cell phone. Stroble also serves as a teaching assistant for the district. The District Five Schools of Spartanburg County published a statement on Facebook, saying that Stroble did "exactly as she was trained" in a moment that "could have been a very tragic situation".

Former AG Yates tells Senate she warned of Flynn vulnerability

White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested that warnings about former national security adviser Michael Flynn were initially unclear at the daily press briefing on May 9. Yates is expected to illuminate what led to the ouster of Michael Flynn . Spicer said her favoring of the Democratic candidate was "widely rumored", but he offered no other details.

Church Bulletin: Macedonia Missionary hosting women's revival

Jim Peck, 11 a.m. Scripture: Acts 6:8-7:60. Guest evangelist will be bishop Robert Davis from Emmanuels Upperrom COIGIC of Texas in Reagor Springs. - Jazz Mass, led by Will Todd Adult Choir and Youth Chorale, with Ann Pope (piano), Monte Coulter (drums), Clint Schimtt (sax) and Tony Tatora (bass), 10:30 a.m.

Penn State coach James Franklin's contract extension on horizon

Penn State football players in pink jerseys? Athletic Director Sandy Barbour sounded a hopeful and coaxing note Monday regarding a pending extension for Franklin, who is entering his fourth season as Penn State's football coach. "I don't know when they're doing all that", he said. Franklin, who is 25-15 in his first three seasons with the Nittany Lions after spending three years at Vanderbilt, added there is still a lot of work to do with renovating the Lasch Building.

Trump still in denial Russian ambassador attended White House meeting

On Thursday, Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, stressed that Russia had told the United States side in advance that there would be a TASS photographer present at the meeting. In a message published on its website the Russian Journalists' Union called upon the USA counterparts for retaining common sense and a balanced approach and asked them to "remember the high standards of professionalism, invariably displayed by their predecessors".

Trump threatens 'showboat' Comey with 'tapes', warns he may cancel press briefings

Comey has not commented since he was sacked. "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Trump also threatened to cancel the daily news briefing at the White House, a longstanding practice, as he tried to assume control of the media coverage of Comey's firing for reasons that have continued to shift and change, reflecting a White House in complete chaos.

Stone vows to cooperate with Senate panel

He also says in an appearance on NBC's "Today" show that he favored the firing of FBI Director James Comey and thought that Trump "made the right decision". "The Roger Stone report on @CNN is false - Fake News". Stone rejects the idea it had anything to do with reports that Comey was seeking more resources for the Russian Federation probe.

Jefferson Davis Statue No Longer Stands In New Orleans03:44

In the predawn hours Thursday, an anonymous work crew wearing flak jackets removed the statue of Jefferson Davis from its 13-foot pedestal on Jefferson Davis Parkway in New Orleans - the second monument taken down in the city's continuing purge of Confederate memorials.

Police chief, 2 nursing home employees killed; gunman dead

Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp told reporters during a press conference on Friday that the suspected gunman was also found dead. Thorp said Disario was the first person to respond to a report of a person with a gun at the nursing home.

National Ad Buy Boosts House GOPers Who Supported Obamacare Repeal Bill

The Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid with extra payments to 31 states to cover more people but the House bill halts the expansion, in addition to cutting government spending on the programme, which Mr Trump's health chief argues is flawed and dictates too much from Washington.

In private meeting, Trump demanded Federal Bureau of Investigation director Comey's loyalty

The FBI sources could not confirm a New York Times report that Trump had asked Comey to declare his loyalty, but the former official said he would expect the FBI director to refuse, as the newspaper reported. "It's shocking to the conscience". If the Richard Nixon Library was able to troll Trump after he fired Comey by noting that the 37th president himself had never fired an Federal Bureau of Investigation director, in this case, it seems like there's nothing that they could possibly do ...

Senate blocks moves to overturn Obama-era rule on drilling

The methane rules were created to reduce pollution and protect public resources, but they're opposed by gas and oil drillers, who characterize them as costly and burdensome. However McCain, like many Republicans and some Democrats, urged Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to re-write the rule. The Interior Department said in a statement Wednesday that the rule imposes significant burdens on energy production and they would review it.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are changing their Facebook profile pictures to Comey

But Trump was largely enthusiastic about Comey's handling of the Clinton case on the campaign trail, as it helped him win the election . The Trump administration said on Tuesday Comey was sacked because of his handling of the Clinton email probe.

Appalachia's approach to drugs at odds with Sessions policy

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it public on Friday that he would direct federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for non-violent drug offenders, the announcement drew a quick rebuke from Sen. Comey. While the federal sentencing guidelines are advisory - and take into account everything from a defendant's criminal history to cooperation with authorities - some judges have felt handcuffed by mandatory minimums, which provide a statutory sentencing minimum of months below ...

Journalist arrested after asking HHS secretary question

However, he begs to differ. A hearing date has not yet been set, but he could face up to six months in jail and a $100 fee. The health reporter for the Public News Service had been repeatedly asking if domestic violence would be considered a pre-existing condition under the proposed Republican healthcare overhaul, which Mr Price has been spearheading.

Federal Bureau of Investigation conducts search at GOP consulting firm in Annapolis

The raids followed the sacking of FBI director James Comey, who had been leading an investigation into alleged links between Trump officials and Russian Federation during the 2016 US presidential campaign. "Our suspicion is that this is just a carry-over from that", Rogers said. Cuccinelli said Wednesday in a statement to The Associated Press that he'd not spoken to any federal law enforcement officials about Strategic Campaign Group but is "curious" to see where the case goes.

Pope cheered in Fatima to canonise children who urged peace

It is important to underline here-as Father Molinari did when first presenting their cause to the C.F.C.S. -that Francisco and Jacinta are being canonized not because they witnessed the apparitions but because, at a tender age, they led Christian lives and virtues in a heroic way, even in the face of opposition, threats and persecution (including imprisonment).

Federal Bureau of Investigation chief sacking: White House denies Comey loyalty pledge

Trump also revealed that he had the Russian Federation investigation in mind when he fired Comey . "Because I can't trust that what I say to the president isn't going to be misconstrued and used against me because I don't do what he wants".

Lawmakers want answers from the White House after Trump's 'tapes' tweet

Rush called on Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan to "stop drinking the poison Kool-Aid" Trump is giving him and to take the lead on calling for an independent investigation into whether there was collusion between Trump associates and the Russians, and into Trump's decision to fire Comey, who was heading up the FBI investigation.

ACLU Announces It Won't Sue Trump Over 'Religious Freedom' Order

The order is meant to cripple the Johnson Amendment , which bans tax-exempt religious organizations from political activities, speech, and fundraising. Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of the evangelical Liberty Counsel, said he was "pleased" with the order, telling NPR that Trump "set forth the general policy" of protecting religious freedom.

Sheriff: Gunman kills police chief, 2 nursing home workers

Mr Thorp said Mr Disario had only been on the job for three weeks. Thorp said the day is especially tough for law enforcement, saying the deputies who assisted DiSario on the scene were struggling to deal with the morning's events. Kirkersville Elementary School, which is located near the Pine Kirk Care Center , was locked down, and students who were still on the way to school on buses were diverted to nearby Watkins Middle School.

Health care mess: House takes a small step

The ACA repeal bill, the "American Health Care Act", (AHCA) barely squeaked out of the House of Representatives last Thursday 217-213, with just 20 Republicans defecting and voting against it . "Republican senators will not let the American people down!" "Obamacare premiums and deductibles are way up - it was a lie and it is dead". House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., gleeful at the prospect of potentially reclaiming the House gavel in 2018, told Republicans they will "glow in ...

I Was Going To Fire Comey 'Regardless'

When asked by Senator Marco Rubio whether Comey's abrupt dismissal would impede the work of the FBI, McCabe was adamant. Until this evening, the White House had publicly denied that Trump was considering the handling of the investigation into his campaign's possible ties with Russian Federation when he chose to fire Comey.

Stiff headwinds for GOP on health care, tax reform

Reed touched on the optional ACA program called the Essential Plan in NY that provides low-cost health insurance to low- and middle-income people who don't qualify for Medicaid. The passage of the bill in the House drew protests in front of Reed's Exchange Street office on Tuesday where demonstrators held a "die-in" to show their displeasure with the congressman's vote.

Senate at bat in dealing with health care law

Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, also says the version that gets to the president will likely differ from the House measure. Despite the victory for Trump's plan in the House, however, the Senate is now poised to rework the new norm of American healthcare.

White House: Rod Rosenstein should take over Russian Federation probe

Spicer said he is "not aware" of any recording that exists of the conversations between Trump and Comey. "I was going to fire regardless of recommendation". "And that reputation is now imperiled by your participation in the abrupt dismissal of FBI Director Comey". Comey's firing Tuesday shocked many in Washington and came as he was reportedly expanding the score of the FBI's probe into possible election ties between Russian Federation and Trump's team.

Felt nauseous to think I could have influenced USA election: Federal Bureau of Investigation chief

Many assume that the letter was the reason Clinton lost. Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC, one of the few Republicans on the committee willing to talk, said the closed session was needed because of the number of times Comey had answered questions in the March open session by saying, "I can't answer that in an open session".

Comey's firing, blow by blow

He's a grandstander. The FBI has been in turmoil", Trump told NBC News in his first interview since firing Comey. I'm not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed. Democrats have said the FBI's work will now be hopelessly tainted and demanded a special prosecutor akin to those appointed during Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal or the run-up to Bill Clinton's impeachment.

United Nations organization: Israel is an 'occupying power'

At its Paris headquarters on Tuesday, Israel's independence day, UNESCO's executive board committee passed a resolution declaring the nation's claim to Jerusalem "null and void". Netanyahu's statement marks the third time in less than a year that Israel has reacted to United Nations resolutions it deems biased against it by announcing the slashing of its payments to the body.

It's Rosie O'Donnell vs. Donald Trump, James Comey edition

But Moss, who heads The James Madison Project, a Washington-based organization that promotes government accountability, added it is "difficult to say if it is actually illegal, since Comey allegedly responded that Trump was not under investigation".

Is the USA really going to ban laptops on flights from Europe?

Under the new administration, arrivals to the US are forecast to drop slightly to 84.2 million for the period. No U.S. carriers are subject to the ban, but expanding it to all flights originating in Europe would change that. "No final decisions made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration". Domestic threats and other airline issues are expected to be among the topics discussed, according to a congressional aide.