Flint, Michigan Is Going To Have 18,00 Lead-Tainted Pipes Replaced

A proposed settlement filed Monday will require the state to fund Flint's efforts to replace the lead and galvanized water service lines by 2020. The settlement "continues the state's commitment", to providing recovery resources to the residents of Flint, Republican Governor Rick Snyder said in a statement .

UKIP's Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman condemns Spanish incursion into Gibraltar waters

He added: "In that respect, the clause inserted by Spain into the draft European Union guidelines may, if it endures beyond April 29, yet make the Spanish government a hostage of its own attempts to abuse its position in respect of Gibraltar".

Westinghouse Files For Chapter 11, Says Employees Will Be Okay

Westinghouse has been hurt by cost overruns at two nuclear plants it is building in the United States, as well as challenging economics for new plants in organized power markets. But delays were inevitable: the reactor company claims that safety regulations passed to prevent terrorist attacks against targets like nuclear reactors forced redesign and relicensing of the two power plants, which "created additional, unanticipated engineering challenges that resulted in increased costs and ...

United Airlines kicks two girls off flight for wearing leggings

More on the story ... Delta Airlines needled United Airlines Monday after its business rival temporarily barred two girls clad in leggings from getting on one of its flights the day before. A spokesman for United Airlines , Jonathan Guerin, told NBC News that the group of women included two teens. "As the mother of 4 daughters who live and travel in yoga trousers, I'd like to know how many boys @United has penalized for the same reason".

Here Is How Much It Costs To Make A Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has managed to combine three different designs into one fairly compact device. InDemand Design is now seeking funding for the SwitchCharge on Indiegogo , with a target of US$80,000. Also, the Switch has been known to get scratched when it's in the docking station. The tabletop mode seems to be the best option for multiplayer gaming on the console.

The Tesla Model 3 Looks Incredible in These Two New Videos

The arrival of the Tesla Model 3 at the end of the year should only increase the confidence of investors, the entry-level model proposed at around 35,000 € already being pre-ordered by almost 400,000 people. Ultimately, the biggest value proposition for the Model 3 is its more affordable price tag. What Johnson is describing as a "lack of industrial rigor" is actually Tesla's different approach to self-driving.

Moody's Holds Back on SA Credit Rating Decision

Moody's, which is scheduled to announce its review of SA's sovereign credit rating on Friday, issued a statement on Monday night warning it meant to announce a downgrade. For now, Fitch and Moody's - whose Baa2 rating is two notches above "junk" - ensure South Africa meets that criteria. JPMorgan - which compiles some of the most widely used emerging market debt indexes - estimates that a junk rating for South Africa's mostly dollar-denominated foreign currency Eurobonds could see forced ...

Beyoncé's Blue Ivy Hugs Mommy's Baby Bump - Too Cute!

The video was quite unique in that while the singer modeled her dress in different poses, her body was sometimes replaced by the floral background behind her. The media hysterics over Blue Ivy Carter were fierce, but the game has changed since Beyoncé and Jay Z's first daughter was born in 2012. Many insisted: "It IS a boy and a girl".

Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures Dip as UK Triggers Brexit

The Dow Jones Industrial Average edged lower, falling for the ninth session out of the past 10. 25 stocks to dump before the second quarter, if history is any indicator. Trump signed the "Energy Independence" executive order rolling back several climate change initiatives put in place by the Obama administration.

Emirates defends security as laptop ban looms

Senior U.S. administration officials declined to elaborate on the threats that prompted the ban, saying only that commercial airlines are still a target of terrorists who are trying to smuggle explosives in electronic devices. The US ban will apply to direct flights to the US from 10 global airports serving the cities of Cairo, Amman, Kuwait, Casablanca, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Canada seeks to end Uber's tax advantage over taxi companies

Budget 2017 announces an $11 billion national housing strategy - $1 billion a year over 11 years to try "to build, renew and fix Canada's stock of affordable housing". The credit was introduced to encourage people to use public transit, thus reducing greenhouse gases, but the government says it hasn't worked. MORE: Did the budget walk the walk on the Liberals' innovation talk? Numerous spending announcements in this budget are actually being taken out of funds that were already committed ...

Google's YouTube losing major advertisers upset with videos

Alphabet Chairman and former Google CEO Chairman Eric Schmidt said the search engine giant can not guarantee that ads will not run alongside offensive content on YouTube and other platforms, during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business today.

How Much is Michael Phelps Worth?

Is this New Zealand's most successful Olympics ever? And here's something else. With the medal count for the United States at a jaw-dropping 81 as I write this article, the biggest victor at the Rio Olympic Games, Uncle Sam, won't be making an appearance on the podium.

Russian Rostelecom has invested $31 million in a hopeless project

It is an easy calculation. If Google has over 49 million clicks per day, the audience of "Sputnik" is not more than 4.2 thousand. Media reported that Russian giant Rostelecom has signed the contract with the "Sputnik" (a subsidiary company of Rostelecom) and expects to receive the fast development of specialized services of the portal.