Food worker charged with trying to kill baby in toilet

Police Department
Police Department

14 September, 2017

Lockner, a McDonald's employee in Redwood City, Calif., was charged with attempted murder after she was arrested on suspicion of trying to flush her newborn baby down a toilet at the fast-food restaurant on September 4, 2017, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Prosecutors said Lochner went to work September 4 at a Redwood City McDonald's complaining of stomach pains and visited the bathroom numerous times. When a co-worker checked on her there was a pool of blood on the floor of the stall Lockner was in.

Her boss told her she could leave early, so she clocked out around 10pm, but didn't leave.

That employee then saw Lockner try to flush the baby boy down the toilet head first.

According to prosecutors, Sara Lockner, 25, delivered the baby in a bathroom stall while working the night shift at McDonald's.

Just after the employee stepped down to get help, she heard the toilet flush and Lockner asking her not to call police.

When police arrived the baby did not have a pulse and was not breathing.

Child Protective Services is determining if there are any family members who could take the baby after the child is released from the hospital. At around 10 p.m., her manager suggested she go home but, even after clocking out of her shift, Lockner allegedly stayed at the restaurant in the restroom, according to prosecutors.

Lockner was charged with attempted murder causing great bodily injury and child abuse resulting in great bodily injury.

She is now being held on $11million bail.

The woman allegedly told her co-worker that she was having a heavy menstrual cycle, the Daily Post reports.

Child Protective Services are now trying to determine if there's a family member to release the baby to once he is healthy enough.

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