Fans of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Line Are Trolling Kylie Cosmetics Hardcore

Fenty Beauty Blotting Powder
Fenty Beauty Blotting Powder

14 September, 2017

Last week we told you about Rihanna's rad new Fenty Beauty line, notably that the foundation would come in a whopping 40 shades.

Packaged in a bright pink dispensing box, the Fenty Beauty "Invisimatte Blotting Paper" is designed for tamping down the shine of your newly applied makeup, but looks more like the fanciest pack of "cut your own" rolling papers out.

Rihanna can now add an instantly successful makeup line to her long list of achievements, which includes hit song writer, fashion icon and Harvard Humanitarian of the Year victor. "I have a hundred percent involvement in this process". From the honeycomb-like shape of the products, to the way her "match sticks" magnetize together. Whether it was at home as a kid or my early teenage years in my career, I always had the urge to wear it. Women of all ages, all sizes, all skin tones, all religions, all cultures. At her makeup brand launch party, Rihanna said to Refinery 29's Cat Quinn, "I like to challenge myself and do things that are more hard..."

There is no underestimating the power of a good highlighter.

My contour shade was a little grey and ashy looking but I was reassured that this was to avoid any orange tones and true enough, a swipe or two on my cheekbones and a little blending using nothing more than fingertips created a subtle shadow that made them pop. These are products which are premium and handsome but don't break the bank.

Now, Rihanna is talking about all those foundation shades on Twitter, and it is everything to us. Also, the packaging is magnetic, which makes them easier to find in your bag - especially if you buy a set of them altogether.

"The Fenty Face was created for women of all skin tones, of all personalities", says Rihanna.

But, as mentioned, there is one bronze lip gloss which has gold specks of glitter and a subtle, fruity vanilla scent. It also promises to be non-drying, with a moisturizing shea butter formula that keeps lips from cracking.

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