Apple Watch is the Number One Watch in the World

Apple just announced a new Apple TV that will stream video in ultra-sharp 4K resolution
Apple Watch is the Number One Watch in the World

12 September, 2017

That way consumers can leave their phone but still be connected via their watch.

Apple cut the strings on its smartwatch. This would imbue the Apple Watch with the same capabilities as the iconic iPhone smartphone, which would threaten a device that is hugely important to Apple commercially.

The new Apple TV will tout 4K and HDR capabilities, promising rich, colorful images for your favorite streaming content. Apple TV 4K (launching September 22 for $179) will support 4K content from places such as Amazon Video, and will automatically upgrade select iTunes HD movies to 4K versions for free. With the Apple Watch Series 3, this is all about to change. It will be available for orders starting September 15 and will ship on September 22.

Apple also improved the Workout app and trackable exercises.

To go along with this new addition, Apple announced the Apple Heart Study to look at irregular heart rhythms using data from the Apple Watch and in partnership with Stanford medicine. The Series 2 came with a dual core processor that was 50% faster than before, a new GPU that can deliver twice the graphics performance, and built-in Global Positioning System.

Apple Watch 3 will be an even better heart-rate tracker now, and it's clear that Apple increasingly has an eye to medical and sports applications for its watches. It features cellular connectivity via an eSIM, sharing your phone number with your iPhone. With mobile payments becoming an increasingly important and lucrative market, it is clear that Apple is fully committed to supporting this technology. What's more, the W2 chip inside means the Wi-Fi is much faster. While the Apple Watch may never be viewed as a replacement for the sadly defunct iPod, it could become a useful music playback device.

Based on leaks to the tech media, Apple is seen announcing three new smartphones, a third-generation Apple Watch with cellular connectivity and a new Apple TV set-top box capable of streaming 4K ultra-high-definition video.

Apple just announced a new Apple TV that will stream video in ultra-sharp 4K resolution
Apple Watch is the Number One Watch in the World

The upgrade includes the obligatory round of new watch faces, including the psychedelic Kaleidoscope and a slew of Toy Story characters. The watch also features Global Positioning System and is swim proof. That makes the smartwatch a world more interesting, and helpful. The display of the watch is the antenna for 4G LTE and 3G. Apple has upgraded the strength of the screen to make it the most strong ever, it has dust and water resistance (but no mention of the ip rating).

Though we're expecting Apple to devote much of its keynote address today to the new iPhone, the company actually kicked off the show by introducing us to Apple Watch Series 3.

The original Apple Watch started at $349/£299/AU$499 when it launched, and the Apple Watch 2 upped the prices to $369/£369/AU$529.

Many rival devices already offer these features.

The watch will ship September 19 and will cost $399. However, we do know Apple has been working with gyms and equipment manufacturers to push out updated machines across the country. This in a watch which will still last a full day on a full charge.

The new iPhone will be known as the iPhone 8.

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