Android firsts, brought to you by Qualcomm

Qualcomm claims Android always beats the iPhone to new features
Android firsts, brought to you by Qualcomm

13 September, 2017

The day before Apple puts out its new phones - and more specifically the iPhone X - Qualcomm wanted to jump the gun by putting out a list of tech that Android got first. Let's take fast charging or quick charging, a feature that Qualcomm is pretty proud to hype.

Qualcomm boasts about laying the foundation for “so many technologies and experiences we value in our smartphones today”. One great example is Gigabit LTE.

But if you want Gigabit LTE now, Qualcomm suggests getting a Samsung Galaxy S8. Meanwhile, we've been inventing foundational technologies for Gigabit LTE for well over a decade. It also points out that the model is to make its inventions "available as broadly as possible" in the industry with the licensing program. Qualcomm improveTouch can also support displays that have unique shapes with curves - which enabled Essential Products to create a smartphone with a near bezel-less display. Then there are features like waterproof design, another area where Android phones reached ahead, and features such as depth-sensing via structured light and fingerprint sensor under the display, which are experimental right now in the world of Android. It seems to be saying that whatever Apple unveils on September 12, it won't have anything that hasn't been on an Android phone before.

As you'd expect for a post essentially meant to counter Apple's flagship launch, Qualcomm kept mum on things like iOS, iPhone and related.

Qualcomm says it helps "countless companies across the globe to commercialize our inventions at both speed and scale, and with a choice for consumers on price points and features".

The reason for Qualcomm to list a wide variety of smartphones is because the chipset marker works closely with a number of smartphone makers ranging from Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi for upcoming technologies.

Circumstances caused me to change to Android handsets as my daily driver instead of my iPhone 7 Plus.

The new iPhone will grab the spotlight, but Apple's other moves are even more interesting. However, it seems Qualcomm was feeling a little lonely and maybe a bit unloved, so it made a decision to go ahead and publish a blog post listing all sorts of "Android firsts" today, which we can only guess was an effort to remind people that Qualcomm still exists.

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