Tesla Seeks to Test Electric Truck Prototypes for Platooning and Self-Driving

Enlarge Yuriko Nakao  Bloomberg via Getty Images
Enlarge Yuriko Nakao Bloomberg via Getty Images

11 August, 2017

On Wednesday, Reuters published an email between a Tesla official and the Nevada DMV revealing that the electric vehicle company is applying for licenses to test its trucks' self-driving and platooning capabilities across the border shared by the two states. The tech would allow the transport trucks to move in convoy formation with a lead vehicle providing guidance for autonomous follow trucks, according to emails discovered by Reuters in which Tesla discusses the work with the Nevada DMV.

Tesla had already unveiled plans to launch a heavy-duty electric truck, likely sometime this fall.

On the heels of releasing the first of its much-awaited Model 3s, Tesla motors is looking into a new arena: self-driving trucks.

A DMV spokesperson also told Reuters that California officials are meeting with Tesla Wednesday "to talk about Tesla's efforts with autonomous trucks". And Tesla, like other tech giants and automakers, has been racing to build self-driving cars.

Earlier this year at a TED interview, Musk described driving the company's semi-truck prototype. It's also been working a lot on Autopilot improvements, something Musk said during his most recent Tesla earnings call that he himself spends a lot of time on.

Reuters mentions Tesla is discussing the testing of two prototypes in Nevada.

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