Sarah Jessica Parker kind of lost her mind during the eclipse


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22 August, 2017

But if you did happen to take a look at some of the social media reactions to the solar eclipse, we're willing to bet that they all pale in comparison to Sarah Jessica Parker's documentation of her experience on Instagram.

The Sex And The City Star took to the water in SC with hubby Matthew Broderick and pals and - donning some quasi-futuristic specs - she posted a series of videos tracking her hilariously enthusiastic responses. "Don't look too long!"

In Parker's last video, she seems to be ascending to another plane of existence.

Total solar eclipses may be rare, but videos like this are once in a lifetime.

In the final one, she exclaims.

Thankfully, there are two other noteworthy videos that are better quality.

In the next clip, the climax of the entire series, she loses it: "Oh my god this is the most spectacular light I've ever seen". "It doesn't make any sense. We are in SC out on the water", she began in a breaking news-esque report. In the second one, Parker films the moment when the full eclipse occurs. Oh my God. We saw it. Matthew, yes, exactly!

We're obsessed with just how obsessed with the eclipse SJP was.

"Oh my God, I wish you all were here!"

Remember: If you do get a peek at the sun between the scattered clouds this morning, wear eclipse glasses or a welding mask, or make a pinhole camera out of some paper or card.

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