Pro-Buhari Protesters Storm Abuja, Ask Sick President Not To Resign

Charly Boy during the anti Buhari protest
Buhari's Health: Concerned Nigerians Resume Protest

11 August, 2017

The pro-Buhari group argued that the sick President had not violated the Constitution, contrary to claims by the #ReturnorResign protesters.

He said, "We must tell the man (Buhari) who said he had integrity, the man who asked Yar'Adua to resign in 2010 when he was sick, the same thing he said to the late president is the same request we are making to him. Since the law of the country does not give a time limit for the president's return, it can not be imposed by a saber-rattling group or individual".

Pro-Buhari protesters hit Abuja on Thursday.Protesters rise in support of Buhari.

More protesters yesterday joined in the calls for President Muhammadu Buhari's resignation in Abuja, over his health status.The protesters grounded activities at some parts of the Three Arms Zone and the Central Business District (CBD).

The protesters wielded placards with various inscriptions such as "Buhari, Osinbajo: We Are Fully with You", "Our President Is Recuperating", "God Has Healed Nigeria, Glory Be To God", "Nigerians Are United For President Buhari" and "Nigerians Endorsed Buhari Anti Corruption War".

"More so, in the present case, the president complied with the provisions of the Constitution and all organs of government are not impaired nor hindered by his medical vacation" it stated.

Enang noted: "The president is entitled to under the constitution, transmit formal letter to the Senate and House of Representatives informing them of his vacation and until he returns and transmits another letter, the acting president is still in charge and there is no vacuum in the country".

The presidential spokesman commended the CCSJ for being orderly in their demonstration and urged them to shun all provocations by opponents of government.

Meanwhile, checks by this reporter show that the anti-Buhari protesters have deserted the Unity Fountain.

They say that those anti-Buhari protesters were agents of corruption and had no reasons to clamour for Buhari's return because there is no vacum in governance.

The Presidency has described the "Return or resign" group as an illegal assembly formed to frustrate the on-going campaign against corruption in the country.

The protest which started on Monday was disrupted on Tuesday when police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters.

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