McMaster: US no closer to war with N. Korea in past week

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GETTY•GOOGLE MAPSWhere is Guam? The holiday island threatened by North Korea

13 August, 2017

Trump doubled down Thursday, saying his previous bold statements might not have been "strong enough" for Kim Jong Un, whose regime announced a plan to fire four missiles near the USA island territory of Guam in response to the White House's bold rhetoric.

Recent missile tests have put global attention on North Korea, a country vying to be the world's next nuclear power.

The Labour leader's intervention comes after China's president warned the United States and North Korea not to exacerbate tensions after Mr Trump said Kim would "truly regret" military action. I mean, his rhetoric might make Kim Jong-un think that he needs to strike first.

"And what none of us know is whether President Trump will ultimately accept a position in history which says, "I'm the guy and it was on my watch that this state finally crossed the threshold of constituting a threat to the U.S. mainland".

According to The Washington Post, Mattis told a pool of reporters Wednesday that "of course there's a military option" in place to address North Korea, but "we want to use diplomacy".

The White House said in statement early on Saturday that U.S. military forces "stand ready" to safeguard Guam following North Korea's threat.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a plea for cool-headedness over escalating tensions between the U.S. and North Korea in a phone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday, urging both sides to avoid words or actions that could worsen the situation.

The statement added that Trump had "reassured" Guam Governor Eddie Calvo that the USA military would "ensure the safety and security of the people of Guam, along with the rest of America".

Trump has called on China to pressure North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

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