Kansas City zookeepers eager to see how animals behave during solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2017 in Nashville The Moon's Shadow in Music City
The Adventure Science Center in Nashville Tennessee is hosting an event for the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 2017. Credit Hanneke Weitering

22 August, 2017

"They might think that a storm is approaching because it's getting a little darker and then once the full eclipse happens and it's very dark, I'm sure that those animals will just stay put and stay where they're at", Putney hypothesized.

Steven Foust, a docent-or teacher-at the zoo said he assumed that since it appeared to be twilight, the giraffes would go back to their gate and there wouldn't be much activity.

But no one was expecting the giraffes at the Nashville Zoo to begin running wildly around their habitat when the sun started shining against at 1:29 p.m. once the moon began to pass. He said they started clapping and cheering at the giraffes and that he hadn't expected it to be such an emotional experience. Foust did admit the excitement and amazement of the crowd also had an effect on the giraffes' behavior, along with the feeling of twilight that came over during the eclipse.

Meanwhile, a video shows the flamingos all fled their pond and huddled together in the darkness.

WATE 6 On Your Side Reporter Jennifer Webb is at Zoo Knoxville today to find out how the animals react.

Raccoons and owls starting their days at noon?

Memphis Zoo hosted a watch party so that visitors could see how animals reacted to the Great American Eclipse. Numerous birds in the zoo reportedly started vocalizing during the event.

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