Disgraced former Baylor coach Dave Bliss hired by Las Vegas high school

18 Jan 2003 Then Baylor head basketball coach Dave Bliss. Mandatory Credit Sean Meyers  Icon SMI
18 Jan 2003 Then Baylor head basketball coach Dave Bliss. Mandatory Credit Sean Meyers Icon SMI

04 August, 2017

However, Bliss resigned from that post in April three days after a documentary aired on Showtime that detailed his actions during the scandal at Baylor.

The mission statement of Las Vegas' Calvary Chapel Christian School, according to its website, reads, "Calvary Chapel Christian School exists to build a strong foundation upon God's word, reach the heart with God's love and impact the world for God's glory".

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Bliss has been hired as athletic director and boy's basketball coach at Calvary Chapel Christian School.

The entrance to Calvary Chapel, where former NCAA coach Dave Bliss was hired as the athletic director and basketball coach, is seen on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017. "He has been brought in by our superintendent".

"There's a great documentary he's put out there on his testimony, and that is the one thing everybody needs to see right now. That he's a man of Christ", Wilson told the paper. But his college career effectively ended at Baylor because of his role in allegedly attempting to frame Patrick Dennehy - the Baylor player who was murdered by teammate Carlton Dotson in 2003 - as a drug dealer.

In 2015, the year his NCAA punishment was lifted, Bliss was hired to coach at Southwestern Christian, an NAIA school.

In 2005, the NCAA hit Bliss with a record 10-year show-cause order, which essentially cloaked him and whatever program he worked for with sanctions for a decade.

I understand that bringing in a former NCAA Division I coach can be attractive to a high school, and it might bring in a player or two who wouldn't otherwise attend. The notice can be transferred to any other NCAA member school that wants to hire the coach during that time.

Beyond the murder of a player, it was also found that Bliss provided impermissible benefits to Dennehy and another player, and it was reported that the coach instructed his players to lie and say Dennehy was a drug dealer. "Bliss also again accused Dennehy of "[failing] numerous drug test", for which there is no evidence, in the documentary.

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