Children's school uniform style is based on intelligence

In this Kerala school a two uniform rule based on academic skills
Bizarre! School declares different uniforms for intelligent and average students

13 August, 2017

A school in Kerala has come up with a freakish dress code as per which two different type of uniforms has been set for the students studying in it which is based on their academic skills.

According to the uniform code, students who excel academically will wear white shirts and tops while the average and underperforming ones will wear red check shirts and tops.

Though the parents initially opposed the move they were told by the Al Farooque English medium school in Pandikkad that the new uniform will trigger a healthy competition among students and it will help improve performance of the second category. All the students were advised to follow the same in the new academic session which started back in June.

A section of them approached the district childline authorities with written complaints following which a team visited the school which is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The school, however, did not withdraw the system even after a month.

"Following this, we made a visit to the school in June to inquire about the matter", he said. "The intention was very positive and we received no complaints from students and parents", the principal said.The Child Rights Commission has registered a case and sought a report from the school principal, Deputy Director of Education and district Child Protection Officer.

While parents protested that the school did not think about mental issues that were caused among students due to the uniforms, they did not receive a concrete reply. "Students were selected on the basis of their academic and cocurricular activities and discipline". When contacted a spokesman of the Al Farooque group said the school will discontinue the new uniform immediately and take action against the principal.

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