Hostile squirrel brings reign of fear to NY park

Warning about aggressive squirrel on attack in Prospect Park
NEWSWarning about aggressive squirrel on attack in Prospect Park Email none

24 July, 2017

The flyers at the entrance are unusual.

Prospect Park is fearless in the face of reports of an aggressive, "possibly rabid" squirrel - with many parkgoers asserting Saturday that they'd give the cretinous critter a swift boot to the nuts. "What do we do about it because it's a park and we can't kill all the squirrels", one woman said.

Guerrero's family went into further, and much more dramatic detail, saying the animal sprung out suddenly and "when Guerrero's dad heard her screams, he was able to pry the animal's jaws open, and throw the squirrel onto the sidewalk".

The New York City Health Department has regardless cautioned anyone who was bitten by a squirrel in the last two weeks to get checked for rabies. They say squirrels rarely have rabies but are acting under the assumption that the animal did because of its behavior. If the squirrel was indeed rabid, officials believe it would be dead by now.

Anyone bitten by the squirrel, or any pets with squirrel bites, should immediately get medical treatment, the department urged.

Christopher Williams, who visits the park often, said he's not totally surprised.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Leku Percival says he was in the park feeding a squirrel peanuts on July 11 when he was bit. "It just seems like you could avoid it", said another park goer. "People here fed them".

People are urged not to feed any animal in the park.

Four of the squirrel-bite victims have been identified.

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