See Kate McKinnon Spoof Jeff Sessions' Senate Testimony on 'Seth Meyers'

WATCH Kate Mc Kinnon reenacts Jeff Sessions testimony to US Senate
Kate Mc Kinnon demonstrates her Jeff Sessions mouth

26 June, 2017

"Late Night with Seth Meyers" now devotes up to 12 minutes of air time per show three to four days a week with a segment called "A Closer Look", where he does a deep dive into an element of news.

"Oath? Oath is such a strong word", McKinnon said as Sessions.

Twisting her lips to mimic what she describes as Sessions' "funny little mouth", McKinnon explained in Sessions' Alabama drawl why the attorney general didn't respond when James Comey asked him to keep Trump away from him.

Of course, McKinnon seems particularly pained by the fact she's lost the opportunity to parody Jeff Sessions' senate hearing, having impersonated the Attorney General multiple times on the show.

On coming up with her famous impressions (she does Kellyanne Conway, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton and more): "It's much easier for me to do an impression of someone real, because you and the audience begin with a baseline understanding of this person's life".

"He's got this amusing little mouth", she continued, while transforming her face into that of the 70-year-old former senator.

Side note: does everyone else find it kind of terrifying to see Kate McKinnon make her Sessions face without the rest of the hair & makeup? "When I said oath, I thought I was saying oats in one of those lispy Barcelona accents".

"Now with Sergey Kislyak, now I only met him two times", McKinnon, miming Sessions, said.

"First of all, just days ago, after Comey's testimony, Trump and his lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, crowed that he had been proven right. and Trump tweeted 'total and compete vindication'". "But the truth is, I didn't hear him. I thought it was a cicada!"

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