Current Games Will Look, Play Better on Xbox One X

Xbox One X
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12 June, 2017

While a 4K-compatible television is needed to see the full benefits, Microsoft plans to debut "super sampling" on the console "to make new games look better even on 1080p TVs", adds the Verge. But Spencer also said that over 30 game maker partners were already planning to update existing games to 4K for the Xbox One X-and for free-in the months ahead.

Xbox One X specsIn addition, the new Xbox game console is backwards compatible, enabling the user to play older games as well.

Greenberg went on to explain how Forza 7's stunning looks and 60fps gameplay required a lot of GPU power and memory, and retierated that Xbox One X is not designed as a "a low price box".

Microsoft has unveiled its forthcoming Xbox One X console and announced a November 7 release date for the device, which was formerly code-named "Project Scorpio". The CPU is also clocked a bit higher, improving the overall performance.Both consoles come with 1TB of storage by default. While it's true that both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are more powerful, there are no exclusive titles available on the consoles.

Games that provide 4K graphics will be noted by the "Xbox One Enhanced" branding, he said. Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support existing PS4 and Xbox One titles. The Xbox One X can play Ultra-HD Blu-ray disks, whereas the PS4 Pro can't play 4K Blu-rays.

The PS4 Pro isn't gargantuan by any means, but the console does remind you that it's the more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 with its extra base. However, the X comes up short on the gaming front, and this is exactly what matters most in a games console. The Xbox One X will only hit the markets in November for $499 ( or approx Rs 32,159).

In terms of sheer raw power, the Xbox One X wins over the PlaytStation 4 Pro. We can not guarantee whether Microsoft will bring the Xbox One X to India or not. Do keep in mind that the Xbox One X is more expensive to purchase. Sony has a ton of exclusives lined up for 2017 and beyond, when you buy a PlayStation 4 Pro you know that you're going to get an incredible lineup for exclusive first party games combined with dedicated third party support.

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