British Jewish leaders condemn attack on Muslim worshipers


20 June, 2017

Police have revealed the London mosque attacker to be 47-year-old father of four Darren Osborne. Police have carried out searches at an address in the Cardiff area.

The Muslim Welfare House also praised him in a statement, saying: "We would like to particularly thank our Imam Mohammed Mahmoud, whose bravery and courage helped calm the immediate situation after the incident and prevented further injuries and potential loss of life".

One elderly man, who had collapsed just before the incident, was pronounced dead at the scene, but it is not yet known whether his death was directly linked to the attack.

"This was an attack on Muslims near their place of worship and, like all terrorism in whatever form, it shares the same fundamental goal", said British Prime Minister Theresa May.

"All the victims were from the Muslim community and we will be deploying extra police patrols to reassure the public, especially those observing Ramadan".

She said: "Sadly we have suffered a number of attacks and very sad events over the last few weeks".

"By God's grace we manage to surround him and to protect him from any harm". "I don't want to give people - people like the attacker - the satisfaction".

"Oh Muslims you need to wake up the war is now starting in your own streets", says one of the messages on there.

Metropolitan Police said officers were called to the scene on Seven Sisters Road at 12:20 a.m. Monday.

The constant specter of terrorism in London is something that Zara, 40, a Muslim and Finsbury Park local, has been struggling to grapple with.

British security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with official policy, said hate crimes directed at Muslims have increased almost five-fold in the wake of several attacks in Britain.

She says that since the recent attacks in Manchester and London, she leaves the house every morning wondering if someone will say something to her because of the way she dresses. "These are the values that define this country".

This attack near a United Kingdom mosque is the 4th terror strike in Britain in 4 months.

The attack occurred outside the Muslim Welfare House, a small mosque with about 200 congregants.

Bump went on, suggesting Trump doesn't have much appreciation for Muslim victimhood: "To view attacks by Muslims as part of what being Muslim is about but attacks on Muslims as being distinct from the identities of the perpetrators demands seeing those two groups as fundamentally different".

Residents near Cardiff said they were "shocked" after seeing photographs of their neighbour being arrested in London.

Britain's terrorist alert has been set at "severe", meaning an attack is highly likely. This time, though, the victims were meant to be Muslims, singled out by an apparently hate-filled assailant who wanted to kill worshipers exiting north London's Finsbury Park Mosque after Ramadan prayers.

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