Worst treatment ever, Trump grumbles; Dems demand probe

Russian President Vladimir Putin
YURI KADOBNOV EPA Pool Russian President Vladimir Putin

20 May, 2017

The DOJ investigation, it's important to note, is distinct from the FBI investigation into Flynn's Russia links, which stemmed from his December phone call with the Russian ambassador to the US shortly after President Obama imposed new sanctions on Moscow for election meddling.

Flynn first made the disclosure on 4 January to the transition team's chief lawyer, Donald McGahn II, who is now the White House counsel, the New York Times reported. They were warned about this weeks before the inauguration of President Trump.

In a letter to FBI acting director Andrew McCabe, Mr Chaffetz cited a report from the "New York Times" stating that Mr Comey's memo "describes a conversation in which the president referenced the FBI investigation. and said to Comey, 'I hope you can let this go.' " He asked the FBI to provide "all memoranda, notes, summaries and recordings" related to Mr Comey's communication with Mr Trump.

The White House has said that Flynn was dismissed for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about a phone call with the Russian ambassador, during which he reportedly discussed ways of softening USA sanctions on Russia. The national security adviser was sacked after just 24 days in the position.

But the New York Times report claiming Trump asked former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey to end the probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn emboldened Green.

Ever the paranoiac, Flynn reportedly believes that the investigation into his background is part of a vast conspiracy plot waged against him by whoever's left in government from the Obama administration to keep him out of the White House.

In his view, this effort began immediately after the election, when President Barack Obama, who had fired Mr. Flynn as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told Mr. Trump that he would have profound concerns about Mr. Flynn's becoming a top national security aide.

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