Season 3 Episode 20 review - I Know Who You Are

'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Expect A Joe-Cecile Drama, Teases Jesse L. Martin In Episode 20
'The Flash' Season 3 Episode 20 Spoilers: Cisco Puts Team in Danger

13 May, 2017

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Panabaker revealed that her villainous character, Killer Frost, will not only be playing a big part in the season 3 finale but might also continue being a problem for Team Flash in the next season.

Caitlin Snow is finally Killer Frost. He tells Barry he created himself, which he literally did, by presumably killing Iris in the past to put himself on the path to eventually become Savitar. Savitar is kind of like a more evil and godly version of Future Flash - an evil speed force iteration of future Barry Allen from some unknown time in the future who wants to replace present day Barry Allen and remake his future.

"The Flash" Season 3 shared a big reveal in last night's Episode 20, "I Know Who You Are". Season 3 of The Flash seems to be a massive changing point for Barry as a character and a hero, but it isn't the reveal of Savitar that has done that, it has come from the culmination of Barry's selfish ways, and it doesn't feel like the character truly understands that. The actual episode however is a step down from last week's stellar outing.

As the evil, disfigured Barry from the future reminded his past self that he had been hinting at the truth all season, we were simply left wondering: what on earth happened to this Barry Allen?

"It's going to be great". Cisco, HR (Tom Cavanagh), and Barry save her from a fire, and then from Killer Frost when she walks in. This will presumably be explained in coming episodes, and should be fascinating. Abra taunted the team claiming to know the identity of Savitar, promising to reveal it if they let him go.

What do you think about the big Savitar reveal? It didn't help that the script really overplayed Joe's dilemma over whether or not to be truthful with Cecile.

In the wake of Barry's trip to the future, Team Flash has decided they need to find Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) and help her make Savitar's prison four years earlier than she does. Her fight against Barry Allen heats up this week. Tracy's story is an interesting little exploration of how knowing your future might affect you, and in her case, scare the heck out of her as she tries to live up to it. The whole chat about being a genius was too cheesy and doesn't belong in what should be a consistently serious episode. Most of that has to do with Killer Frost. Her first appearance in the campus was excellent and intense. Killer Frost destroyed Cisco's hands, taking away his career as Vibe. After an attack on Tracy's place of study, a thrilling encounter on the streets - involving a brilliant use of ice surfing - would not only showcase Cisco's difficulties in hurting his one time friend but also prove that Caitlin may well be gone forever. Stop me if you've heard this one before, which you most definitely have if you've watched the past two seasons of The Flash, because yes, we're doing this thing again. They were actors in a scheme that, ultimately, afforded them no actual agency since everything they did went exactly as Thawne and Zoom had planned all along (just what they planned was never super-interesting).

Sidebar - I really like the new Killer Frost costume introduced this week. Though not a stellar episode, its climax does a solid job building anticipation for the final episodes.

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