More immigrants arrested, fewer deported under Trump

Immigration arrests up nearly 40% under Trump; one-quarter had no criminal record
Immigration arrests rise 38 percent during Trump's first 100 days

19 May, 2017

"It's about their criminal status".

"They extort them. They rob them". The men had all been convicted of crimes, ranging from drunk driving to attempted murder, making them high priority targets for deportation.

Immigrant rights advocates challenge the notion that stricter immigration enforcement equals safer communities.

One of the most important aspects of immigration reform is bolstering enforcement of existing immigration law.

Thus, there's been a marked uptick this year in the number of detained individuals with no criminal histories.

"When we encounter others who are in the country unlawfully, we will execute our sworn duty and enforce the law". "Re-entering the USA to be with family is treated as a major crime". During the same period a year ago, ICE arrested about 30,000 immigrants.

President Donald Trump's administration has ramped up immigration enforcement.

We believe the federal government should make immigration enforcement as transparent as criminal law enforcement. "That's exactly what we're going to do, and we're not going to apologize for doing it".

Homan bemoaned a lack of cooperation from police departments, saying it's more hard for agents to pick up immigrants when local law enforcement agencies decline to hold them for agents. "But if the jail doesn't cooperate with us, and we've got to go find that person in the general public, or in his home, that is what we need to do".

ICE's announcement showcased one of the Trump administration's few victories on immigration this year, after federal judges halted parts of his entry ban and sanctuary-city crackdown, and Congress refused his initial requests to fund a border wall.

The change in policy caused the arrests of undocumented migrants without criminal records to more than double, according to ICE data released on Wednesday.

Even so, deportations carried out were down from late January to late April compared to a year ago despite the new president's stepped up immigration enforcement effort. However, the agency did not specify whether traffic convictions were included under the term "convicted criminals".

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers conduct a targeted enforcement operation in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. on February 9, 2017. Trump has reversed some Obama immigration policies and has said that anyone who is in the United States illegally could face deportation. Almost 11,000 had no criminal conviction, more than double the number of immigrants without criminal convictions arrested during a comparable period a year ago.

"If the USA government is going to elect to deprive immigrants of their freedom, then the US government is also constitutionally obligated under the Eighth Amendment to provide adequate medical care, and that includes mental healthcare for detainees", said Tabak, chairman of the Georgia Immigration Working Group, a network of immigration attorneys that supports ICE detainees. "That is our job". An accurate record of interactions with agents is imperative, all the more so in light of troubling reports suggesting that immigration agents sometimes use coercive methods to extract information.

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